Don’t Contact Support if YOU Screw Up

Blizzard’s support team are there to help customers with tech issues, hacking, billing etc, they are not there to help with silly mistakes you might have made. Now we have all seen posts of correspondence from Blizzard support and thought their reply was inadequate but how are you supposed to respond to this…

I was fighting belial in solo game and i tryed to switch wpns from my Life on Hit wpn to my critical damage wpn. I accidently dropped the critical damage wpn on the ground but b4 i could pick it back up i died. when i tried to go back into the boss fight it wasnt there. i couldnt pick it back up after i died. i bought the item off the real money auction house on july 2nd for 78.00 dollars. thats just for identification purposes, i know you cant do anything about RMAH purchases. the name of the item was Smoldering Ram. it was an 822dps 1h mighty sword with dex/vitality and crit damage and a socket with a crit damage gem in it. I REAAAAAALY hope you can restore it to me as it was a total accident and like i said i couldnt pick it back up once i was dead

apologize for any confusion that may have occurred, Nexx. Simply put: we are not able to restore items that may have been dropped, vendored, or salvaged, as outlined on our Diablo III Restorations page:
I know that it can be frustrating to lose an item which is why we urge players to be careful when managing their inventory. I again apologize for the loss.

I mean, “REAAAAAALY”, this was actually posted in the support forums, you do have to wonder what people expect from the game and the support team sometimes. Keep in mind this was titled “I am absolutely done with Blizzard (must read)”.

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53 thoughts on “Don’t Contact Support if YOU Screw Up

  1. Yea, but you have to admit that letting a player drop an item and have it essentially get destroyed is pretty dumb on blizzard’s part.


    • Also…..$78. Seventy-eight dollars.

      I’m still sitting here trying to process that.

      Seven. Eight. Dollars.

      • $78 for a 822 dps 1 hander?!?! I bought an 826 dps weapon a while ago for 80k of gold.

        (Heh. The captcha words were ‘head case’. Seems appropriate.)

        • Was going to say the same thing. I was surprised a 800dps would go for $1.25, much less $78… I don’t care if I was a millionaire, I wouldn’t be wasting money on nonsense like that.

        • OBVIOUSLY nobody gives a fuck about the dps. The stats are important if that weap had 250 dex 250 vita 70% crit dmg AND a socket for additional >70% crit damage then it will be worth some money.

          Jesus people like you buy the yellow shit I find with 940 dps bleed and laek for zillions instead of 870 ones with 200 str 200 vita 160 critdmg right ?

  2. Far be it from me to tell anyone what to do with their money, but if you spent $70 on an in-game item – I don’t know. Am I being to critical? I mean, if you have the money to burn, burn it; it’s no sweat off my back. But still, $70? Really? If you’re going to spend that kind of money on an inanimate, intangible item, at least know not to use it in such a way that it could get lost. Not to mention “right-click” man!

    • I have no problem with someone spending 78$ on an item. I find it ironic that ppl mock it here, when the type of person mocking it is the type of person profiting from it.

      That said, i would guess that the type of person to buy something for 78$ would be the type of person to not give a shit or know about right click vs drag and drop nonsense. 😛 I.e. this kind of situation is inevitable.

      Oh did i mention, type of person?

      • I sell on the RMAH but that doesn’t stop me from thinking anyone who buys from it is stupid. Hell, most business is designed around making money off stupid people.

        • I’ve seen that people around here are happy to invest 100+ hours (including myself) into a video game collecting intangibles.

          Next to that, $78 seems…. paltry.

          • Playing a game for hours vs going to work for hours for the same item. It would only be really comparable if that 100+ hours was pure farming time. A vast majority of it is just leveling and getting through 4 difficulties. (IE, playing the game).

  3. $70+ dollars on a virtual item which you may be replacing by beating the boss you’re fighting and has no real value… No sympathy here. Darwinism at it’s best.

      • Thus the reason I mostly stopped playing. Screw needing an auction house to win–that’s essentially saying people are “paying to win” and I’m wholly against it.

  4. Aside from the title of the guy’s post, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Why shouldn’t he ask for support? Thousands of companies offer support to their customers, even in cases where it is blatantly obvious that it is the users fault. The fact of the matter is, we make these companies money. Sometimes i feel people forget that. It is in their best interest to keep us happy. If a majority of the community is content with 0 support on at fault issues(which seems to be the case), of course they won’t offer any.
    I’m not saying Diablo is even built on a system where item restorations would be a possibility, I’m assuming there’s a good chance that it would be difficult or impossible to implement, however, i see no reason why people shouldn’t be asking for support in these matters.

