Double Goblins + New Goblins = Auto Pickup Required?

Double Goblins + New Goblins=Auto Pickup Required?

Plenty of fans have spent the last two years asking for a way to auto-pickup materials and gems. I wasn’t always one of the petitioners since I didn’t totally mind a bit of left clicking. It reminded me of my Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 roots! Back when I was young and optimistic and had a fully-functioning right forefinger.

That was then, though. Now that we’ve got the new Treasure Goblin types, especially the Gem Hoarder and Odious Collector, and they’re being multiplied by this week’s Gemini Goblin buff… srsly. My clicking finger begs you. Where’s the auto-pickup for materials and gems?

I noticed it on the PTR, and stayed busy documenting the atrocities of mega packs of single goblin types. But that was just PTR fun and games, and there weren’t Goblin twins then. Now that I actually care about picking up the drops because the gear and gains are permanent, it’s feeling less fun and more like a nuisance. Below you see two shots I took of the aftermath of a huge mixed type Goblin pack I found in a Rift tonight. I ran into two Elites while pursing them (and couldn’t see what the hell I was doing against either with all of those item tags) and didn’t kill all the Goblins… but I killed enough.

If you look at the map in the screenshots, I found the Goblins way over to the right and them across the map to the left and up where it turned north, where I ran into two Elites, one of them champions with Waller. That entire distance, 8 or 10 screens in size, was just littered with mats and gems. I didn’t time it, but I had to spend literally 3 minutes after the battle, just clicking all those icons for materials and gems. (Thank Dog that Blood Shards are auto-pickup, or imagine the clicking behind a Blood Thief?)

Double Goblins + New Goblins = Auto Pickup Required?


I’ve often agreed with the players asking for Diablo 3 to be more like Diablo 2, but we meant it in terms of features and skills and itemization. Not interface! Yes, it’s nice to have some aspects of the game remind me of Diablo 2, but having to spend a solid minute right clicking through the junk after a big battle wasn’t quite what I had in mind…

What do you guys think? Is auto-pickup for gems and materials needed? Or does left clicking build character?

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32 thoughts on “Double Goblins + New Goblins = Auto Pickup Required?

  1. i am a proponent for an auto pick-up function which could be an optionally clickable in the gameplay options menu period.

  2. I do agree, until now it was ok to pick those manually, but now with the hordes of gobs you find on certain maps you can spend 3 or 4 minutes clicking away to get all the loot. Gems and mats should be added to auto pick up.

    They didn’t mind making shards auto pick up when they introduced them even though they dropped only on specific occasions, just because they were a currency like gold. That distinction is no as relevant anymore, especially with the increased mat and gems stacks.

    Another argument could be, instead of auto pickup make them drop in stack so to pick up 5 ruby you only click once, but that would make the loot drops themselves look a bit boring. Seeing tons of stuff drop on the ground adds to the joy of hunting gobs, so i think auto pickup would be a fair trade off to keep that.

    Finally the only argument against it i can think of is that contrary to gold and shards, gems and mats do take space in your inventory. But still, a setting to disable auto pickup for those items could fix that problem for those who want better control of their inventory space.

    • Inventory space management was actually the primary concern voiced by Blizzard whenever expanding auto-pickup has been discussed in the past (though personally, I suspect that cloaking how much loot vs. components actually drops also factors in).

      There are two quick solutions I could think of:

      1. Auto-pickup for stackable items (possibly activated/deactivated trhough gameplay options) as soon as you already have at least one of that type in your inventory. This way auto-pickup stuff doesn’t block more space than you would want it to.

      2. A vacuum hotkey for all (stackable) items within your character’s reach. When pressed, all item drops within a radius are auto-picked-up without any need for manual targeting/clicking. Of course, higher quality/rarity/grade items were given vacuum priority to avoid a situation where pressing the hotkey fills the last remaining free slot with some junk instead of the legendary right next to it.

  3. Maybe we should have an option for your computer to play the game for you instead. How much more hand-holding is this game going to get.

  4. Yeah. It should be an option like elective mode or item icons – disabled by default not to “confuse” newbies 😉

  5. Goblin Packs are waaaaaayyyyyy too common to make it not auto pick.

    If they were really rare like the Realm Portal then it would work but not if you get almost one Pack per Rift….

