Do You Kill Normal Monsters?

A fan offered some survey questions and got replied from one of the Blizzard CMs.

1.) When you farm? Do you clear everything or run and find champions?
Grimiku: I kill everything I find while I am out hunting. I like to kill stuff. A lot.

2.) Do you open up normal chests, bodies, barrels, ect?
I smash anything and everything that can be smashed but only open normal containers if they are right in front of me.

3.) Do you pick up all gold or leave smaller stack sizes to rot?
Gold will only get me to back track if it is a shiny enough pile, but in general I try to vacuum everything. Sanctuary has enough problems of its own and doesn’t need my litter after all.

How about it? Do you guys kill normal monsters? Obviously the question isn’t meant literally, since you can’t help it. Every class in D3 uses a ton of AoE attacks, and since normal monsters have so much less life than bosses, there’s no way to avoid wiping them out when they get mixed in with the bosses during the *real* battles. So the question is more about stopping or at least pausing to kill them even when there’s not a boss there, and they’re not blocking your progress.

Personally, I don’t kill *everything* but I do kill most normal monsters and destructibles, and I grab all the gold in my path or in stacks large enough to bother with. That random crawling torso at the edge of the screen with a stack of 17 gold by him, though? Not so much.

Speaking of killing normal monsters, I have personally observed the same thing I’ve heard from a lot of players; that a surprising number of legendary/set items drop from normal enemies. Green/orange items are rare uncommon enough in D3 that I remember most of my finds, and as best I recall, the last three I found were all from normal monsters. One came from the swarm of Cultists you find just inside Leoric’s Manor, and I’ve actually gotten two legendaries from the swarm of Ghouls right at the end of Leoric’s jail level; the ones that scramble over the wall to block your exit after you’ve killed the DiabloWikiWarden and serve mostly to give you a free massacre bonus on your way down to Level Three.

The most recent Legendary I saw was actually on the PTR, and it was found from those ghouls, by a level 19 Demon Hunter who had about 4% Magic Find. (Yes, you can hit level 19 in Act One, without twinked +exp stuff, without doing full clears, while playing on Monster Power 10. And it’s so fun.) Before you click the thumb, remember that it’s the Inferno-level legendaries that are all improved in recent patches. The lower level stuff is pretty much still um… yeah.

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57 thoughts on “Do You Kill Normal Monsters?

  1. I got at least half of all my legendaries and set items off normal enemies, so yes: I kill normal monsters.

      • The drop rates on the real servers are also not modified by the AHs, must be nice wearing that tinfoil hat, eh?

        • except they made drop rates how they are in the first place, based on the fact that there is an AH. why else would i play for almost 400 hours and see 5 legendaries?

      • You should add a smiley or something so your joke is a bit more obvious, because it almost seems like you’re serious.

    • I got handful of legendary. Drops come from Chests side quest bosses, chests, act main boss, secret easter eggs, random events, and white trash.

      Stead flow of loot which helps me move on to the next level/act. I am only 78 so there is a long way to go still and more loot to come.

      Yep that’s Torchlight 2 for you – can’t stop playing.

  2. will kill everything, backtrack to what i missed after killing act boss, and squeezing what exp i can out of an act before leaving

    will pick up all gold, even it is 1 gold, but i will be complaining why with my gf% i am getting just 1 gold on inferno and screaming how fraud it is.

    I will open any container too.

    hey, i am poor. and If i want the cool items i need to work for my gold.

    i will sell/nuke everything. (except white and grey)

    • it IS fraud!!! if a monster drops 1 gold in inferno, and you have over 100% gold find, you SHOULD NOT GET ONLY ONE GOLD!

      • Perhaps there are fractional gold drops, so that monster would usually have popped .25% of a gold, and gotten rounded down?

  3. So the chance to find legendary is the same in Act I and III? I thought it grow quite similar to chance for yellows changes between acts. Of course you will clean Act I way faster.

  4. I kill whites if they happen to me on my way or if there’s a large enough pack of them that the exp will be worth it.

    Interestingly, I’ve recently noticed that white chests seem to drop rares about 1/5-1/3 of the time, which makes it worth opening them if they’re on my way anyway.

  5. why not make Act bosses (butcher, azmodan etc etc) and mid act bosses (magda, siege breaker, Mr R from act 4, etc etc etc) have a 20% increase to legendary/set drop.

    • Pretty sure there’s already at least 100% more chances on those, but regardless since the chances are so low it’s more about killing a lot of them that matters, and it’s always going to be whites you kill the most.

      Since launch I found around 50 legendarys, I believe none from an act or mid act boss, 10 or less from rare/champions. Most from whites and a lot from containers and especially weapon racks (was bummed when they removed mf on containers, but I still dropped a few legendarys from then afterwards anyways).
      My guess is most of the people who really haven’t found at least a legendary per 10 hours of inferno farming (with at least some MF of course though) probably missed at least a few that dropped from white monsters in a moment when they didn’t expect any good drops.
      With 1.05 and the big orange laser, as well as the improved drop chance, those people will feel like legendarys are raining 😀

      • I’m gonna say that there is no way the chance for a boss to drop legendary/set is 100% of normal monsters or normal elites. I think it is exactly the same chance as any other elite

    • Remember before release when Blizzard always said “most players never got past normal difficulty in D2” so they really wanted to focus on fun for lower levels? I wish they actually listened to themselves.

