E3 2014 Coverage now underway

E3 2014 Coverage now underway


It’s been many years since Blizzard actually attended E3 but there’s still lots to enjoy of you’re a PC gamer. Over on the main IncGamers site the team are on the case posting all the good stuff from E3 2014.

Today the conferences take place with the main event actually starting tomorrow. To keep up to speed with all the news, media and announcements keep checking the site. The team will also be discussing all the news in this week’s podcast so also keep an eye out for that when it goes live.

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    3 thoughts on “E3 2014 Coverage now underway

    1. I know we are all about Diablo, but it would be awesome to see the Syphon Filter series get resurrected.

    2. So far it’s been all sequel announcements. No one is taking any chances and the future looks stagnant.

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