    • I agree.

      I feel for the guy, really. I don’t know why this was picked out and posted on the news here, except as some sort of schadenfreude, which seems to be what the comments above are indulging in (haha noob, wasted money on the RMAH!).

    • It’s a good example of how gamers today want to be cottled and indulged in ridiculous ways. It used to be that you played a game for what it is, but now that customers are given the option of direct communication with developers as well as bimonthly to biweekly patches, they are expecting everything that burns them to be resolved. If this was mario brothers, people would be complaining that they ran out of lives because their A button got stuck after they got too much strawberry jam on the controller, and that it made them start the level over when they ran out of lives.

      First, losing one item isn’t a big deal, even if you make it one by spending ~80 bucks on it. Move on and keep playing or shut up about it, cuz nobody cares that you threw an item on the ground.

      Now it would make sense for them to keep Belial’s zone as one area such that items that dropped there would remain, but obviously that’s not how it’s programmed. It probably has to do with the level changing during the transition. Ultimately, there are fewer than a handful of areas in the game (the diablo fight probably does this too) where a user error causes a permanent loss of a less than significant amount of player power. This isn’t something to ask support about. It’s a good story to share with others and you can complain about it, but actually expecting some intervention from the company running the show is a bit sad.

  5. It would have been hospitable but unnecessary for blizzard to restore the item, it was pretty unsympathetic of them. That being said they have NO obligation to restore some guys item that he lost due to his incompetence.

  6. I guess I don’t see a problem with this either. Other than the horrible writing. I drop items on the ground all the time while farming and come back to get them I could understand why he expected the item to be there.

    WoW GMs must be much more liberal or have way more power. I have friends who have destroyed every item they have in their inventory purposefully and their gear was restored months later. But that might be the difference between a monthly sub game and a one time purchase game.

    • I could understand if they can’t restore items due to technical reasons, however, if they claimed it was due to lack of funding, i would call BS.

      I realize not everyone uses the RMAH, but as a frequent buyer/seller, i can tell you that blizzard has made more off of the transaction fees in the short time that i have been playing diablo 3 than what i have paid in subscription fees in WoW. This is with me playing wow since a few months after launch.

  7. It pretty much sums up the usual idiot blizzard gamer. Also similar to some of those ever-so-lovely-let’s-whine-a-lot folks we’ve also been seeing on incgamers as of late

    Please. Grab a good book and step outside. Before you sit down to read pause a second and just listen:
    You might still hear my laughing so damn hard from you yucking up with a 80$ weapon. HAHAHAHAHA

  8. Who says the story is even true…

    Who said he paid 78 dollars and … How could he have dropped it in the middle of a fight …. Since switching weapons just swaps both weapons from your bag to your hand ,,,,

    Oh I see, he said it on the Diablo forum.

    Must be true then.

  9. A….ups. ure retarded 🙂 Confirmation that D3 works as intended 🙂 noob/retards trap :> Kchiiiiing!

  10. I think it is a design flaw from Blizzards side tbh. If you drop an item in a zone that gets destroyed on reentering, that is silly. It happens no where else in the game. Would make much more sense to warp dropped items to town if that happens or restrict dropping items until the boss is dead to begin with.

    The guy could have avoided it by right clicking or not getting himself killed, but I still think he has a point.

  11. on a completely different note, i’m off to the mall. i’m gonna be asking that they replace the flatscreen i bought there last month. oh, btw, it wasn’t broken when i bought it or anything like that. worked great actually. its just that i dropped it when i tried to switch it over to the bedroom from the livingroom. then i went to call the electrician, and i came back.. it wasn’t there. the dog must have ate it. i mean, yeah, its totally gonna get replaced.

    • hurr durr fallacies are fun. Here’s my fun story. I called AAA, today because I locked my keys in my car. They said they can’t help me because it was my fault. They can only help with things out of my control, like a flat tire. I locked my keys in the car in a McDonalds parking lot, where i accidentally dropped my soda on the ground after the lady handed it to me. Instead of replacing it for me, she said, well it was your fault so i can’t get you a new one, had i dropped it I would replace it. On that note, the same day, I had to contact Blizzard. Apparently i fell for this phishing scam and my account was stolen. Blizzard told me, well sorry, you clicked the link, if you lost your account due to something we did, then we could help you, but since this is all your fault, there’s nothing we can do.

      No companies help out their customers when it is the customers fault right?

      • And how can you prove if he dropped it on purpose or not? Hell if they’re going to replace his weapon/money for that I’ll find a friend, drop all my stuff during a Belial fight, have him pick it up and go whine to blizzard about it. Please, the kid’s first mistake was paying $80 for an item in a video game..his second was to drop it during a fight. I personally have no pity for him..

