Enchanting Bug with the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

Enchanting Bug with the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

Several players have discovered an unpleasant enchanting bug with the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac. This legendary ring rolls with bonuses to all attributes plus All Resistance, and can turn out spectacularly well with good luck on the random affix rolls that add onto the others. The problem is the display via the Myst-chant doesn’t match the guts, and if you try to reroll just one of the attributes, you’ll erase them all when you choose a new affix.

Yeah ok so i was lucky enough to find an obsidian ring of the zodiac ( a ring that rolls over 100 to all stats) and it was pretty good. I went to the mystic to see if i could make anything better. of the properties that popped up was 164 str so i figured i could take the tuffness hit and go for a 50% crit damage roll. WRONG instead of just re rolling the str IT REMOVED ALL THE STATS FROM THE RING (save intel) and now my ring is absoulte [email protected]#$ because even if i re roll it i can only get a single stat type and not +all stats like it was before

MY issue is this: When enchanting it said choose what property you would like to replace and it only said 164 STR not ALL STATS THIS IS VERY MISS LEADING. i have a SS of it from in game and ill upload it shortly.

so now i have a ring that was once amazing reduced to utter bull%^-* and i cant trade for one cuz they are acc bound O.o

i was thinking about trying to get a roll back but i don’t know exactly when i would be getting rolled back too O.o this is just stupid.
Grimiku: I’m very sorry to hear about your frustration, but I do have some information on the subject which hopefully will help a little.

Simple, straight-forward display.
Simple, straight-forward display.
For clarity, we didn’t intend to allow players to re-roll the all-stat affix on the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, so the Enchanting UI for it right now isn’t optimal. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can hotfix, but we do plan on adjusting the UI so that the all-stat affix is not a re-roll option in an upcoming patch. We don’t have an ETA on that patch just yet, but it should be available in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, please note that once the all-stat affix has been removed there isn’t a way to get it back, so be sure to keep that in mind when enchanting the ring until this address can be addressed.

The display of this item’s stats on Blizzard’s game guide is bafflingly complicated, with multiple tiers of stats and no obvious way to figure how they are added or combined. (You see a screen of it to the right.) I think it’s incorrect as well, since every example of this ring that I’ve seen (maybe a dozen so far in clan chat notifications) has had a VIT roll in the same numerical range as the STR/DEX/INT roll. Plus the All Res is 80-100 at level 70, though perhaps that’s just a scaling up issue that’s hard to decipher from the Bliz game guide.

That said, it sounds like Bliz will need to put the +all stat bonus as an orange legendary property, since those are the item affixes that can’t be rerolled. Which will make for some oddity in display, with a bonus to all four attributes of 170-200, and then possibly additional bonuses, listed separately to mainstat and vit. Players will have to do actual math, addition even, to calculate the actual bonus to their attributes!

The best ObZod I’ve seen yet was my own roll at 60 in D3v2 a few weeks, which you see below. The 3 random affixes were +dexterity, +vitality, and +6% Critical hit Chance, with the Dex and Vit added seamlessly to the inherent +to all attributes. I’d gloat, but 1) this ring went down with the level 60 Demon Hunter who was wearing it when BAD THINGS happened, and 2) it was only a lvl 60 find pre-RoS, so if it still existed I’d just be bitter that I hadn’t found it a month later.

I can find a dark cloud on any silver lining, if I put my mind to it.

Found in D3v2. Lost when the HC DH died.
Found in D3v2. Lost when the HC DH died.

How are you guys doing with enchanting so far? Finished upgrading your Artisans and built up enough DiabloWikiDeath’s Breaths that you are no longer bottlenecked by them? And are instead bottlenecked by DiabloWikiForgotten Souls, the way nature and Josh Mosqueira intended?

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18 thoughts on “Enchanting Bug with the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

  1. I enchanted this ring. Realized I lost other stats only when it was done =(

    As for the enchanting overall – yeah, lack of forgotten souls is obvious. Need moar of those! Here I go farming again =)

  2. I think I am slowly getting to crossover point, from “I have barely enough mats” to “they no longer matter, have ton of them”. Most of the time, I have around 20 Breaths and 5 Souls lying around at the ready, when needed.

