On the back of Lylirra’s lengthy Q&A on the forums the other day on DiabloWikiTransmogrification where she revealed tweaks to that had already taken place (i.e Transmog is no longer BoA) she has followed up with words on some changes to DiabloWikiDyes, preventing some from automatically rolling on Rare items.

    Posted by Utukka
    If it gets rid of the clown look….I’m all for it.

    So, relatedly (I just made that word up), on the whole “clown-like” topic:

    so colourful

    Pretty in Pink

    As some of you may know, when a Rare item drops, they have a random DiabloWikidye color automatically assigned to them. Currently, all dyes are considered valid options for Rare drops, which can lead to some pretty interesting outcomes.

    We recently made a change to this mechanic, however, to restrict the kind of dyes that can do this. Basically, we’ve disabled a handful of the more…uhh, fabulous dyes from being auto-applied to Rare items.

    The following dyes will be continue to roll automatically on Rare items: Abyssal, Infernal, Purity, Mariner’s, Winter, Cardinal, Ranger’s, Tanner’s, and Desert.

    The following dyes will (as of the pre-expansion patch, I believe) no longer roll automatically on Rare items: Lovely, Royal, Elegant, Summer, Golden, Autumn, Aquatic, and Forester’s.

    This should outright eliminate the dilemma of “Oh sweet, an upgrade for my Barbarian! Aaand it’s bright pink again. Awesome.”

    Legendary and Set items that can be dyed? That thing we were told was being worked on. Even an update on that would be really nice.

    That’s certainly the goal, but it’s a work in progress at the moment so not yet confirmed to happen 100%. In our internal builds, we’ve got dyes working for a lot of Legendaries, but certainly not all. We’ve still got some work to do to get the tech right, and of course…testing. 🙂

    I’ve never really been fussed about what colour they come out as long as I can redye them which I do anyway so everything matches. Everything has to match damn it!  I just hope they change it so I can dye those bloody Hammer Jammers because the bright banana legs totally ruin the pink outfit I’m going for so it seems pointless trying to dye when the legs remain bright yellow.

    I’m not sure anyone else is really that bothered about this either as they can redye the item but it probably took minutes to implement so why not.

    You can read all about dyes and see lots of images of items and outfits dyed with varying degrees of success in the Diablo Wiki article on Dyes.

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