As you all know, E3 kicked off properly today and the team on the main IncGamers.com site have been working throughout the day and night bringing all the latest media and screenshots from the show. Today there were four major conferences, Microsoft, Sony, UbiSoft and EA. There has been some cracking media released, especially trailers and shots. I urge you to check out some of the upcoming titles, it’s great to see where the world of videogames is heading in the next twelve months.

    Check out the EA, Microsoft, UbiSoft and Sony conference wrap-up pages to find out what they have planned. The big news for Sony was their new hand-held the Vita which does look pretty impressive.

    Other useful IncGamers links include:

    • Latest E3 news and previews
    • Latest E3 videos
    • Latest E3 shots

    Tomorrow’s main event is the Nintendo conference where they are set to unveil their next console. Keep your eyes on IncGamers.com over the next few days for all the updates.


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