Does Diablo III Need Variants?

Via his twitter, Bashiok replied in literal fashion to a fan who was (I think) asking a more metaphorical question about play styles and variant options. At any rate, I’m going to assume the fan was asking it in the larger sense, since that leads right into an issue I’ve been meaning to write up for you guys to debate. First, here’s the twittercourse:

How do I use a melee weapon as a Demon Hunter? –Plumbumbumm
Right click the weapon to equip it, or drag and drop. DHs can equip most 1h melee weapons. –Bashiok

As we’ve seen skills and runes change during Diablo III’s development, the issue of variants has been kicked around by the fans. Diablo 2 was notorious for supporting a wide-variety of variant builds, many of which weren’t exactly end game masters, but most of which at least provided some interesting variety for fans after a different play experience.

Thanks to the tremendous variety of items, weapons with +skills, customizable attributes, and the numerous skill options, every class in D2 could be played in “battle” style, with heavy armor and some sort of melee weapon. The reverse was also possible with Hammerdins and more creative options like “Singer” Barbs who used Warcries and equipped wands, and most classes could specialize in ranged weapons or throwing weapons as well, if they wanted an additional challenge.

Most of those options are not going to be available in D3, at least not at launch. Melee classes can’t use bows, there are no throwing weapons, no items have +skills or “oskill” bonuses (granting skills from another class), stats can’t be customized to make high strength Wizards or high Intelligence Barbs, etc. That said, D3 does have a wide variety of rune effects that grant some unusual effects to skills, and there are some passive skills that can enable some alternative builds.

Do you care, though? Do you think it should be possible to kick ass as a Battlemage, or a melee Demon Hunter (without infinite patience), or a Barb who relies on ranged attacks, etc? Or do you think those types of builds, ones that run counter to the central theme of the class archetypes, are out of place and/or unnecessary?

On the Other Hand…

When you look in any of our class forums and see the huge variety of quite sophisticated builds players have planned out in advance, you might conclude that D3 will actually have more variety of builds than D2 did. No, there probably won’t be so many odd variants that completely change the play style, but there should be a huge number of variations on common themes. Most wizards will be ranged spell casters, but while D2’s Sorc skill combos gave about half a dozen options for that type of build, D3’s skills and runes should give dozens more than that.

Also, there will be hundreds of narrowly-focused builds that do one or two things very well, while giving up other abilities. For instance, you can make a Wizard that’s invincible, or a stealth ninja Demon Hunter who can’t be caught (but can’t kill), or a dog-killer Witch Doctor, or a ranged Monk (maybe), or an Axe-Throwing Barbarian.

All of these builds are quite precise, demanding multiple skills and passives to create, but isn’t that the whole point, for players who are looking for an odd variant?

So I guess this article asks two questions, ultimately. 1) Do you want/need/care about variant builds, and 2) do you think Diablo III delivers them adequately, as they’re almost entirely from skills and passives, without requiring/allowing much difference in equipment, which is where most of D2’s variants got their ultimate power.

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60 thoughts on “Does Diablo III Need Variants?

  1. Bla Bla Bla, Flux D3 is going to rock your sox off! Chill out bro. Lets just meellooww and let the demons come on May the 15th and reck house! OOOOO Yeah!!!!!

    • Although that is very true, it’s hard not to speculate when a long awaited game is so near to opening :P. I can see what Flux is trying to say but it hard to know how much we will be able to do with the lack of end game items. Think about how Diablo was before runewords and after: totally different games almost…

    • I agree with Flux here. There is nothing wrong with a pre-game intelligent discussion. Might as well learn the game as much as we can before actually playing it rather than complaining and whining when the game comes out.

      On  topic, I do believe that D3 has more variety in D2. Builds in D2 require signature skills, like Zeal, Whirlwind, Berserk etc, and other “filler” skills. It felt that as long as you are getting the skill that you’ll be using, you’re choices are limited to those “filler” skills that you just take up becasue they are either prerequisites or synergies.

      But with D3, you can literally pick 6 skills at random and that build will be viable. What with that and the removal of passives as skills, rune choices and gems gives us an unbelievable amount of variants. Unlike in D2 with each class at least have 6-8 builds, the possibilities in D3 is endless.

      And about the fact that we cannot go too far from our class theme (i.e. Wizard still use ranged spells, Barbarians still melee), well, I guess that goes back to the old-age saying that “If you wanna do Y, go play X”. Blizzard intended for us to stick in our class roles. They want us to know that this guy is gonna melee or ranged as soon as we see his/her appearance. D3 isn’t about ‘What will this guy do?” but “How will he do it?”.

