End of Season Inventory Management

End of Season Inventory Management

Choose (your button) wisely.
Choose (your button) wisely.
One of the main issues players encounter upon the end of a Season is the Glorious Merging when all the stuff in your Seasonal stash has to be removed and crammed into the woefully inadequate five tabs of your Era stash. The “crap by mail” system works well enough, so long as you don’t check the wrong box below it, but you’ve still got to figure out what you want to keep and what you want to throw away.

It’s an issue for everyone, but much more so for Hardcore, since you know you’ll need spare/duplicate gear (sooner or later) in a way that non-mortal characters never will. Except even for softcore, Seasons create duplicates of everything, and decisions must be made.

Talking to players about this lately, a few who play only Seasonal have advocated the boldest approach; DELETE ALL THE THINGS!!1!

It certainly removes any time spent on sorting or merging or arranging, eh? I can’t fault that logic, but I can fault the lack of nostalgia or hoarding. Also, while most of us play (more or less) the same classes/builds each season, there’s not 100% overlap. Maybe you made a nice Wizard this season but you’re going to main a Barb next time… what happens in May when you get Wizard nostalgia, but don’t want to spend hours grinding to regear? Also, since Item Sets get retroactively buffed, you might want to have a full set of Vyr’s or Invokers or Helltooth sitting in your account when the next PTR goes up with buffs that make those sets very testable. Or what if you change jobs or fall into a new relationship or otherwise get a real life, and don’t have time next season to grind all that gear/build? (I know; it’s a horrible thought.)

So, how are you guys preparing for the imminent merging? Tossing out Era junk and/or paring down your Seasonal holdings? Planning to delete all S2 stuff and look to S3? Sticking your fingers in your ears and going “LALALALALA can’t hear you.”

Some relevant reminders for End of Season Inventory Management:

  • Future Legendary changes are not retroactive, so you have to find the new Oranges to get the new legendary affixes.
  • Future Item Set changes are retroactive, so saving currently crappy sets might pay off.
  • Gift of Ramaladni stacks up to 100 in v2.2.
  • Auto-pickup is coming in v2.2. (Sort of.)
  • Click through for a useful video tutorial Blizzard created to explain the end of season merging.

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    8 thoughts on “End of Season Inventory Management

    1. Not a problem for me this season since I took the opportunity to start playing HC. Nope I'm not going back to SC even though I lost my nicely geared monk (FYI unity in pubs is bad). Thankfully I had some gear stashed so not a huge loss but still I see the issue arising next season since I play more than just monk and having backup sets to backup sets is generally required.

        • Thanks! It really is a more interesting way to play this game.

          Even if we just grind T1 nonstop :p

          • Try the trial realms. Get a low level key for legendaries and gems, then slowly move up. It really breaks/stretches that safety net you rely on. Really fun, especially after doing t1 rifts nonstop.

            • I think "just T1" is something Flux jokes about on the podcast.

              I've deleted a few redundant heroes, including my original, day one monk. Close to 1000 hours with her, but my seasonal monk was way better geared with only a fraction of the play time.

    2. Good thing my stash is almost empty. I really did not bother with S2 that much. Level 70 -> some decent equip -> back to my non-season OP toons.

    3. on last day of season all you have to do is prep what ur sending over upgrade all gems to highest order get rid of the trash and turn in to mats and mule the equipment if needed until u have gone through sorted and determined if its better for your char. not that hard not that bad people just want more stash place (which i can understand i wouldnt mind more space allows me to hold gear for other projects)but realistically its not needed when u can just create a new char and mule it or only collect stuff for that specific type of char, personally honest i will be playing barb this season i played monk and dh last seasons so the majority of my equip will be seasonal items plus barb only gear

    4. Not sure what happened to my drop rates in Season 2. It took me nearly 2 months just to finish my M6 set, or M5 technically… Since I did get a RoRG. I did nothing this season, nothing was dropping for me, not even when I would leech in T6 rifts. Finally picked up a few days ago, but I stopped playing after the buff to XP, I went back to my main account. Some people running around with seasonal characters higher than my non season characters, sheesh. Bots sure can level your account fast.

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