Early Beta Patch 10 Observations

While some of us *cough* were snoring away in our filthy pits, others were up and grinding through the newest DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta patch, testing out new stuffs and bringing back the information for the rest of us. Here’s a collection of some of the best early tidbits, with much more coming. (Elly’s in game right now shooting video of the new features, which we’ll have for you later today.)

RisingRed took a bunch of screens of new things. You can see the full collection in his forum thread, and it includes views of the new UI options, new Achievements Interface, the Hardcore character creation button (ruined by the “normal diff complete required” tooltip), the in-game clock, skill cooldown tooltip, new quest completion pop up box, and more. You can also view these, and dozens of others, in our Diablo 3 Beta interface gallery

With white items no longer able to be DiabloWikisalvaged, DiabloWikicommon scraps (and its Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno versions) have been removed from the game. There are now just blue, yellow, and orange materials, x4 for each of the difficulties, and all crafting DiabloWikirecipes are being reworked. This at least answers my questions about how the recipes would be fixed, since prior to this patch, many more white DiabloWikimaterials than blue or yellow were required for all the recipes.

The “simplified” DiabloWikitooltips are in effect, and they are indeed simplified. No more tricksie numbers are displayed, and while our parody from some weeks ago isn’t quite true… it’s not exactly false either. If you’d like actual numbers in your skill information, you can still view them by holding down Control while you hover, and thereby load the less-simplified tooltip.

The DiabloWikiNephalem Altar is indeed gone, (to less than unanimous approval) and a 30 second DiabloWikicooldown is now applied to your skill swapping. While I joined pretty much everyone else in thinking the Nephalem Altar was a cheesy stopgap mechanic, I’m not entirely sold on this one either.

If you want more technical datamining info type stuff, check out RisingRed’s thread. He’s not covering the same stuff Dorjan has posted thus far on the main page, and there are some minor spoilers. Tidbits include new Battle.net security features, a Hardcore warning message, some new late game boss event scripts, and more.

Something we’re still waiting to hear are some player hands on reports about how the new attribute changes are working. Does it feel different, not just trying to find Attack on everything? If anyone’s had time to test that out, add your thoughts in a comment or the forums, and we’ll quote you up for all to see.

The last pic below shows the new “simplified” DiabloWikitooltips. The left part is the default hover text; on the right is the expanded info shown when you hover while hold the Control key. Many fans are hoping this will be an on/off switch, or something that can be turned on via the options menu, in the final game.



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    43 thoughts on “Early Beta Patch 10 Observations

    1. Attributes…I’m not getting drops. When something does drop, it has the same lowbie mods on it like GF, MF, thorns, etc.

      I think that’ll take some time, and a lot of money crafting. Crafting didn’t increase in cost (leveling it actually doesn’t cost materials now) but it seems like gold is only trickling in. Maybe because it’s a new char on a fresh acct? Dunno.

      Sidenote: The beta interface gallery is great, and it’s going to be that much greater when we’ve been playing for five years while they’re making the first expansion. We have all this media to look back on and maybe have a lulz. We don’t have much of that for D2. 🙁

    2. Wow! Nephalem gone and now cooldown skillswap. You can’t say they don’t listen to the community.

      • They didn’t listen to the large writhing mass of sweaty sausage-fingered nerds such as myself who begged them to add in some kind of permanence to your character. As in, you pick a skill, it’s yours forever.

          • Without permanent skill choices, D3 will not last anywhere near as long as D2.  People will get bored and move on to other games rather quickly.

            • Because rolling up a new character and levelling it to 80 is so much fun? That’s why people get rushed through, right? That’s why everyone quit once they introduced the respec option in patch 1.13c, right?

              There’s a small bunch of masochists who found that sort of thing “fun”. The majority of that group will play D3 even if it doesn’t have that form of punishment in it; only a small number of that group would quit D3 because of that lack. Everyone else will prefer the new system.

          • Sorry, I didn’t poll all people interested in Diablo and add up the numbers, so I can’t state such facts.