    • Mr Potato Head – it’s a topic for discussion not an opinion piece. He offers up the germs of ideas and readers’ run with it. Or not in your case. 🙄

  2. I think the question is meant differently. I had the same problem. You need to use your basic attack “skill” for melee weapons because all other skills need class-specific weapons. How do you select basic attack? I couldn’t find it in the skill window (not even in elective mode). I think the only way is to drag and drop an active skill out of the skill bar to change it “back” to basic attack. Needed some time to figure that one out. :\ They still have work to do!

    • Yeah, I’m fairly sure this is what the question was asking as well. Pretty sure it wasn’t a complicated meta-question about variant builds.

      • Yeah, but that’s no fun. Besides, it just points to another failure of the new skill UI: that you can’t leave basic attack on left click and that you’re forced to put a skill on the left click since you only have six hotkeys for six skills.

        This forces you to use the shift key a lot, lest you misclick and run towards something you only wanted to fire a skill at, or near.  It also limits the skills you can put on the left click, since if you select something with limited range, your char will stand still and cast spells instead of moving into range.

        • The skill UI is indeed quite awful, and I’ve posted about those limited-range skills in the official bug forums, but those issues don’t have a lot to do directly with variant builds.

          I do think it’s odd that you can’t bind “basic attack” to anything, though it won’t be an issue 95% of the time. 

          • I actually was able to bind basic attack to left mouse in beta, you just have to not bind a skill to it.  How you do that, is you take what’s in your left mouse and bind it to what’s in your right.  Since you can’t have the same skill twice this empties your left, so it defaults to basic attack if you don’t bind it. 
            Be that as it my, I still personally consider bash and Magic Missile to be “basic attacks”

  3. I’ve been thinking on this too Flux.  I think its all about the end game.  I’ve doing some modest experimenting with the DH and WD which will likely be my mainstays.  They are cool no doubt, but will take some creativity AS WELL AS skill in the endgame/inferno.  I did some supercore runs (3 other people in the game but doing it by myself) and its a little difficult to crowd control and kill effectively with any build combo.    Mind you, we have very limited options for twinks in the beta but i am a bit daunted by the prospect of that first NM playthrough and others should be as well.  

    I think  a big factor that sorc/zon/nec fans- if they are playing their D3 equivalent- are missing (imo) are that there are no really really good spamming attacks.  If anyone has any thoughts on this do share.  There is no go-to spam it till they die (AND they WILL die) skill/spell.  I think barb/monk have the advantage here.  Weaponry will obviously play a huge factor as well and we’ll just have to see how the economy/drop rates go.  I’ve got maybe 20 hours in the beta and i’ve gotten maybe around 8 rares. 

    In the end, this games seems moderately prepared to pickup where D2x left off.  It is too early to tell about goto builds vs niche builds imo.  There will be a learning curve.  

    Also, the in game etiquette seems lacking.  i know everyone is geeking like a kid in a candy shop but this random public game garbage sucks.  People don’t seem interested in playing together which i find weird because i thought at least one good thing about having a nation of WoWers in sanctuary would be the social/play together atmosphere.  Ive never played WoW but don’t you all team up and “guild” or “raid” or whatever it is?  I know Diablo is thunderdome, but for the first playthroughs and all, we would still co-op.  Oh well, I’ll have to buy some friends on the AH. :]


    • I agree with your sentiments about public games.. I think this is mostly due to the fact that the matchmaking still has issues.  The last few days I tried starting a new character in a public game and it kept putting me in games with people who were lvl 10+.. after about 10 tries I just gave up and played solo.
      I will likely be playing this game solo unless my friends are online.

    • I noticed this too. Join a game, people are all over the place, some don’t talk, some talk but are somwhere else…reminded me of some of the problems back in D2. I guess over time you’ll find some people who cater to your play style and stick with them, but the beginnings might be tough.

    • There is no social aspect in WoW anymore, apart from pre-existing guild relations. You can be mr anonyous all the way now. DIII uses the LFG / LFR style of match making. It is fast but there is no social interaction at all.

  4. I think one of the show-stoppers right now is the fact that auto-attack takes up a slot in the action bar. I think it would be fair if you could toggle between a skill and auto-attack on the LMB. You could put some long-duration skill/buff on the LMB, then switch when attacking. You get an “extra” skill that way, but I think that compensates for the weakness of auto-attack.

