Blizzard is pushing an small but urgent Patch Today: Reaper of Souls and D3 PTR, and they’ve given us advance notice with a warning.

    In order to help resolve some critical bugs and implement class tuning changes, we will be pushing out a new Beta and PTR patch later today. This patch will be relatively small, and a miniature patch note update will be provided once the patch is live.

    As a result of some testing that will accompany this patch, character progress on the Beta/PTR may be affected. See the below list for details.

  • Later this week (after the Beta/PTR patch goes live), we will be performing some tests on our storage system that maintains inactive Diablo III accounts.
  • This may result in the loss of up to 24 hours’ worth of progress on the Beta or PTR for some players.
  • We anticipate the number of affected Beta/PTR accounts will be extremely low, and should only impact those who play within a very small window of time.
  • In addition, shortly after testing has completed, we will be adding an additional wave of new players to the Closed Beta. Keep an eye on your inbox for an invite if you’ve opted in!

    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued participation in the Closed Beta and 2.0.1 PTR!

    The white/bold was on the first two parts in the official post. I added it also to that last bit, since I think more of you guys will receive EXCITE from that than from the worry of some tiny % of beta testers losing recent gains.

    I’ll be curious to log on later and see if I got pinched. I stated a new Crusader yesterday and leveled him to 52 in a few hours of not real rushing style play. Or did I? If I log on tonight and he’s gone… did it actually happen at all!?!1!!

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