            • i partially agree with raesene. I don’t want permanent skills and i bet my buns D3 will last long just as D2 did. /agree with vocal minority.. though it’s not proven, its most likely true for the masses. just common sense really, more fun more freedom, more people want that than restricted skills. All goes back to Blizzards accessibilty, permanent skills would directly counter that. 🙄

            • We don’t know what the masses want. Many D3 fans aren’t even fans yet.
              There’s no point in talking about majority or minorities.

              If you like it, though, that’s great. I wish I did. I can’t exactly fault you for having an opinion that differs from mine.

            • We don’t know this but since Blizzard has decided it to be so (and even changed a system in D2 that’s been there for years) it’s a pretty good indication of what the majority wants. Since Blizzard makes games for the majority (I think…).

          • The respec in Diablo 2 is handy. But also limited (without getting the items required) so you cant just willy nilly go change your build anytime you want.
            It also killed replayability for me, building a new character makes things more interesting as you arnt just grinding the end level stuff forever. Sure some might see it as a Tedious thing, but how many times have they done it? Im sure i must have made 50+ level 75+ characters over 10 years

            • Ignoring Lanth’s hot and cold snobbery, I think there’s a lot of room for compromise between permanence and being a permanent noob. They could implement a hybrid system that works for everyone. But they’re not.

            • Not wanting to go through the tedious grind of leveling up a new character every time you want to change your skills makes you a noob? Interesting… 😐

          • Brb, making 20 accounts so I can upvote the one I agree with and show everyone that we(I) am the majority…no not really.

    3. Very exciting to see so many changes being implemented into the beta. It really feels like things are coming together now & apart from some trademark Blizzard polish & the big reveal of the rune/skill system, there isn’t much left to be done. Unless of course they’re just stalling for time whilst they get bnet infrastructure ready before they announce that ever elusive release date… Nah, it’ll be out no later than end of June, which just about counts as “early” by a very big stretch of the imagination. :p Be nice if it comes in April though. 🙂

    4. Patch 593: “We decided to remove the entire skills and runesystem. A new system is implented at which you can throw turds, limbs and picked up confetti items at monsters. Monsters are replaced with floating heads of Jay Wilson stalking you forever. Occasionaly the head will shout “iteration”, “delay” and “soon” in your face untill you cry. Even Deckard Cain doesn’t want to stay a while and listen.”

    5. These new tooltips really have me wondering. The only people I can think of who get confused by numbers are young children, but are they really the target audience for this game? I could understand if there was an option for simplified tooltips but I don’t get why they are the default.

      Why isn’t there an option in the menu for less simplified tooltips? Having to press control every time you mouseover a skill is just bad design imo.

      • Yes.  At the very least there should be a toggle option in setup.  I’ll never want the simple tooltip — ever.  Having to press a key for something that should happen by default will get annoying quick.

        • Toggle option would be amazing. Sadly I have to use “amazing” because Blizzard apparently doesn’t realize it’s “common sense.”

    6. Ugh.  The development of this game has a hugh umbrella over it with the words “Appeal to as many people as possible” written on it.  The devs have a fear of people creating “broken” characters and their solution seems to be make the game as easy as possible.  Don’t they know that easy games suck?  What they’re doing with the skill system is a joke.  I have a solution, just give everyone epic gear to start and all enemies can be one-shot while bosses take 2 shots.  That should appeal to lots of casual gamers.  Also, make monsters look like those pigs from Angry Birds.

      For the record, I would be VERY surprised if D3 was released before the 4 year anniversary of its announcement, June 28th 2008.

      • Sigh, once again with the “easy vs. tedious” argument. Starting a new character over because you misclicked (or are plain ol’ silly) isn’t “hard”; it’s “tedious”. Unnecessary.

    7. Along with the 30 second cooldown on the skill swapping you are unable to use that skill for 30 seconds too. I found this VERY annoying and frustrating.

      • Isnt that the whole point of the cooldown?
        You want a specific skill to do a certian enemy, but you dont want it in your normal build. So they are trying to stop people  just swapping to it for a certian boss pack etc (or making a macro to quick swap to a non selected skill) and using it for that short period straight away. If you have to wait 30 seconds you will probably just continue with your normal build and tuff it out.
        Otherwise we might as well just have 10+ buttons and have all skills available all the time which also kills replayability

        • Except that that is not what they are saying in the patch notes… No where in there does it say the cooldown will stop you from using the new skill, just that it would stop you from switching it out during the 30 seconds…

      • I disagree. “Best” is an extravagant prophecy. You’d have to be suffering from, and I believe this is the scientific official name, “terminal fanboyism.”