    I tried a melee wizard in the beta using diamond skin and frost nova. It worked, but losing a skill over auto-attack just seems like handicapping yourself too much.

    Different/odd builds, variant/theme builds are so much fun. I’m not the biggest fan of items that give you skills from other classes (i.e. zeal, werebear), but some item affixes in D2 allowed for unique builds in other ways, which I liked.

    Edit: That said, I’m not super worried about variety in D3 though. I think there will be a lot of unique builds. There’s a lot of unknowns in terms of skills and runes, not to mention item affixes. I think we will discover a lot of unique builds once we get the chance to test the skills in-game.

    • The same thing has bothered me since they put in the new skill UI. It’s stupid since it could be fixed in 1 second; just put in a 7th hotkey. Optional; you can use LMB and RMB 1234 if you like, but people who knew what they were doing and wanted to leave basic attack on LMB wouldn’t be gimping themselves. Or running into problems (literally) that come with having a targetable ranged attack on the LMB.

  5. You might wanna play the whole game first, before you start ripping on the lack of options. 

  6. I have to confess the entire last 10 years I’ve only played one or two classes through the entire Diablo II + expansion.  I’ve hadn’t had time to really experiment with all the other builds out there. 
    Although I feel for those who believe DIII will be restrictive to their game play experience, in my particular situation, I’ll probably never get to that point.  Even though I’ve really liked all the characters from experimenting with them in the beta, I’m sad to say I probably won’t even get around to playing all of them (to the end, at least) in reality!  Waaaa! -I know, but that’s kind of the reality of it.  🙂 
    -But I sure will try my best!
    Maybe I’m wrong, but why are we looking to Diablo to save all of our gaming needs?  There is also Torchlight II which actually looks pretty good -much, much better than it’s predecessor.  
    -And don’t forget about Grim Dawn, the game in development by several of Iron Lore’s previous development team (makers of Titan Quest).  They are specifically pandering to those hard-core gamers who really want to get into customizing different builds.
    Grim Dawn is on Kickstarter right now vying for extra funds for a few extra team members so they can finish the game faster.  After 6 days, they are already at half their goal!  Go support them!
    Each of these games will bring something different to the board -a variety I’m actually looking forward to.

    • I don’t spread myself between 12 games per season, it’s as simple as that. If I want Hack’N’Slash, I’ll play one..

      I also don’t find myself with much time to play two games. So it’s definatly a problem in that sense.

    • And Path of Exile.
      But since D3 costs at least three times as much as any of those, I can see why people feel they should get three times the gameplay out of it.

  7. I definitely think creative players will come up with viable alternate builds with the system as it stands.  When D2 came out, (and later LoD) who would have thought melee sorcereress’ and Singer barbs would be viable classes?  Once the mechanics of D3 in all difficulties is fully understood, there will be no shortage of creative builds.
    One of my biggest thrills in D2 was trying oddball combinations and I’m planning on repeating that with D3.

    • Agreed. The skill rune system is a different way of handling build variety than D2 – builds become much less dependant on having the right items to make them possible – but I don’t think that means there will necessarily be any less variety overall.

  8. let’s wait for the first exp pack. d2 lod gave d2 a completly new face… oskills, rws and all the stuff

    • Earlier on I thought the x-pack wouldn’t need to add skills. Now I think that, as far as improvements to the first two classes go, I think the x-pack should focus on adding previously restricted weapons and a few skills/passives specialized for them (melee for DH for example, ranged for barbs, etc.).

  9. there are many options in D3, DH for an example is very viable in meele even though he/she won’t need a meele weapon for it.
    Monk already has a few ranged attacks thanks to certain skills and runecombos.
    I don’t see those roles to be as limited as they were in D2.

  10. [quote]stats can’t be customized to make high strength Wizards or high Intelligence Barbs, etc[/quote]
    You mean people can’t stack stats from gear and gems to get the amounts they want?

  11. The demon hunter can’t use other weapons effectively because there is no meele specific skills for a demon hunter so why would you make a class that can use meele weapons but yet have no skills to support that ? This is why you fail, the logic is all ass backwards. Can we please rehire Blizzard North employees and have a do-over ?

