Dyes on Rare and Legendary Items

On the back of Lylirra’s lengthy Q&A on the forums the other day on DiabloWikiTransmogrification where she revealed tweaks to that had already taken place (i.e Transmog is no longer BoA) she has followed up with words on some changes to DiabloWikiDyes, preventing some from automatically rolling on Rare items.

Posted by Utukka
If it gets rid of the clown look….I’m all for it.

So, relatedly (I just made that word up), on the whole “clown-like” topic:

so colourful
Pretty in Pink

As some of you may know, when a Rare item drops, they have a random DiabloWikidye color automatically assigned to them. Currently, all dyes are considered valid options for Rare drops, which can lead to some pretty interesting outcomes.

We recently made a change to this mechanic, however, to restrict the kind of dyes that can do this. Basically, we’ve disabled a handful of the more…uhh, fabulous dyes from being auto-applied to Rare items.

The following dyes will be continue to roll automatically on Rare items: Abyssal, Infernal, Purity, Mariner’s, Winter, Cardinal, Ranger’s, Tanner’s, and Desert.

The following dyes will (as of the pre-expansion patch, I believe) no longer roll automatically on Rare items: Lovely, Royal, Elegant, Summer, Golden, Autumn, Aquatic, and Forester’s.

This should outright eliminate the dilemma of “Oh sweet, an upgrade for my Barbarian! Aaand it’s bright pink again. Awesome.”

Legendary and Set items that can be dyed? That thing we were told was being worked on. Even an update on that would be really nice.

That’s certainly the goal, but it’s a work in progress at the moment so not yet confirmed to happen 100%. In our internal builds, we’ve got dyes working for a lot of Legendaries, but certainly not all. We’ve still got some work to do to get the tech right, and of course…testing. 🙂

I’ve never really been fussed about what colour they come out as long as I can redye them which I do anyway so everything matches. Everything has to match damn it!  I just hope they change it so I can dye those bloody Hammer Jammers because the bright banana legs totally ruin the pink outfit I’m going for so it seems pointless trying to dye when the legs remain bright yellow.

I’m not sure anyone else is really that bothered about this either as they can redye the item but it probably took minutes to implement so why not.

You can read all about dyes and see lots of images of items and outfits dyed with varying degrees of success in the Diablo Wiki article on Dyes.

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    14 thoughts on “Dyes on Rare and Legendary Items

    1. All my barb needs is his vanishing crème all over, than he’ll have his MANLY look again 😉
      Never cared one flipping pancake about dyes or transmogrification !

      • Only cared about looks in the moments I tried to get some achievements done. And a Legendary or Set item, the character can’t live without, sure always was an ordeal there. So I kinda have mixed feelings about dying in Legendaries and Sets, while I’m totally against the whole transmogrification idea, as the unique looks of Sets and Legendaries, setting them apart from rares and magic items, is quite mandatory for me.

        When looking to games in the past that got the aspect of dying in items right, I’ll always come back to Hellgate: London, by the way…

    2. I’ve never actually used dyes for aesthetical reasons. To change the color of a rare item would be like changing its name – it takes away one of the very few things that gives a rare item a bit of character, something rares are sorely lacking as it is.

      The clown complaint is quite familiar to those of us who played WoW – http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh54/MeadowsEU/clown.jpg – but I think the problem here isn’t so much the wide range of colors that rares can roll, but rather that paintable texture is too big. Blizzard could learn a few lessons from Valve and TF2 here and make the effect of dyes more subtle by making the paintable bits smaller so that the end result isn’t quite so garish (like these boots, for instance: http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Teufort_Tooth_Kicker )

    3. I’m so glad I bought the collector’s edition. It’s probably saved me hundreds of thousands of gold on dyes having the unlimited bottles of \cloud\ and \smoke\ or whatever. I do like to have all my gear match rather than the colors being all over the place, especially since I consider most of the dyes annoying or too loud. This includes, alas, many legendary pieces that look very silly unless you match the rest of your gear to them. Just about any time I equip a new item I dye it white or gray.

      The idea about limiting the area of items affected by dye is a good one.

    4. QUOTE

      When looking to games in the past that got the aspect of dying in items right, I'll always come back to Hellgate: London, by the way...

      How did they do it? They didn’t have dyeing?

      • You could select the color setting of one item to define the whole overall look of the character. The individual setting of items wasn’t overwritten by that, so you could experiment with what selection looks back or go back to each item being colored in its unique way.

    5. I never even noticed that items came dyed. Shows how little i pay attention to that part of things.

        • I never got this complaint. Once you start Nightmare, the Close All Windows hotkey should be right next to all of your skills/potion. I think I push that button more than Show Items. Az isn’t as bad as the spider lady, Adria/Leah in Act 2, ZK, Cydea, Leoric when you get his crown on, Leoric’s doors, Magdha and the sword pieces, or Belial’s transformation. All take more time and you can’t skip through them as effectively as Az’s floating head. Do I like Az’s giant floating head? No, it’s pretty stupid. But it’s a stupidity you can skip easily, as opposed to the got damn cut scenes that you can’t even Close All Windows skip.

          • It’s more that it just seems ludicrous that a demon lord would magic up a hologram of his floating head to taunt you, like your friend drunkenly trying to “FaceTime” you on your iPhone. Cydaea is at least actually there, spidering around her lair and being annoying. Adria and Leah are in your “party” and would obviously be with you and talking to you. Azmodan is kind of like if Hitler kept sending selfies to Winston Churchill every other day in WW2, saying “Well I didn’t need that munitions factory anyway 😛 !”

            Same as Diablo, who seems to be watching your every move with the creepy obsession of a Facebook stalker. It’s like your character updates their status to “Monk Girl has just entered the Colonnade (32 likes)!” and then there’s a comment from someone called Terror-kun saying “u r a faget, cristal colondade is for loosers”.

            The delay on the spider lady is annoying, I agree, but a lot of the other dialogue stuff can be avoided by just muting voices. Don’t ever play Torchlight 2 if stuff like the doors or spider lady bothers you, the loading screens take so long in that it was almost nostalgic, like playing Baldur’s Gate back on my first PC.

    6. I’m sorry, I was just finding the right dye to match gloves to my Tyrael’s Might. What was everyone talking about?

      Honestly, I didn’t know Rares even rolled dyes. I thought they rolled “plain”, then people dyed them after. I always had a quantity of whatever color I’d picked for the week on-hand, and touched up as I went, without looking at what the pieces already had on them.

      Thank god for vanishing dye, though. Mempos and Vile Wards look freakin’ ridiculous.

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