    • Yes, it’s junk, even for late Act One. But note that it’s level 5 req. If you actually had it at level 5, it would be the best belt you could put on! While still sucking.

      The problem is D3’s item progression system, where everything is designed to be obsolete at most 8 or 10 levels later. So what’s good at level 5 is junk by level 12 or 14. Thus you never find any uniques that stand out in quality or stats until the end game. (If then.)

      That’s a decent system of progression for blue and yellow items, but it sucks for legendary stuff, which should be head and shoulders above other comparable level items. Or at least offer mods random rares can not. Or both.

  6. My friends and I load up Act 3 Inferno, follow our champion route, and kill everything. Not to say the champions don’t drop sets/legendaries, but more often it’s the normal monsters that have dropped the set/legendary. I keep what’s on the ground refreshed all the time, especially if we separate a bit. Don’t want to miss anything that dropped. And a lot of times, the green/brown’ish item is on the ground while still fighting the champions.

  7. 193,000 normal monsters killed, 2 of them dropped legendaries.

    Let’s just say I’ve stopped going out of my way to kill them.

    • 218358 Lifetime Kills
      14387 Elite Kills
      12 Set/Legendary

      By your logic, we all should just quit.

      • yes, we should

        his logic is correct

        your post does nothing to prove him incorrect
        it only strengthens his argument

        for me: zero set items, two legendaries; but I only have 7000 elite kills; so hey, maybe if I kill another 7000 elites I can be like you and get 10 more legendary items

        one legendary per 700 elite kills ?
        can’t wait for the increased drop rates

        • For the record, I agree that we should all quit and demand our money back to show Blizzard what we think of the pathetic drop rates. 218K kills and 12, 12! set/legendary drops. That is freaking ridiculous, and not Diablo. I don’t know what D3 is, but when I paid my money I thought I was buying a Diablo game.

        • And the “doubled the drop rate”…. whoohooo 24 set/legendary items for every 218K kills… still a bunch of BS. Taking the current 1.0.4 drop rate and multiplying it by 100 would still be ridiculously low compared to D2.

          • Whining or not, the set/legendary drop rates are terrible. And doubled set/legendary drop rates are still going to terrible.

          • 268160 monsters killed

            13121 elites killed

            around 50 legendarys/sets dropped.

            Almost all farming done in inferno with at least 200% mf. As an old D2 player it seemed obvious to me to start the game by building up a character to do mf runs with. Never used gear swapping, nor any exploit farming, most was act 1 inferno farm (got my own list of places to clean, then ending with the warden and butcher).

            I don’t consider myself lucky (mostly because out of 50 items, only 1 was actually worth a lot of gold, granted I found most before 1.0.4) seeing how my friends have all had better luck.

          • If you were playing D2, your 50 count would be 5000, or more. Yes, it would be a lot of repeats and trash not worth picking up, and trades for a few pgems, but you could use the pgems to get something you need, and top of this there would be the outright upgrades, either by finding something you could directly use or directly trade for something that you could use. What is more, even if you bad luck and didn’t get much of anything useful, you would still SEE the set and legendary items dropping on a regular basis, letting you know it’s only a matter of time before you WILL get something.

            This is what is missing from D3.

  8. I joined a game last night with this barb that just ran by all the whites. It was the worst game I have ever been in. I always kill whatever I see and I will never understand this skip mentality. I break almost nothing when using my barb but all other classes I break pretty much everything I see. I will open every single chest I see but that will probably change once I get the achievement for opening them(less than 100 to go).

    To date I have only received 1 legendary item from an elite, zero from bosses, and everything else came from white mobs. they kill quick and its fun killing them so why skip? So I can rush to the next elite and get 3-4 more worthless rare items?

  9. I kill everything on the map, open every chest, click everything with even the slightest chance to drop anything. I also used to smash every breakable but finally managed to break the habit.
    Like others have said, most of my legendary items come from trash mobs and one even dropped from a white chest.
    They only times I skip stuff is if I’m trying to get a specific achievement that requires a lot of attempts, like the Ancient Device…

  10. Depends on what your goals are. For efficient farming choose areas with a lot of guaranteed elites and good white monster density – kill the big groups but ignore the stray monsters.

    Consider fatigue as a factor. When you do 100% clears it can be very slow and daunting and while it’s true that you can find a great legendary hidden away in some corner it’s also true that by limiting your games to faster-paced more interesting runs you can easily end up killing more monsters and elites than you would otherwise.