  12. If we talk about builds – i would kill for possiblity to just save my builds and switch/exchange with other players by 1 mouse click – it would be so convenient. Setting it every time becouse i want to use diffrent build for diffrent encounter is just annoying ;f

  13. Why, Flux, do you so often rip this game with out due cause?  We KNOW there will be skill related item affixes in late game, also, when you say how many viable builds there were in D2 you say half a dozen – which in generous – and then say in D3 there may be Dozens – From my OWN expirience on the calculators I can tell you there are not Dozens of variations of Wizard builds – there are Hundreds.  And I’m not talking with slight tweaks – if you go there, there are thousands and thousands – I’m talking distinctly different feeling builds – there are hundreds.

    And mele oriented DHs and Wizards seem very possible / if not optimal – just like they should be.  Why always with the hate?  Ah ya.. for hits.  

    • I just read the article again…. did you only read the first couple of paragraphs and then TLDR scroll to comment? 

      D2’s variants were largely enabled through equipment and custom stats. D3 doesn’t have those options, as an intentional design choice. How is documenting that fact “ripping the game without due cause?”

      What D3 has (and it might be a much better system, which is what this article was suggesting debate over) are vastly more skills, active and passive, which allow fans to plan out very idiosyncratic and specialized builds. I actually think I prefer the D3 system; most odd variants in D2 were intentionally self-gimping, and meant more for fun than end game domination.

      D3’s varieties of skills and runes should mean that we’ll see dozens of viable end game builds per class, and hopefully not just cookie cutter overlaps, (D2s were different skills w/o changing the play style much, such as sorcs using firewall vs. meteor vs. blizzard) as the passives are different enough to require specialization.

      • You clearly missed diablo2 didnt have many things u mentioned in your article.. LOD added the most varies u were talking about. Remember Flux, i know u can 😛
        So stop the crying Flux and write better articles than this fail 😉

      • Hey Flux, you really need to read this Bnet thread: 

        I share this guy’s opinion at the moment, and would love to hear your counterpoints.  Sure he doesn’t address melee specifically, but I would argue that it’s always been something of a gimp build – just a matter of whether it’s a VIABLE one or not.  As long as it’s still viable in D3, all should be well.  

  14. We can’t jump to conclusion that D2 has more variation from items than D3.  Base on only thing we have now which is datamined info D3 problably has more than D2.  If you count silly build then I think I can create much more silly builds in D3 than D2 too.  

  15. Ah yes. Where is the opportunity to create unique builds in D3? Where are the o-skills that create for zealing   Barbarians? Where are the interesting chance to cast items that create for frozen orb spawning Assassins? Where is the opportunity to create a titan bear Sorc? Where is the opportunity to synergise a dream Paladin? Nowhere since D3 is a stale dumbed down and streamlined version of a Diablo game. Hell, the current game is even a stale version of D3 from a year ago.

    • Without the prevalent hacking and duping possibilities in D2, the high end Runewords would be extremely difficult to obtain, as in you would probably never see one.  That was their intent.  It was not intended that virtually any player could build any Runeword with relatively little effort.  So your point is moot.   

      • Your point is moot seeing that plenty of people, including me, selfmade these runewords without any hacking or duping, by playing the game for years, which is something people do when the game is interesting and captivating. (I see how that might be a problem with Diablo 3 though ;))
        If your point is that the rarity of these interesting builds made them somehow irrelevant to the quality of the game (which they don’t, but “IF” for arguments sake, just to give someone as moot as you a fighting chance), then the obvious solution is to decrease their rarity, and not to strip the game away from anything more then remotely interesting. Weird how that works huh, logic?

    • the extremely rare items that gave what many thought to be game BREAKING skills to other classes are not what made diablo 2 EXPANSION a diablo game.  you couldnt do that in diablo 1, and you couldnt do that in diablo 2 pre LOD.
      there are plenty of strange variants, a melee wizard is still possible.  plus i dont know if you noticed, the game has not been released yet.  could you see a ton of interesting and unique builds in diablo 2 before it was released? no you most certainly could not.
      compared to when diablo 2 was first released, diablo 3 has a TON more variants and playstyles.  if you can’t see that, then you’re just nitpicking and being short sighted.

  16. I’ll reserve judgment on this until after we’ve played D3 for awhile. What I can say is that oddball variant builds were my favorite part of D2. They fueled my item-hunting with my MF characters, and provided all of my fun the last few years I played. I will miss it if we can’t create truly off-the-wall stuff due to the restrictions they have in place, but I’m willing to be open minded that in the systems they have created there are corners and angles to find similar fun. We’ll see!