    Also these “smart” people that close a rift just as you cleared the Goblin Pack wouldn’t be a problem.

    • Agree 100%!!! I used to go weeks (at least) between encountering goblin packs…now it’s a matter of hours (or less!).

  6. Playing yesterday (before the buff) I hit two different sets of goblin packs on the same level in a Neph Rift and my normal clear time is about 5-6 minutes. It took my over 20 minutes to pick up all that stuff. Autopickup for gems and crafting materials just makes sense. They should also allow turning off autopickup for health potions.

    • 100% agree, they already have the logic implemented for potions. It cant be different for other stackable items like gems or materials. And about inventory management it is also done with potions. When you dont have place in inv and run over one, they will not pick up.

  7. Just hit up some T6 rifts solo after reading this post and was greeted with a huge pack of goblins. After killing them, two champ packs and the rift guardian all in the same area, there was stacks of loot and crafting materials literally two to three screens full. It took 5 trips back and fourth to town and lots of left clicking to pick it all up. It is good that this is a thing (loot and mats acquisition wise), but would be better if there was auto pick up (option in menus, disabled if you don’t want to auto pick up).

  8. 100% agree it’s time for crafting materials & gems to become auto pickup. I have mild arthritis as it is!

    Also blood shards need a soft cap for when you encounter blood thieves that lets you go over the 500 shard cap temporarily but then can’t start a new rift without getting the number below 500 again (as Blizzard have been so adamant about keeping the cap in place.)

  9. Yup, it’s time to have an auto-pickup for gems and mats the same way gold and shards do. There is no reason to individually click those.

  10. Ugh my first time in a rift and i literally got 30 gobbies. hand really hurt after that clean up. I am begging for an auto pick up for gems, crafted mats. We need them by practically default anyways why not pick em up.

    If your bags are full then it just wouldn’t pick em up till you ran to town.

  11. Needs auto pickup because: carpel tunnel syndrome is serious, arthritis sucks, folks recovering from hand injuries who want to play, wasted time should be fun and not time wasted while wasting time 😉

  12. Yes, yes, yes….1000 times yes!!! I thought I was going to break my mouse cleaning up after a goblin pack. Goblin packs are great fun, especially with the sounds you get from them now, but all that clicking is a big pain. Blood Thieves are the easiest to deal with, aside from portalling back to town to spend excess shards.

  13. Auto pickup is needed for sure! Having it as an option would be great. I also wouldn’t mind if this only applied to gems/crafting mats.

  14. I’ve been asking for auto pickup of stackables since closed beta on classic D3. They finally added it for potions, but they need to add it for all stackables. =/

    • I guess picking up mats and gems across multiple screens one-by-one is not most people’s idea of fun. Then you have goblin groups after which you can spend minutes just cleaning up your screen and running back to town to spend you Blood Shards. Abbreviating them to BS is becoming appropriate on multiple levels.

      • It can be sort of fun in a “tactile evidence of my riches!” sort of way, but it quickly becomes more tedious than fun. I think the auto-pickup should have some more graphical flash; maybe a constant stream of +1 type pop ups over your character, like you get when picking up gold? Color themed to the mat/gold/potion/whatever you’re picking up.

  15. Oh man the goblins are killing my index finger… there’s a dull pain right now from all the clicking!

  16. One of the early design decisions for RoS (or was it an late vanilla patch? I’m not sure) was to reduce screen clutter. Then they do this. It boggles the mind. Either give us auto-pickup or make the goblins drop the components and gems in stacks. I’d prefer the former.

  17. I would very much like to see a sacred 2 style of auto pickup system.
    You press a key to auto pickup in a certain range around you but only that which you have selected in the auto pickup menu.
    ie: if I check the boxes for mats, gems, plans and legendary items only, then upon clicking the predetermined buttom during gameplay it would only pickup those items and leave the rest.
    This way you can stll be selective in what you pick up but be faster at the same time.

  18. If you want auto pickup why not go all the way and get auto salvage as well. Or atleast an items in inventory to salvage items. Horadric cube was a thing back in d2 with options to roll for new items.

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