        • And tell me why it matters why it was on purpose or accident? In no way could he benefit from the situation. There’s no possible way they would ever refund him the money, and he wasn’t even asking for that. Best case scenario, they restore the item and he is back to where he was at before, with the added displeasure of having to go through that. Also, pity from anyone won’t benefit him, so i don’t know why throwing that out there makes any difference.

          Obviously, if they have no way to determine if the item was picked up by another player, they would never do restorations, so the whole example is pointless

  12. That would really be VERY frustrating.
    But who knows for what he really did with the item.
    If its true, then so sad for him.

    But i believe some shi**y things like that happen occassionaly.

  13. The cost of $78 is neither here nor there BUT if that actually happened and I guess there’s no reason to not believe him surely his item could be restored. I can hear pandora’s box starting to open with all sorts of claims of lost items but imagine the good will created by helping the poor guy out. The caveat is that the devs can see what happened in game logs or whatever before just doing it for him.

  14. It is very easy to blame the customer and calling him an idiot but lets think about it what if there was no buyback option? what if there was no confirmation box on salvaging certain items? how many times did you press no on the salvage box? how many times did you use the buyback option?
    Wouldn’t you say these options are not needed because we are just idiots if we need them and its our fault?

    • I made some retarded decisions in life and still lived through it without blaming others.
      You can’t lead him through life by hand.

    • Haven’t done anything like it in D3 (yet) but I recall in D2, accidentally selling my perfect Amazon Torch to a vendor, and when you sell a torch in D2, it’s gone for good! It was a misclick, right finger twitched while I was hovering over it. POOF!

      What can ya do? Sit there open mouthed for a second, processing. Then sigh and start farming keys.

  15. Why is he fiddling with items in the middle of a boss fight? I only fiddle with items when I am safe with no mobs around at all (or at lest only really weak ones) I really really wouldn’t do it in a Belial fight.
    Only thing I can think of is he new and paid someone else to power level him to 60 and inferno.

    As for items restoring from what I gather the only thing they can do is an account roll-back like they do when you been account hacked.

    • mf gear swap. that’s one thing.

      good thing it will be nerfed soon. sonuva…

      also he may not have known of the ole ALT + right click switcheroo.

        • Ah, for off-hand. Well you can tell I have always used quivers and shields, can’t you. I’m a noob.

  16. I’m really concerned about the fact that even Rare items disappear quickly when you drop them, I’ve noticed that before and it shouldn’t happen. I can understand why they did that but as long as you don’t drop tons of item on the ground, the timer should be somewhat high like at least 5 minutes for Rare/Legendary, if not more.

  17. This guy is going to have a tough road in life.
    A) He pays way too much RM for mediocre items.
    B) He clearly doesn’t understand that Belial is a steamroller.
    C) He thinks crit is better than life-on-hit for Belial.
    D) He thinks soloing Belial is better than 4-manning him for rez support.
    E) He didn’t know about right-click item swap.
    F) He expected CM support for an event other than account compromise.

    If he is dropping $78 for that item, he should just buy another because he clearly is Scrooge McDuck.

    • He actually knew about right-clicking, he just didn’t know about ALT+RMB to switch out offhand items.

      Still not Blizzard’s fault.
      Just try and tell the Policeofficer that you didn’t know about the speedlimit in that street. Will he let you go because you didn’t knew? Hell no.

  18. In all honesty who here can say Blizzard is at fault? This guy is a momma’s boy who never had to face the consequences of his fuck-ups in life.

  19. Blizzard makes back ups of our characters, no reason, with customer’s understanding that they can’t restore from previous backup, and even offer as a self serve automated option. I agree that the poster went about it in a childish way, I don’t see what ramifications would be to allow restore from backup if understood that you lose that days progress. Or do you think it would be abused and if so what would be the benefit?

  20. So cutscene boss zones destroy loot on the ground? Good to know. Guess they need to put that disclaimer up somewhere. Probably has happened to a lot of folks, but rarely to someone who blows almost $80 on the lost gear. And while Blizz has no financial or legal obligation to do anything, they could be not-dicks and do it as a sign of goodwill. Legal and financial obligations are not the sole determinants for action. Empathy should count for something.

    • This is true for ALL arena style fights. If you can’t tp out of a place then it will reset the next time you enter the area, destroying every item on the ground.

  21. because if you do it for him it becomes an avalanche. The next person to lose an item in such a manner probably deserves the same empathy as this guy but where would it stop? Sometimes the lesson learned is the only medicine.

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