  17. Ya I think it’s impossible to complain about build variety in a game that hasn’t come out yet.
    It is kinda lame that classes can’t use certain types of weapons. Either blizzard made them that way for design reasons, or they decided not to because of the extra art & animation that would be involved in drawing every class using every possible weapon. They probably will add some more in the expansion.
    It does suck that basic attack takes up a skill slot, that’s like a whole extra handicap for trying to play battlemage. But at least every class does seem to have a couple of skills and (especially) passives that are designed for off-builds.
    If you think it would be tedious to play melee demon hunter because of having to use nothing but basic attack, umm…. ever played a warrior in D1? ah the rose-colored lenses

  18. I think Flux is just starting a topic.  There are too many people giving him a hard time for bringing up a topic to talk about.

    That being said after playing the demo for the first time since blizzcon, I am a little saddened by how they have done the skills.  You have to pick 1 primary and 1 secondary, and 1 from each other section to use.  I loved how beforehand you could pick any 7-8 skills (cant remember)  and be able to play with any of those. It made for many more choices.  Because what if I want to use 2 secondary skills and no primary skill, or 1 primary 2 secondary and none of the other sets.  Just seems like I am missing out on choices :/

    Lastly, I am sad that it does seem even since earlier builds to really take away from choices, autoattack is almost useless, skills are all given and lvl up with you so you don’t have to invest in skills, whether to pick fewer skills and make them stronger or pick more skills and them be more weak( Diablo 2)  and no putting points to stats, Bye bye caster barb 🙁

    The game was extremely fun, but From the first time I played the game in 2010, it has actually seemed to gone a little downhill 🙁  with less choices and customization.  But hey I will reserve my final judgement until I play through the whole game.

    p.s.  Hopefully they dont continue the trend of lowering customization and dumbing down the game.  That was the downfall of WOW that eventually turned it from an ok game to unplayable.

    p.p.s.  Just so everyone knows, I am being critical of Diablo 3 because I love the game, and I will be playing it and want it to be the best it can be. See you all in game. 

  19. Great point for discussion Flux.

    I think D3, as it is currently built, does not need more variants because basic attack has pretty much been phased out.

    BUT, I do think that there SHOULD be a larger emphasis on basic attack and more variants, to add to the overall depth of the game.  Something that seems to be lacking in D3.

    Putting my conspiracy hat on, maybe they lowered the number of weapon types equip-able by each class to increase the amount of RMAH transactions.

  20. hey guys,i have a question about WD normal attacks when you start from the scratch.I’m not D3 expert,so can you tell me how to use normal melee attacks with WD especially after  I hit lvl 3 and remove melee attack from the right button with skill grasp of death.I mean this one disappear and i didn’t find the way how can I turn it back. I just have these 2 abilities(poison dart/corpse spiders and grasp of death)and I can use only them nothing else.
    Pls,I want to hit monsters with my weapon ffs:D 

  21. It really looks to me that the original question was simply how to use a melee weapon, instead of a ranged one, on a DH. I haven’t tried doing so (only played WD, Monk & a little Wizard so far), but if it’s simply not possible then I think it’s kind of crummy. This may be intentional, however, and would simply be the way the game works. I LOVE DII, but this isn’t DII. We have to expect things to be at least somewhat different, especially mechanics-wise.

    I think many of us look back on DII’s skill/build diversity with rose-colored glasses. We remember that there were quite a few skills covering all those skill trees, and that’s fine. What we fail to remember is that for many builds, or sometimes ANY builds, there were entire swaths of skills that were useless. How many of us made sorcs that used anything out of the cold tree except Blizzard or Frozen Orb? Think about all the Zealot builds out there, and then think how all of the decent, effective ones tied you down to Zeal, an elemental aura, maybe Holy Shield, and then whatever synergies you could afford. That wasn’t diversity, folks; that was status quo. Not to mention so many builds were VERY item dependent, especially once you were in Hell. No Windforce? No good. Don’t have a Stormshield? Good luck with that megaawesomesauceWTFBBQ Palandin build. We’ll be dependent on gear for DIII, but so far it doesn’t look like it’s going to limit us to specific uniques or rune words (well, they don’t exactly exist anymore, either) in order for a good portion of our builds to work.
    I love DII. I still play DII. But it just wasn’t a diverse as we give it credit for. You could use any skill you wanted, but how many of them could effectively dispatch a quill rat in Act I – Hell? We’re not going to be tied down like that anymore with DIII. All attack skills are viable. All defensive skills have a use. In DII? Not so much. Ever try to use Ice Bolt as your main attack in Hell? No, you didn’t, because no amount of synergies or gear was going to make it useful. Therefore you never used it. 

