Skills Elective Mode on by default in 2.6.0

Skills Elective Mode on by default in 2.6.0

OK, so this is not really big news and it’s kind of scraping the barrel, but Blizzard is obviously trying to find stuff to post about before the Necromancer Pack releases. Not sure why the annoying Elective Mode was not set to active by default ages ago.

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    3 thoughts on “Skills Elective Mode on by default in 2.6.0

    1. I feel pity for people on the D3 team. Not for the arrogant and ignorant ones, but those that try hard to deliver quality and quantity. I feel pity for the devs and designers that wanted to stay true to the franchise and eventually had to bend over to the fucked up ideas and ideologies of decision makers that knew jackshit about the Diablo franchise.

      I hope D4 will be Executed by folks that LOVED D1 and D2 and knew why it kicks ass up to this day despite many annoyances. It rocks because the core of the game is THE BEST.

      • I feel strong about Diablo. And I am sad I gave up on the game a while back. I have been playing a bit but not to the extent when it was out the first couple of months. It didn’t get any respect at Blizzcon for 2 straight years, they didn’t even mention it at the stage sometimes when speaking about ALL OF THE GAMES. It broke my heart.

        And I really hope they do not make Diablo 4 an MMO, but rather a spinoff together with that remake because neither of those two will caught my interest or attention. In my world – we wont see Diablo 4 for a while or perhaps never.

    2. 15$ for the pack? Blizzard has officially gone nuts, that’s half the price of the RoS. Just let it the game die already please, instead of this disgrace.

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