Download Diablo III Now!

That title might sound ominous, but this is not one of those emails (or forum posts) that points you to some trojan-infected malware site. You can legitimately download the full Diablo III installer, for most regions/languages, right now, from You can’t play it yet since this isn’t the game, and anyway, the servers aren’t live and you don’t have a valid CD-Key, but this way you’ve got the whole 7gig installer already set up, which will save you much time come 11:59pm, May 14th. At that point you’ll need to download the game files and install the whole thing, then pray the servers hold up under the strain.

Pre-Pay, Pre-Load, Pre-Wait!
Blizzard is providing the installers in advance to avoid the crunch of three million people try to download it at the same time, come May 15th. You’re given these links if you pre-purchase the game now, via the Blizzard store or if you got a free copy with your WoW Annual Pass. They’re useful for everyone though, even if you’re buying a boxed copy, regular or D3CE, since they’ll save you time by doing what used to be found on the “install CD” in advance.

Here are the codes so far available, all courtesy of this forum thread by SixPack. He’s vowed to update the thread with additional versions as they become available, so check back if your preferred region/language is not yet represented.

  • DIABLO III Retail (enUS – America)
  • DIABLO III Retail Mac version (enUS – America)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – English)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – Italian)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – French)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – German)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – Polish)
  • DIABLO III Retail (EU – Spanish)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Latin America – Portuguese)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Latin America – Spanish)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Korean)
  • DIABLO III Retail (Taiwan)

Post updated for technical clarity: thanks to info from some comments.

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44 thoughts on “Download Diablo III Now!

  1. There is “download public test” and “play public test” option in the Install menu whith is grey atm, I wonder if this test will be available for everyone before May 15 or not.

  2. When does the servers get “unlocked” anyway? I’m in Australia, and by the time it is 11.59pm on the 14th, it’s like 7am or something (on the 14th) in america. Are all the servers unlocked at their local time at midnight? So americans can play on australian server whle waiting for their server to come up for example? And if I want to play on US servers I have to wait some 17hours or whatever the time difference is?

    Also, I’m assuming we should just download the US version or do they have an Australian version for some reason? 

  3. @Flux: Keep in mind that it’s only the installer. So at launch it’ll autodownload a minor patch to decrypt the files, then install the game and then patch it up to date I suppose 🙂

  4. Question, if I have the beta client is that the same thing as this or do I need to download both?

  5. Hi, I bought a german version. Does anybody know, if I may download the EN-Installer or is the key region based?   Thanks in advance   Carsten

  6. @FLUX
    You can’t “install”. You can download “installer” but you can’t install the game itself.

  7. The tracker doesn’t respond for me.  I’m on a campus network.  Anyone familiar with the usual fix for this issue?

    • Also, do all patches work the same way?  I might just wait until release since I’m not too bothered by the wait to install the game but if I can’t patch because of this issue then I’ll be a bit upset about having to debug it on release day.

  8. Is it possible to datamine information from the client? (I would assume not but just asking…)

  9. “You can install the game from these clients, and you’ll just need to get the CD-Key once your physical copy arrives.”

    So if I buy a boxed copy it will just simply ask for the CDKEY and I can go from there? I’d hate to download all this and it still askes to do a full install off the dvd’s… 

    • This is basically the content that is on the DVD.  Come release day you’ll just be able to install from these files rather than the DVD.  You’ll just need the key to activate it.  It’s only really gaining you the trouble of having to wait until the disc is in hand to install it in the event that your pre-order won’t be in until the middle of the day. 

    • Really what I would expect to happen is the CD Key will unlock your account.  You can install the game on 50 computers if you’d like, but you can only log in on an account with an activated key.

  10. You can download the installer but you cannot install the game.
    The installer says “fire is still falling from the sky. Diablo3 is not out yet”
    Approximate translation from french to english !
    I guess you cannot install before May 15th.

  11. Wait, just so I am getting this correct. It doesn’t matter which client I download as long as my account has Diablo 3 marked Active I can log in and play (after May 15th)? So if I pre-purchase with my US account, I can still install the chinese client and log in?

  12. I wonder how bizarre will be Cain’s voice acting in the non english versions. Actually, no, I don’t want to wonder, it will be terrible! ?_?

    Leave the “Stay a while and listen” quote alone!!

  13. i live in italy but i always played in english so,by choosing the italian client can you change the language like in world of warcraft ?

  14. Hi all
    Could anyone tell me if the DIABLO III Retail (EU-English) will it be ok to download Im from Hungary

  15. I don’t get it.  What’s the point of downloading if your getting the physical copy.  You can’t install it until the 15th anyway?

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