Drop Rate of Greater Rift Keystones

Drop Rate of Greater Rift Keystones

greater rift keystone
Elusive or bad luck?
If you’ve been diligently completing Nephalem Rifts in order to get yourself a Greater Rift Keystone but are not having any joy you are not alone. Rollyy posted his woeful experiences on the official forums and got some blue words of comfort.

It sounds like you’re doing everything the right way, but have had a streak of bad luck. Rift Guardians have a chance to drop a Greater Rift Fragment, which is a physical item that will need to find a home in your inventory. So, if you don’t have at least 1 free inventory square when it drops then you might accidentally leave it behind. They’re kind of easy to miss in the midst of all the loot dropped by the Rift Guardian, too.

With all of that said I still want to point out that there are changes and fine tuning still in store for DiabloWikipatch 2.1. We’re keeping a close eye on things that are happening on the PTR, and we’ll make adjustments as needed when things fall outside of design intent. So, for example, if Greater Rift Fragments are dropping less frequently than we’d like, then you can bet that we’ll tweak the numbers until they are. Your feedback helps us with this process, so it’s very much appreciated!

This is something that first came to my attention from clanmate, Kyndig, whose rift tally was up in the teens but still with no GRK reward. I was on 3 keys for 3 rifts at that point so thought it was just bad luck. Very bad luck. Other clanmates then reported similar low drop rates, then my own rate nosedived and I’m up to about 15 rifts without a GRK in my rewards. There’s a thread in the community forum logging drop rates of Greater Rift Keystones, if you’ve had a similar experience or conversely they’re dropping like they’re going out of fashion share your own stats. But not gloating now.

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8 thoughts on “Drop Rate of Greater Rift Keystones

  1. They should start the season on PTR already, many people are holding out on PTR until season starts.

  2. This is obviously one of the most important functions of the patch. So, I imagine that they're eventually going to decided to guarantee a Greater Rift Fragment upon Torment RG kill. They just don't know it yet. 😉

    • I don't even want it to be guaranteed really. I think if they decide to go guaranteed they may as well dispense with the inconvenience all together. But the drop rate is too low right now. Right now, it's becoming a drag.

  3. Honestly you should be able to enter level 1 for free or just use regular keystones to enter level 1.

    Or just have greater rifts replace regular rifts entirely. Then you get rid of the clunky opening method too.


  5. "If you don't have at least ONE open spot in your inventory," what a COP OUT and INSULT to your customers base intelligence!!! The people that took the time to download and PLAY on the PTR probably have been playing Diablo I, II, and III several times LONGER than the current batch of programmers being used by Blizzard! What a CHEAP COP OUT! My own short experience on RG key drops was 5/5 then 0/7 now 1/2… I'll try again this morning but contrary to Blizzard's condesending "blue post" there is SOMETHING wrong in the drop algorithm!!!

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