Easter is upon us, one of the main holidays for eating buckets worth of sweets, and then feeling sick for the rest of the day. Or did I get something wrong?

    Well, if this is not your idea of Easter, and prefer mental sweets for your delights, I have two pieces with me right here from the deep annals of DiabloWiki!

    Burning Tower
    I sincerely hope you did not miss Flux’s inspection of the mysterious tower a few weeks ago, but if you did, there’s no reason to be concerned as we have updated the wiki with all known information about the menacing DiabloWikiBurning Tower.

    If you DID manage to forget or miss it; it’s a tower seen in several pieces of concept art between the DiabloWikiBarbarian and the DiabloWikiMonk and it may (or may not) have a significant importance in DiabloWikiDiablo III. It was originally part of the Upon Closer Inspection series here at Diablo: IncGamers. Similar wiki articles have already been added in the past, like the weird Morlu Caster, and you can find more by looking through the Monsters of Diablo III.

    Diablo Modding

    Mods are funny things. They have been around since the first programmer saw a game he thought he could improve (rather than hack), and in terms of Diablo, the mod scene is part of what has kept the community alive. Millions of people have downloaded and played mods for DiabloWikiDiablo I and DiabloWikiDiablo II, and some have become quite advanced over the years.

    Our own DiabloWikiBrother Laz, who has done a column or two here at Diablo: IncGamers, is actually a very prominent figure in the modding community, being the creator of DiabloWikiMedian XL, one of the biggest mods made for any game in the history of gaming. Sure, it has nothing up on Counter-Strike, but it’s definitely in the top-10 of mods ever made.

    However, don’t go thinking Median XL is the be all and end all of mods. Laz is concentrating on the StarCraft 2 Beta right now, and will make a “DotA Killer” map as soon as the map editor is released. Perhaps it’s time to go looking at some of the other mods around, or checking out the possibility of Diablo 3 Mods? It’s all listed in the big Modding article in DiabloWiki.

    From all of us here at Diablo: IncGamers to all of you, we wish you a happy Easter Holiday!

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