Earn All Five Sigils Now

If you missed creating any (or all) of the class sigils for your in-game banner reward, you can now create all five of them. You’ve only got 10 days left in this amnesty period, so chop chop.

All five classes are now available in the Gathering of Heros. Create your banner using any of the five class igils before the site closes (a week after launch), and that sigil will be added to your collection in-game.

Hit up the official reveal site’s Mark of Valor page to play along.

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  1. And there are people that are STILL going to miss it.
    I have them all already, acquired in due time.

  2. I think I had each one within 30 mins of them going up.

  3. Forgive my ignorance, but what is this exactly?  Just an in game aestetic?

    • They are like limited edition banners, not many people will have them after release so your banner will always look cooler than the players who don’t have them.
      Get em now !

    • In-game, Blizzard has implemented a system wherein each one of your characters will have a customizable “banner” that represents that character’s accomplishments.  It will grow more elaborate as you advance through the game, as well as open up more customization options in terms of shape and symbol as you complete achievements.

      Completing each of these five “create your own banner” events on the above website, in addition to introducing players to a (tiny) subset of the in-game system’s options, will unlock a special symbol you can use in-game.  You’ll need a battle.net account associated with an e-mail address to enter.

      So yes, entirely aesthetic.

  4. Got mine, hope these will be unique and people will never have a chance to get them again.

  5. Why don’t people just create it in the game later?  Seems a bit pointless.

    • Because you can’t get these ones in the game later

    • What you’re unlocking is a sigil icon. The banner you make here doesn’t matter.
      But I agree it is completely pointless, people have been confused about this from the very start and it’s such a meaningless promotion.

      • Isn’t it great that people won’t bother unlocking them thinking “I’ll just make them later in the game” and then bzinga!
        Ahah! 😆

    • they’re actually pointless no matter when you create them

  6. I know i’ve made a couple of them. Do i need to make a banner for each character in order to get the sigil?

  7. Sucks they make it available again for 10 days.

  8. I redid all 5 in case something fucked up as I remember failing to receive an email confirmation for at least 2 of them. Now got 5 emails so I’m good.
    Just wish you could login your battlenet account and see that these are “active”.

    • At least it’s still going to be possible to get them for a couple of days after the game is live so you’ll be able to see if you have them in-game.

      • It might be a few weeks before they show up, and are no longer available.  Lylirra says:

        When will I actually receive my sigil?
        We’re keeping records of all the Battle.net accounts which have claimed each sigil. Within the first couple of weeks of Diablo III’s release on May 15, we’ll be processing all of these accounts and flagging them to unlock the appropriate sigils. The bonus sigils will automatically appear in-game in the banner customization screen in-game once awarded.

        • Wow, that sucks. Guess they want to get spammed to death by people making damn sure they have them.

  9. I only got the last two!

    Very happy for a second chance for all five! 

  10. THANK GOD! I had missed the Demon Hunter 🙂
    I can perfectly well understand why some aren’t interested in this, but personally, I really enjoy the D3 banner designer 🙂 And I am almost exclusively a soloer, so nobody else even SEES mine! I just like making something pretty 🙂
    BTW, to the person who asked above… banners in-game are per ACCOUNT, not per CHARACTER. However, you can change your banner whenever you want, so if you want to redo it every time you change characters, you can.
    And there are other design unlocks… borders, patterns, accents… that come from achievements.

  11. So, if you have already previously done all 5 character banners and then go back to redo them a second time, does that mean the 2nd attempts will replace all of the 1st attempts. Or, will you now have 2 distinct banners that you can choose from in game? ❓

    • Please read again… You’ll only receive the SIGIL. The banner itself including colour etc. you’ll customise them in-game and can change them whenever you like

  12. Steve, you are not getting BANNERS in-game from this exercise. You are just unlocking the 5 class sigils to use in your banner designer.
    So no need to do it over again. And no sense in which you’re replacing anything 🙂

  13. sigils suck…….is this what they thought will get people involved?

  14. Now if their page would load, stuck at loading in the banner creation section  🙁

  15. That’s the problem I’m having.  Guess it doesn’t matter if it won’t let you make one! 😉

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