What do you really know of the supporting characters of Diablo I, Diablo II and the (possible) characters of Diablo III? If you can’t be bothered to read up on the DiabloWikitimeline, sample a few of the newly added personalities inhabiting the world of DiabloWikiSanctuary: Right here on DiabloWiki.Net.

    There are a lot of different characters related to the Diablo universe. The “main” ones of course including DiabloWikiDiablo himself, his brothers, DiabloWikiDeckard Cain and the player characters! We also have cast from minor to major added from the games, novels and the DiabloWikimanuals.

    After going through the cast from Diablo II, one of the most interesting characters I found was ironically DiabloWikiOrmus – the crazy mage from Act III. At a quick glance, hejust looks crazy, but he seems to have a very complicated past indeed!

    Besides Ormus, you probably have a decent check on most game characters, but just in case you can check up on them here, together with some characters from the novels. Some we know more about than others, and if you come across any tidbits about them, make sure to add it to the articles yourself!

    In case you have missed out on the first Diablo game, take a quick peek of the Diablo I NPCs.

    While Diablo II of course has significantly more to offer in terms of NPCs and other characters, you should take a peek at the following recently updated ones:

    Plenty of other characters can be found in the Characters category in DiabloWiki, and we also recommend a peek at the rumoured Diablo 3 NPCs.

    This is but a small focus of updates in the wiki from the past weeks and you can see many more in the recent updates. This could not have been done without the diligent work of all us community members, including DiabloWikiHolyknight3000, Tarage, WildKard, Bullzeye, Asteria, Vipermagi, Butch Audacity and Kriesel! A heartfelt THANK YOU from everyone interested in Diablo!

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