A fan feeling nostalgic for Diablo 2’s more popular cheat piped up in the Battle.net forums today and drew some mild blue condemnation.

    Does anyone else miss maphack?

    …I do fondly remember using MH on D2. I never bothered using Pindlebot or the autopick up programs- but MH made my runs so much more efficient and reasonable (read as “fun”).
    Vaeflare: Using the type of programs or “hacks” you mentioned could potentially violate our Diablo III Exploitation Policy. I highly encourage you to check it out and familiarize yourself with it, because players found to be in violation of it may have their accounts actioned.

    I wasn’t even going to news this one, but after reading it I started wondering if it would even matter. Even assuming you were going to use some Maphack-like feature cheat in Diablo 3, would it make any real difference? My initial thought was no, since MH was useful in D2 since everything was about runs, and players were forever dashing through multiple levels of the Worldstone Keep or the Durance of Hate or the Forgotten Tower (Cellar), just to get to the lowest level and kill Meph or Baal or the Countess. And since Diablo 2 levels were random, and regular bosses along the way weren’t really worth the trouble, anything that let players find the stairs more quickly was a competitive advantage.

    Compared to that, using a hack to find the stairs in Diablo 3 would be kind of pointless, since (aside from initial leveling up) you’re never really rushing to find the end of a dungeon. You’re generally touring through them to wipe out all the randomly-distributed random boss packs, and to do that you’ve got to pretty well explore the whole thing.

    …And then I remembered that later versions of maphack showed not just the map, but all of the random elements on it, including the locations of monsters, and bosses, and shrines, etc. And of course that would be very useful for D3 item hunters, since you could just rush instantly to the bosses, find the keywardens quickly, etc.

    Personally, I’m glad we don’t have that in D3, since I enjoy playing and exploring and feeling like there’s some actual challenge and luck and fun to finding what I’m after. Searching the entire damn Fields of Misery and running into a pack of Champion Beasts with Vortex, Arcane, Fast, Molten (or something like that) for the Keywarden can make the level live up to its name, but when I do find finally find the Keybastard and split his purple goaty corpse open for the goodies inside, it’s a feeling of accomplishment and fun. And games when he’s right by the waypoint, or when I run the correct direction and find him quickly, feel like a bonus.

    If every single game was like that, and I could always avoid all the other bosses, or avoid bosses with nasty mods (by reading them on the map), and always find the keywardens instantly, I think that would get boring very quickly. Like playing on godmode, where all the running on the wheel is eliminated and it’s just non-stop food pellets. Others may disagree though, and that’s what comments are for.

    If there was some sort of MH-like tool built into the game, would you want it to be there? Would you use it? It’s kind of hard to answer those questions independently, since if it was in the game most players would feel “forced” to use it just to keep up with everyone else. So you might be glad it’s not there just since you’d be unable to resist it if it was. Thoughts?

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