    8. Played some just now. The game is truly beautiful, and it’s only the first part of act 1. I like the changes. Can’t wait for 22th of march when it’s released.

    9. The only flaw with the salvaging was when you click the anvil to salvage something, the salvage icon doesn’t go away after you click on another tab.  So I ended up crafting an item, then when I went to equip it I salvaged it.

      • This is working as intended. Meant to curb item inflation. Giving the chance for players to remove items they REALLY want is a great way to keep item inflation down. 😛

        Just imagine all the high tier legendaries that will be accidentally turned int scrap…

      • Are you admitting to being a new-to-Diablo grandma Murdoch? Do they need to simplify the salvaging function for you?
        I kid, I kid… 😉

    10. LMAO @ the new tooltips.  Makes me seriously doubt the designer’s decision making, and honestly makes me nervous for this entire game.

    11. I just killed the skeleton king and he does not drop a rare, at least every time, like previous patches anymore.

    12. The skill tool tips are dumbed down to the point where they are useless.  Having to hold down the ctrl key to get any useful information at all is not an improvement for anyone.  Please change this to a savable option, even if it’s not the default.
      The followers have a detailed tab, but it doesn’t give DPS?
      I miss the nephalem cube.  Finding normal items is less exciting now, and I’m going back to town much more often to clear my inventory.  No, Jay, visiting the town is much less exciting than killing monsters and finding treasure — especially when you are in a party.  This is my major gripe with this patch.
      The difficulty seems better (tougher).  There are fights where I actually run out of arcane power and have to use a little tactics, even though I haven’t used a single potion yet.
      Auto-equip is still off be default, but at least option settings are saved between games now.
      Are scrolls of companion still in?  If so, they seem less plentiful.
      The 30-second cooldown after skill change is ok.  I’m not a fan of having BOTH old and new skills unavailable for 30 seconds, though.  Maybe cut the timer down to 20 seconds when you are in town?

    13. The “third hit deals AoE and knockback” on Fist of Thunder looks like something important that should be displayed in the simplified tooltip. I can see a lot of people hating having to hold down Ctrl all the time so they don’t miss an important aspect about a skill.

      • I don’t know if this is new with the patch or not, but the bit about the attack speed is super important. It attacks fast now. I don’t remember it attacking that fast before. When you have a frenzied shrine, it’s almost comically fast.

        Makes the attack (and the monk) much more…monk-like.

    14. Overall the changes feel really great.
      The Nephalem altar being gone with the 30 second cooldown is really awesome. I do think that in town there should be no cooldown – or, reintroduce Nephalem in town and Cathedral and there’s no cooldown at those altars. Seems like a win-win for flexibility in the dungeon but ease to try out different skills in town.
      Bookcases feel unexciting and worthless. No scrolls of companion, no scrolls of identify, no pages of training, no journals, just a rare potion which hardly ever gets used… it’s a shame because I love pulling them down and watching things fall off the shelf. But now it’s just so useless.
      I’m not quite sure why they got rid of pages of training. If anything they should just forget the process of converting them into books and just have X pages necessary to train the Blacksmith plus gold (increasing pages and gold as you level him).
      I definitely hope there’s an options toggle to always show Advanced Tooltips. I live and breathe by those stats when swapping out my skills.
      The new attributes have been worked in nicely. I don’t notice much difference in items I’m looking for. As a monk it was easy enough to just hunt for +Dexterity items rather than +Attack. It does seem, though, that Wizards and Witch Doctors get the short end of the lollypop. Monks and Demon Hunters get a bonus to Dodge, Barbarians to Armor, and WD/W just get +health per globe? There’s got to be something better. Maybe increased resource regen, increased magic find, increased crit chance, lowered cooldowns, heck, even lowered gold prices with merchants/artisans – something that takes intellect (ie bartering).
      Well, that’s what I’ve got for suggestions after 2 short play sessions in patch 10. Catch ya on patch 11.

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