  22. there is also the point that the original Diablo2 without expansion pack didn’t even have runes and runewords. And all of us expect an expansion pack für D3 as well.

  23. This is an interesting debate.  Here’s my take:
    D3 has a TON of normal customization.  You can rune things and come up with an astounding amount of combinations of skills.
    D2 had a bunch of strange options like Aura paladins with bows, wizards with weapons, and runewords that allowed characters to use skills from other classes.  These weren’t power classes, but they were hilarious and fun.
    I don’t know how it will turn out, but I wonder how many “silly” classes we’ll see in D3.

  24. I think a lot of the complaining around this entire issue is basically stupid.

    We are given 5 classes and a class based game revolved around your class doing a specific thing.  If it was a skill based game where you pick skills, then great, but that isn’t what we have here.

    Now do I care I can’t play a “Wizard wiho carries a two handed axe” ?  Not at all.  This is a level of experimentation that Diablo 2 wasnt designed for and just because it was allowed and some few people did it, doesn’t mean Diablo 3 needs to do it or it sucks because it doesn’t allow it.
    So as I said, I think the entire argument is a waste of time. 
    Whats next?  Complaining we can’t pick up a rifle and go to town on Diablo 3 with a RPG or a M16?  I think not. 

  25. I think Diablo 3 needs to be another game… the click-click-1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1-fest feels outdated. I don’t care much about the ludicrous story and bad acting, but everything feels \moderated\ and sanitized to the extreme, the music is shit and there’s no feeling of \strangeness\ or surprise whatsover.  Of course Diablo 2 was exactly the same thing, but its epic atmosphere, it’s \artistic weirdness\ (like it didn’t seem to be designed by robots and shareholders) made the whole thing enjoyable… for a while. Here I don’t see myself playing this thing more than a few hours without feeling retarded and ashamed of myself. The real problem is probably not even the game itself but some people’s (me included) expectations of it. Diablo I & II are masterpieces in their own way, maybe simply because there was something a bit sloppy and experimental in them…

    • I think you’re contradicting yourself. You can’t both complain that D3 feels “outdated” and then say it should be less, yknow… modern 😉
      No idea what you’re talking about with “artistic weirdness” in D2 btw… was a high-tech and VERY polished for the era in which it was released. D1 players voiced pretty much exactly the complaints that you’re voicing about D3 now :p Which are the same complaints every sequel in a well-loved franchise gets… and yet there will be sequels.
      Still, if what you really want is another game, there are plenty out there, as pointed out in an earlier thread. Torchlight 2, Path of Exile and Grim Dawn within the next few months (well, possibly longer in the case of GD).

  26. The reason this isn’t possible is because of removing the focus off of basic attack and moving it onto skills for all classes, in addition to removing the ability to dump all your skill points into what were essentially passive skills.

    And sure, barbarians could use bows in D2, but no one in their right mind would. The only classes that could really utilize bows were amazons (obviously) enchantresses (with 2 unique bows) and paladins, kind of.  Sure, anyone could equip them but they just gimped most people who would use them (Aside from 3chipped starting bows).  

    Regardless, putting the focus onto active skills is moving forward as far as game design goes.   

  27. You don’t need to have played D2 to understand this topic or have an opinion on it. There’s no need to draw on this experience. What is being said here is that there is a lack of variation in play styles of each character. But the real question is, is variation dependent on customization? There is a feel in the beta of an extreme lack of customization due to the limit as to how far you can go and what you can do in that time. It’s very very painful for those of us that want to just hammer into the game. Atm there is no customization in the game/beta, there’s just not enough in it to get a decent size bite of the game. It’s freak’n annoying the hell outta me but at least I know what the problem is and am willing to admit it. The beta does indeed suxoR! 😡

  28. Just dropping by to say thank you for posting my Axe-thrower build on the front page. Made me happy!

  29. there is an easy way to bind standard attack. Just extend the control config via gameplay options. Select one skill to left mouse button, now select the very same skill to the right mouse button and voila left mouse button is standard attack.

  30. variants are important to me, it is now some of the most fun I have playing diablo 2.  It is hard for me to say what it will be like in Diablo 3 since we only unlock a little bit of skills and rune system.  Though, I will miss variants on gear, but I can’t really say until I get all the skills and see all the types of stats on gear.

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