The hits just keep coming via @Diablo tweets.  Nothing about chili recipes today, but an interesting tidbit about game art, and a failing of the new B.net account options.

    First up is a fan noting that it’s impossible to add Diablo to his B.net profile.

    I can’t add Diablo to my Battle.net profile 🙁 —Veidit

    Right, there’s no CD-Key so there’s nothing to attach. Unknown at this time whether it will be something we support in the future.—Diablo

    Since the B.net game profile stuff is all based on registered copies and cd-keys, it’s baffled by antediluvian technology like Diablo I. So, why didn’t the B.net programmers enable everyone to add Diablo to their profile? Seriously, why not? It’s not like they’re going to retroactively assign cd-keys to a game from 1996, and the few of us who still honor the old school would have appreciated it.

    Elsewhere, it’s another of those tantalizing tidbits of triumphantly-teasing tweeted twaddle to topple our tedium:

    New light/glow FX for dungeon entrances and exits are awesome.—Diablo 

    What’s new about ‘em? The awesome, apparently… In fact, this is something of a new addition, though we’ve seen so few dungeon entrances/exits thus far that we’re not in much of a position to judge. (Just be sure that no one applies the Internet-famous “pics or it didn’t happen!” rule to the @Diablo twitter… or we’ll be completely out of luck during the 3 months until this year’s BlizzCon.)

    I hunted through the screenshot gallery, and since there were zero dungeon entrances/exits pictured in Act Two (I don’t recall any glow from them in last year’s BlizzCon demo anyway), here are a few from Act One. The green door is pushing the definition, since that’s just a doorway within a dungeon, on the way down to the DiabloWikiSkeleton King, but you’ll note that the exit to the outdoor Leoric Highlands area has no glow whatsoever. In fact you wouldn’t know it was a dungeon exit at all, if we hadn’t seen it in use in the WWI 2008 gameplay movie. I guess we’ll know it when we see it in the new build, should we ever be so blessed.


    It does seem a cool addition though. Think back on Diablo 2; it’s safe to say that dungeon entrances/exits would have been improved by some added lights/graphics Most of them were just doorways, or (literally) holes in the ground. Given that much of the gameplay involved running long distances to reach the dungeon, why not have something of a welcome light on when you get there?

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