A fan offered some survey questions and got replied from one of the Blizzard CMs.

    1.) When you farm? Do you clear everything or run and find champions?
    Grimiku: I kill everything I find while I am out hunting. I like to kill stuff. A lot.

    2.) Do you open up normal chests, bodies, barrels, ect?
    I smash anything and everything that can be smashed but only open normal containers if they are right in front of me.

    3.) Do you pick up all gold or leave smaller stack sizes to rot?
    Gold will only get me to back track if it is a shiny enough pile, but in general I try to vacuum everything. Sanctuary has enough problems of its own and doesn’t need my litter after all.

    How about it? Do you guys kill normal monsters? Obviously the question isn’t meant literally, since you can’t help it. Every class in D3 uses a ton of AoE attacks, and since normal monsters have so much less life than bosses, there’s no way to avoid wiping them out when they get mixed in with the bosses during the *real* battles. So the question is more about stopping or at least pausing to kill them even when there’s not a boss there, and they’re not blocking your progress.

    Personally, I don’t kill *everything* but I do kill most normal monsters and destructibles, and I grab all the gold in my path or in stacks large enough to bother with. That random crawling torso at the edge of the screen with a stack of 17 gold by him, though? Not so much.

    Speaking of killing normal monsters, I have personally observed the same thing I’ve heard from a lot of players; that a surprising number of legendary/set items drop from normal enemies. Green/orange items are rare uncommon enough in D3 that I remember most of my finds, and as best I recall, the last three I found were all from normal monsters. One came from the swarm of Cultists you find just inside Leoric’s Manor, and I’ve actually gotten two legendaries from the swarm of Ghouls right at the end of Leoric’s jail level; the ones that scramble over the wall to block your exit after you’ve killed the DiabloWikiWarden and serve mostly to give you a free massacre bonus on your way down to Level Three.

    The most recent Legendary I saw was actually on the PTR, and it was found from those ghouls, by a level 19 Demon Hunter who had about 4% Magic Find. (Yes, you can hit level 19 in Act One, without twinked +exp stuff, without doing full clears, while playing on Monster Power 10. And it’s so fun.) Before you click the thumb, remember that it’s the Inferno-level legendaries that are all improved in recent patches. The lower level stuff is pretty much still um… yeah.

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