Our affiliated site Diablo 3 Markets have posted some pretty concerning stuff about how Weapons and Legendaries have been tuned in the end-game. It appears that the best Legendary items may be drastically undertuned, and common Blue weapons being far superior and relatively easy to obtain. Head over to the article for more details. A very concerning development indeed.

    There is a thread about this issue on the main forums that has yielded a Bashiok response:

    Intended design is for an end-game characters to have a mixture of set/legendary, rare, and crafted items.
    Legendary items are commonly not going to be the best items. It’s a title that denotes a named item, with set stats, and a unique model. It does not mean they’re the best items.
    Completely random rares will be the best items in the game if they roll up the right stats.
    The problem is legendary items are complete garbage currently. It was fun to find a great legendary in D2. It is no fun to find rares. It isn’t hard to understand, legendaries should be much, much better then they are, and there should be more of them.

    Common, Blue weapons having double the damage on them then the “best” legendary weapons is a broken design, if your goal is to make a fun game.

    I will take that feedback. Thank you.

    As to the “more of them”, Diablo III at launch has more Legendaries than Diablo II had at launch. I’m sure we’ll add more as time goes on, but I do not agree that we don’t already have a lot.
    Loot is messed up, period. This is carrot on a stick gameplay. It’s a simple idea. If most of the time you finally catch a carrot and it’s rotten, eventually you just stop giving chase.

    If you’d like to give any specifics I’d be happy to write them down.

    Update: A 1027 DPS 1hand Magic sword. So if you had any doubts previously, here you go:

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