Blizzard’s support team are there to help customers with tech issues, hacking, billing etc, they are not there to help with silly mistakes you might have made. Now we have all seen posts of correspondence from Blizzard support and thought their reply was inadequate but how are you supposed to respond to this…

    I was fighting belial in solo game and i tryed to switch wpns from my Life on Hit wpn to my critical damage wpn. I accidently dropped the critical damage wpn on the ground but b4 i could pick it back up i died. when i tried to go back into the boss fight it wasnt there. i couldnt pick it back up after i died. i bought the item off the real money auction house on july 2nd for 78.00 dollars. thats just for identification purposes, i know you cant do anything about RMAH purchases. the name of the item was Smoldering Ram. it was an 822dps 1h mighty sword with dex/vitality and crit damage and a socket with a crit damage gem in it. I REAAAAAALY hope you can restore it to me as it was a total accident and like i said i couldnt pick it back up once i was dead

    apologize for any confusion that may have occurred, Nexx. Simply put: we are not able to restore items that may have been dropped, vendored, or salvaged, as outlined on our Diablo III Restorations page: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-restorations
    I know that it can be frustrating to lose an item which is why we urge players to be careful when managing their inventory. I again apologize for the loss.

    I mean, “REAAAAAALY”, this was actually posted in the support forums, you do have to wonder what people expect from the game and the support team sometimes. Keep in mind this was titled “I am absolutely done with Blizzard (must read)”.

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