Plenty of fans have spent the last two years asking for a way to auto-pickup materials and gems. I wasn’t always one of the petitioners since I didn’t totally mind a bit of left clicking. It reminded me of my Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 roots! Back when I was young and optimistic and had a fully-functioning right forefinger.

    That was then, though. Now that we’ve got the new Treasure Goblin types, especially the Gem Hoarder and Odious Collector, and they’re being multiplied by this week’s Gemini Goblin buff… srsly. My clicking finger begs you. Where’s the auto-pickup for materials and gems?

    I noticed it on the PTR, and stayed busy documenting the atrocities of mega packs of single goblin types. But that was just PTR fun and games, and there weren’t Goblin twins then. Now that I actually care about picking up the drops because the gear and gains are permanent, it’s feeling less fun and more like a nuisance. Below you see two shots I took of the aftermath of a huge mixed type Goblin pack I found in a Rift tonight. I ran into two Elites while pursing them (and couldn’t see what the hell I was doing against either with all of those item tags) and didn’t kill all the Goblins… but I killed enough.

    If you look at the map in the screenshots, I found the Goblins way over to the right and them across the map to the left and up where it turned north, where I ran into two Elites, one of them champions with Waller. That entire distance, 8 or 10 screens in size, was just littered with mats and gems. I didn’t time it, but I had to spend literally 3 minutes after the battle, just clicking all those icons for materials and gems. (Thank Dog that Blood Shards are auto-pickup, or imagine the clicking behind a Blood Thief?)

    Double Goblins + New Goblins = Auto Pickup Required?


    I’ve often agreed with the players asking for Diablo 3 to be more like Diablo 2, but we meant it in terms of features and skills and itemization. Not interface! Yes, it’s nice to have some aspects of the game remind me of Diablo 2, but having to spend a solid minute right clicking through the junk after a big battle wasn’t quite what I had in mind…

    What do you guys think? Is auto-pickup for gems and materials needed? Or does left clicking build character?

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