While some of us *cough* were snoring away in our filthy pits, others were up and grinding through the newest DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta patch, testing out new stuffs and bringing back the information for the rest of us. Here’s a collection of some of the best early tidbits, with much more coming. (Elly’s in game right now shooting video of the new features, which we’ll have for you later today.)

    RisingRed took a bunch of screens of new things. You can see the full collection in his forum thread, and it includes views of the new UI options, new Achievements Interface, the Hardcore character creation button (ruined by the “normal diff complete required” tooltip), the in-game clock, skill cooldown tooltip, new quest completion pop up box, and more. You can also view these, and dozens of others, in our Diablo 3 Beta interface gallery

    With white items no longer able to be DiabloWikisalvaged, DiabloWikicommon scraps (and its Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno versions) have been removed from the game. There are now just blue, yellow, and orange materials, x4 for each of the difficulties, and all crafting DiabloWikirecipes are being reworked. This at least answers my questions about how the recipes would be fixed, since prior to this patch, many more white DiabloWikimaterials than blue or yellow were required for all the recipes.

    The “simplified” DiabloWikitooltips are in effect, and they are indeed simplified. No more tricksie numbers are displayed, and while our parody from some weeks ago isn’t quite true… it’s not exactly false either. If you’d like actual numbers in your skill information, you can still view them by holding down Control while you hover, and thereby load the less-simplified tooltip.

    The DiabloWikiNephalem Altar is indeed gone, (to less than unanimous approval) and a 30 second DiabloWikicooldown is now applied to your skill swapping. While I joined pretty much everyone else in thinking the Nephalem Altar was a cheesy stopgap mechanic, I’m not entirely sold on this one either.

    If you want more technical datamining info type stuff, check out RisingRed’s thread. He’s not covering the same stuff Dorjan has posted thus far on the main page, and there are some minor spoilers. Tidbits include new Battle.net security features, a Hardcore warning message, some new late game boss event scripts, and more.

    Something we’re still waiting to hear are some player hands on reports about how the new attribute changes are working. Does it feel different, not just trying to find Attack on everything? If anyone’s had time to test that out, add your thoughts in a comment or the forums, and we’ll quote you up for all to see.

    The last pic below shows the new “simplified” DiabloWikitooltips. The left part is the default hover text; on the right is the expanded info shown when you hover while hold the Control key. Many fans are hoping this will be an on/off switch, or something that can be turned on via the options menu, in the final game.



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