  3. I burned down all of my Death Breads on enchanting boots, either for +armor or movement speed. And yes, forgotten souls, where are you?

  4. requiring two Death Breaths for enchanting boots was devilish to the early post-60 characters. yet, we flourish.

    I am a bit giddy today because I got Jade Harvester’s boots drop for me from the first Horadric Cache I earned in the game; did bounties in T1 and opened in a T6 game.
    It’s not a BIS item and I need to roll a useful skill stat or vitality on it, but I am not in a hurry, but at least it has decently high stats to keep for a while.

    • “did bounties in T1 and opened in a T6 game”

      It doesn’t matter what difficulty you open the cache in, you’ll get the same stuff anyway. What matters is the difficulty in which you obtained the cache (in your case T1).

  5. One thing is certain: resource sink is much more noticable with the new crafting/enchanting system. You might be trying to catch up with it or be somewhere “in the safe spot” but you won’t find yourself in situations when you don’t even bother to pick stuff up.

  6. My brother was complaining about enchanting yesterday, saying how rerolling one stat somehow lowered the value of another (cold skill damage in his case). Other than that, I haven’t noticed any issues with the system. Rerolling legendary rings and amulets seems a bit overpriced compared to the other slots for whatever reason, but that’s about it.

  7. Has anyone else been experiencing crashes? I have never had the game crash on me before, but I had three separate crashes in the past week. Not normal ones either…I can’s seem to end process for DiabloIII.exe. I had to reboot the computer.
    I uninstalled everything today and reinstalling the game.

    Has anyone had anything similar?

    • I had one super-extremely-rare crash to blue screen on Win 8.1. Don’t think I’ve seen that before.

      • In my case everything freezes on screen. The first time I could not even alt-tab out. I had to reboot with the shut down button.
        The other cases I was able to alt-tab out, but DiabloIII.exe cannot be killed. I even killed explorer.exe, but DiabloIII.exe remained. I am able to end process everything, including battlenet and agent executives, but not DiabloIII.exe. I had to rebooted in all 3-4 cases.

  8. Happened to me with Cains set helm. Its not specific to the ring, but to any item with all primary stats as well…

  9. I did exactly this, but mine was only lvl 60. It was also the first Legendary that I found in D3v2, and the first item that I tried to enchant.

    I found the ring with my DH, so naturally I tried to re-roll Strength. The Strength and Intelligence affixes were completely stripped, and the Dexterity and Vitality affixes were also lowered by about 120 each. The replacement affix was +48% Crit Damage (on a character that at the time was top-heavy in Crit Chance and in desperate need of Crit Damage). Again, this being one of the first post-patch items that I found, 300 Dex/250 Vit on a ring was still pretty mind-blowingly good at the time.

    I was so happy about the almost max roll of the exact affix I was hoping for (on the very first try no less), that I didn’t really notice the Dex/Vit loss until a minute or two later. Once it registered, I figured out that I had lost the “all-stat” affix and made a little mental note to be more careful about that in the future. Everything was so new to me at the time that I basically just chalked it up as part of learning the little quirks of the new system. I honestly hadn’t given it much thought since then. Now, had this happened more recently, say with a lvl 70 ring and the more costly mats, I’m sure my reaction would have been a bit different.

    • I also just noticed that the profile page on Battle.net displays the item with it’s original stats, as if it had never been enchanted. I suppose that’s not really such a big deal, but I would like to see that fixed eventually. At the very least it’s a bit misleading and confusing.

  10. Sometimes the UI is confusing, at least to me. I crafted some Reaper’s Wraps and accidentally re-rolled the all resists when I meant to re-roll life regen. 🙁

  11. Theoretically it should be pretty easy for Blizzard to do a sweep through all Obsidian rings, any that are found without all stats and that have been enchanted, should have their enchantment removed and the all stats attribute re-rolled.

    Slight potential to piss a few people off, but I doubt it.

    • One good thing about bind on account is that they can’t use “someone could have traded/RMAH’d it” as an excuse for why they can’t do these sorts of things.

  12. I threw mine up in the mystic window, and you can see exactly how much of each attribute was rolled. The UI also makes it look like that “+100 to 150” of all stats is avialable as something that could happen on a re-roll. According to the blue post it doesn’t sound like something that could happen, but that specific person who responded might not have tried.

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