news-secret-cow-bountyOne of the best of the new bounties in Patch 2.2 is The Queen’s Dessert, which appears in the DiabloWikiCaverns of Araneae in Act One. Prior to this patch that was everyone’s least favorite area, since the bounty there was usually to kill DiabloWikiQueen Araneae, and it could take a long time to find her boss area. I haven’t seen the Queen Araneae bounty yet in S3, and I’ve done a fair number of Act One runs in search of a good roll on an RoRG.

    The Queen’s Dessert requires you to find six large cocoons, each protected by a dozen or so large spiders. Once you kill all the protectors you can click the cocoon and after a second it pops open, allowing you to finish that sixth of the bounty. Once you clear all six cocoons the bounty is completed, and since they show up on the map from a fair distance away, they’re pretty easy to track down quickly.

    The surprise part is when the cocoons open to reveal odd things. Usually it’s just a scrawny shirtless male human (looks like the mad hermit) who stands up and stretches and then vanishes, but not uncommonly you’ll get an Elite ghoul type monster, or a Treasure Goblin. (All humanoids, as apparently that’s what the Queen enjoys for her Dessert) Which is cool, but apparently, she also enjoys beef?

    Just this morning I got something I hadn’t seen before, when the last of the six cocoons… had a cow. Man. You see it in the screens below, and it was just a normal-sized cow. Unclickable, silent (no mooos!), unarmed (no halberd), and after standing still for a moment, it started to amble along through the dungeon, looking pretty calm about the whole thing.

    Yes, it’s an Easter Egg: The Secret Cow Bounty. Let the new secret cow level rumors begin!

    Here’s a rumor to start with… I hit level 70 (was leveling up an Alt DH) exactly as the cow appeared. Literally! I was about level 69.9 when I killed off the last of the spiders, and when I opened the cocoon I hit level 70 thanks to the exp bonus for completing the bounty. Imagine if there are numerous DiabloWikiEaster Eggs that no one knows about, since they can only appear in a few special locations, and only if you trigger them simultaneous to hitting max level?

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