Steve Gibson, the founder and long-time administrator of Shack News recently moved from game journalism to game development, after the 24/7/365 grind of maintaining a gaming news site wore him down. He’s now working for Gearbox, the latest developer to stake their existence on a probably-futile attempt to complete Duke Nukem Forever. What was the final straw?

    NZGamer.com: So tell us, Steve, why are you in development now? Why did you make the jump from journalism?

    Steve Gibson: It?s not super exciting… around my wife?s thirtieth birthday I was planning a big party, with her family flying in from Pennsylvania. And then two days before this party… I get word of a Diablo 3 event… and…um, I found myself having to stay back and do this, and miss my wife?s own surprise birthday party.

    It was a terrible decision. But I had all these guys depending on me… and I had to make a decision that?s right for my company and right for my employees who have their own mortgages and their own life. So I?m making the life sacrifices there, and it was like, this isn?t where I want to be, you know.

    So I decided to sell, six months later I sold. You know, it was as simple as that: it wasn?t the life I wanted, you know. And now, you know, my wife?s pregnant, and starting a family life.

    There must be some grand metaphorical analogy about being driven by Diablo III into the arms of Duke Nukem Forever—crushed between the inexorable forces of the two longest-developing games in modern human history… but I’m not quite able to find it. If you can, hit the comments.

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