E3 2015 Incoming – Here’s the schedule

It’s time for E3 2015 and no doubt as avid gamers you’ll be keeping one eye on what’s going on over the next week. Although Blizzard has taken a step back from the event in recent years it’s always entertaining to see what’s going on.

E3 actually starts a little earlier this year with numerous conferences running over the next few days before the doors of the main show swing open on Tuesday. If you’re wanting to see what’s going on there are numerous conference live streams taking place and there’s a schedule of events up on PC Invasion which should be helpful.

Over the next week the PC Invasion team will be making sure you don’t miss any big announcements or reveals so keep an eye on the site.

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  1. Watch out for the PC Gaming Show at E3 on June 16, where Blizzard will be present with announcements: http://www.pcgamingshow.com/

    • Yeh I doubt we’ll see anything from that. I could be wrong but i doubt it very much.

    • They’ve already announced that they will have some new preview of LotV story and the Eternal Conflict event for HoTS. And that’s probably it. I’d be extremely suprised if there were to be any D3 related announcements there.

      If D3 is going to get another expansion, they’ll most likely announce it either at Gamescom or Blizzcon.

  2. Recording the podcast yesterday, N3rdwards who is very plugged into gaming and the console scene (since he works in retail selling the stuff) had a pretty strong argument that Blizzard might reveal some stuff at E3. Apparently the show as almost entirely console for the past few years, but is moving to include a lot more PC gaming this year, and he thought Blizzard might ride that wave.

    I think it unlikely, with Gamescom still the most likely D3Y reveal, but it’s fun to think about…

  3. Imo they present the Ruins of Sescheron/beta on Tuesday and D3X2 during gamescom next month.

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