Don’t be Alarmed by Datamined Nerfs in 1.0.5

With v.1.0.5 now looming and almost ready for deployment, Blizzard has informed everyone that when the next patch is datamined it will look like there’s a lot of nerfing going on. However, they point out that these nerfs are offset by other changes that will not be apparent.

A blog is incoming to explain the changes but it may not make it out before the info is datamined, just do not be too alarmed when you see the raw data from the datamined client, and in fact, it’s probably best you ignore the datamined info and wait for the blog otherwise there could be an uproar over nothing.

There’s also an on-going speculation thread in the forums as to what exactly will happen in the 1.0.5 patch and you can chip in here.

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26 thoughts on “Don’t be Alarmed by Datamined Nerfs in 1.0.5

  1. Well I’m sure there will be a reasonable explanation for every… EVERYONE PANIC WE’RE ALL GETTING NERFED!

  2. I wonder if this is related to the CC changes or if this is something else entirely. It seems odd to point this out so maybe this is something they haven’t discussed yet thus the reason for having a blog update. I’m probably just dreaming but I would love it if they were addressing the overemphasis on weapon DPS and were restructuring skills accordingly.

    • I assume it’s unrelated to CC. Making CC better in Inferno was the whole point after all, so it’s not like they would nerf it to compensate.

      My guess is that they’re making some sort of systemic balance changes in preparation for PvP. It makes sense to do that in 1.0.5 so they can get the PvE game balanced properly before they have PvP to contend with as well.

  3. bye bye op trail of cinders which has made my life in act 1 inferno much easier

    but my primary skill is straff, so you have got to realize i suck regardless.

  4. “these nerfs are offset by other changes”

    We nerfed half of the builds, but it’s OK because we’re also nerfing the other half.

    • I think the patch might even be ninja implemented in a few hours already. Read somewhere else the release notes will only be (lol) released after the patch is live… I sense some sneaky mysterious stuff going on…

      Two things can happen: amazing update with big surprise, everyone happy again for few weeks OR update and 75% of players who don’t read these sites will enrage to such great extend that Belial flees the game.

  5. The login is not working, strange.

    My guess is the changes will be how damage dealt and damage mitigation are calculated, and that damage and resistance stats will be getting \nerfed\, but in reality they are actually being buffed.

  6. I assume that they

    1.) nerf classes/spells because they lower the overall game difficulty, especially inferno mode.

    2.) lower the game difficulty to make act 2/3/4 inferno accessible for everyone, especially the hardcore players, and to balance the game in preparation for the pvp patch.

    3.) lower the game difficulty to (re-)implement the “/players X” command, so that players have the option to play inferno easy mode oder super-hard. Both factions – casual and “pro” gamers – will be satisfied. Also, item drops can be increased by the solo players themselves by chosing a higher “/players X”.

    4.) lower the game difficulty to stimulate AH activity. Now that inferno becomes manageable, the HC (RM)AH might go live as well because the risk that you lose all your stuff has been reduced significantly. Also, pvp will bring a huge boost for the (RM)AH revenue stream (pay 2 win).

    PS: The incgamers login still won’t let me in, even with deleted cookies.

  7. since when has 1.05 been looming? other than the developer’s diary on crowd control skill changes, I haven’t read or heard of any news regarding a release date or any additional details. Other than a few references to “don’t worry, we’re actively looking into that!” here and there, there’s been nothing. Have I missed something?

  8. The CC changes is the best guess I’ve seen. Someone had a good example on Blizzard’s forums about how they could be nerfing the duration of class CC’s (e.g., blinding flash goes from 3.0 seconds to 2.5), but due to the increased susceptibility of all mobs to CC they’re also building in, the net result will still be all class cc’s are more powerful than they were before.

    Could be something else entirely, but I’d bet that the \nerfs\ will be to the individual CC skills.

    • We already know about the CC changes though, so that would be exactly what it looks like at face value. This warning is about something that will look bad until an upcoming blog post is made.

  9. Dont you dare touch my ww sprit barb, she is badass now with her new ik set and stone of jordan.

    So many people will quit the game if they nerf OP barb.

    • Would be nice if they nerfed the hyper farming builds.(WW barb, CM Wizard, ToC DH) followed by a buff to legendary/set drop rates.

  10. I told you so… Diablo 3 will be best version ever before Christmas 2012.

    Everyone else notices the open public games keep forming at 1K per night even in week days now.

    So long for the “this game is dying” threads.

    • “Diablo 3 will be best version ever before Christmas 2012”

      so, 7 months after its released it will be the best version ever ?

      lol, ok

      “Everyone else notices the open public games keep forming at 1K per night even in week days now”

      no, not here on the east coast, USA

  11. As a general rule, Blizzard games tend to get better over time. In fact, it can be very well argued that nearly every Blizzard title was quite bad at release and only became good with patches.

    • Subjective post…

      Starcraft 1 was better than Starcraft 2.
      WoW got stale a long time ago.
      Diablo 3 was a step back from the chaos theory that was Diablo 2 & the genius masterpiece that was Diablo 1. Sierra managed to improve on D1 with Hellfire, D2 was improved by LoD so only a Exp can save D3.

      General Rule is that Blizzard lose the plot on every franchise and are yet to redeem themselves on any of them.

  12. I think the fifteen or so people still playing after bl2 and tl2 are out a week from now will find a way to deal with it.

  13. “Blizzard has informed everyone” – Did Blizzard send a message to incgamers? I thought they ignore you…

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