Easter Egg: Development Hell in Act Five Cemetery

Easter Egg: Development Hell in Act Five Cemetery

Most players have seen the DiabloWikiDevelopment Hell level that sometimes spawns as a fourth Crypt under the Cemetery in Act One. But not so many have seen the Act Five cemetery level spawn for that purpose.

Long time site reader Tigerpaw survived an encounter with that area, stocked with familiarly-named undead, which he found in a Nephalem Rift with his new Seasonal Monk Crusader. He grabbed some screens and sent them along, including one featuring the tragic end of everyone’s favorite, Wyatt Cheng.

It’s an DiabloWikiEaster Egg, but not a special themed Rift like the Infernal Bovine one. You just get this level now and then in Rifts, playing much the same as usual, just with developer names on all of the undead.

Development Hell in Act Five Cemetery:

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6 thoughts on “Easter Egg: Development Hell in Act Five Cemetery

  1. does this occur where you find josh masquera rift guardian or they are unrelated?
    in case anyone haven't heard josh is now rift guardian but he only has a chance to spawn if the rift end in briarthorn cemetery & he reward a feat of strength just like jay wilson called mosquito Swatter.
    I haven't seen him myself but some of the guys at master list community got him

  2. By the way, what about Grift level poll? I would like to know what is the average Grift level of Incgamers community, because I am quite ashamaed of my solo Wizard level 20.

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