EHP and DPS now on Diablo3Ladders.Com

There are now two new figures included in each of your character profiles on Diablo3Ladders. You’ll see below each item equipped a figure and percentage. DPS indicates the DiabloWikiDamage Per Second contributed by that item and the percentage to your overall DPS. The EHP shows the Effective Health Pool/Effective Hit Points that item contributes to your total EHP (how much damage the character can take before dying).

You can also see both of these combined in the stat column on the left that totals all statistics and shows your local and world position as regards that stat. Incidentally, if you click on the ranking it displays you in that ladder and highlights your character.

diablo 3 dps and ehp ranking

Check out revigres’s level 60 (100) monk to see how that looks.

There is a ranking ladder for both of these which you can reach via the Global Stats button at the top of the site. So you can browse all the Unbuffed DPS and EHP rankings or just US or EU now too..

In your account profile you’ll now see listed any custom groups you have joined. You can see what that looks like in shadowless’s profile.

A requested feature was the ability to remove some characters when you joined a group and this has been added giving you the choice of which characters you want to actually appear in groups you join.

And finally, a small but important system is the ability to retrieve a lost password.  Yes, I know, it’s a standard thing but somehow it was overlooked on the initial release but it’s there now so rejoice indeed.

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    15 thoughts on “EHP and DPS now on Diablo3Ladders.Com

      • Hey, always looking to improve on things but without your battletag I can’t check to see if or why your dps might be wrong 🙂

    1. Glad we could help come up with the idea for the character addition/removal from groups! Made a big difference for us and we appreciate all the hard work from the team!

    2. Hey, how come all the top Barbarians, dps-wise, are able to have both a Skorn and an item in their off-hand? Check out: com/hero/frankiebonez-1998/us/24007588 for an example.

      Am I doing something wrong by having a Skorn in both hands?

      • It’s an old bug that let you equip 2hander+offhand/+other weapon via the trade window. It has been hotfixed but the people that used this trick before the hotfix still have it equipped…

    3. I think this is a great addition. Being on the ladder didn’t really interest me, but having this info available may be reason enough to sign up.

      I was looking at the sample (revigres’s profile), & noticed the percentages didn’t add up to 100%. DPS was over 100%, & EHP was around 66%. Possible causes I can think of are: set bonuses, socketed gems, or base clvl stats (including monk/barb DR). At any case, I suggest to add an entry under “Items” for inherent character level stats.

      Again, great job & thanks for your hard work.

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