    Never forget the RNG can be cruel or generous you just have to keep playing and having fun, not become fixated on the idea of finding a legendary. I’ve had days and weeks without legendaries. I’ve also had a Keep 2 clear that yielded 3 legendaries and another run that gave me 2 Stormshields about 5 minutes apart.

  11. I kill most of everything. I won’t run back for 5 minutes to get to a side hallway that I know doesn’t have the dungeon exit. In general, I find it more fun to keep moving as opposed to clearing every corner of every room, so I clear a room at a time until I find the exit, then take the exit.

    I’ve found 2 set items and a couple dozen or so legendaries. One of the sets was from an event chest (the bile gorger iron maiden guy in halls of agony), and at least one legendary was from a plain white chest. So if I see a chest, I open it.

  12. 200h+ played, 3 legendarys… 1 from a white pack, 2 from bosses, none of which I used… at all.

  13. 160+ hours and 4k elite kills, I run with capped mf in a3 with my monk. Seen 20+ legendaries and not one of them sold for more than 1mil. An andys with 157 dex :s is the only self-found I’m wearing. Found two set pieces – nat’s cloak went for 80mil and inna’s belt went for 20. Almost all of these were either from trash mobs or clickables. I recall ghom dropping a legendary and another few from elites though.
    What I don’t understand is people getting obsessed with legendaries when we all know they are most likely to be crap and worth less than 1mil. Recently found an amulet with str, vit, loh, crit dam and allres. Rares can be good too, they can be awesome.
    Are set drop rates 1/10th of legendary drop rates or what? Those are almost guaranteed big money.

      • So set drops are so few because at each ilvl there are many more legendaries than set legendaries and they all have an equal chance to drop? I have absolutely no idea about this, just guessing.

        • In essence, yes. For example in act 3, you can get items from 51 (maybe 52?) to 63. There are legendaries for every ilvl in that mix, whereas set items are only 63. Crudely stated, you’re already 10x as likely to get a nonset item compared to a set lengedary. Also, set items have intrinsic value as they count towards set bonuses, regardless of the roll; unlike nonset legendaries, which are valued directly from how they roll.

          Tl;dr: the average set item will always be rarer and more valuable than the average nonset legendary.

          • Yep. Found a set belt a couple of days ago. In my opinion, the belt is complete crap. For one, every belt I have on each of my 5 level 60’s is better. And two, filtering the AH to belts with the stats it rolled, at best you will get 5k, assuming anyone would actually buy it. But yet since it’s a set piece, if you filter the AH to that belt with the rolled stats, the belt is there several times at 2 mil a pop, going up from there… and the rolls on mine are better than the entries at 2 mil.

            Now, can this belt be bought cheaper, yes, there are tons of entries on the AH in the 200K range, but these are really terrible. The semi-decent belt I have, which I think is crap, is 2 mil. This belt with good stats or even awesome stats is going to cost 12 to 20 mil, or 50+ mil, respectively. The price range and randomness of the set pieces is kind of ridiculous. For now, I’m hanging on to my crappy belt. The set pieces are too hard to find and I have another piece of the same set which isn’t so crappy. If I happen to come across additional pieces of the same set, and the pieces come out awesome, with the set bonuses involved, the belt might actually turn out to be of some use. Only time will tell.

  14. Yup, normal mobs dropped some legendaries before, and I got my only set item from a chest before 1.0.3, so yeah.

  15. 13 Legendaries found to date. 3 of them came from Elites. The other 10 came from White mobs or Destructibles. So yes, I kill/break everything.

  16. Just thinking, would you want to skip elites and kill trash only? With capped mf the NV stack isn’t too huge to let go and the runs will be a lot faster. Supply of rares would dry up but you still get some from bosses and trash/clickables. Too weird or downright impractical?

      • In addition to the 75% XP gain, 5 NV stacks “guarantee” 1 or 2 rares from every champ/boss drop. Doing anything without 5 NV stacks just isn’t work it.

      • It does put you above the cap. With 100 paragon, monster power 10 and 5 NV you’d have 300+250+75 = 625 MF
        Then you’d start to get legendaries regularly I believe 😉 I believe maxing monster power will be the hardest part about this, especially as you can get some extra MF from your follower and some of your equipment towards the 300 paragon MF.

  17. I kill 95% of all mobs nowadays, with quite high MF (250% buffed I believe?) I get quite a lot of rares from normal mobs, and I do get loads of paragon exp which is the main reason. Normal mobs die insanely fast for my monk anyway, so they do not really slow me down that much.

  18. Flux, still coming out with that write up of M10?

    Also, wouldn’t it be cool if low legendaries were worth a shit?

    • Even if they were useful, finding them would require running the difficulty level that can drop them. Currently, Inferno does not drop anything less than iLvl 51 or 52, 52 I think. And starting in 1.0.5, nothing below iLvl 58 or 59 will drop in Inferno, 58 I think.

  19. I kill everything. I open up everything. I vacuum up everything. I explore everything.

    I’m only recently just weaning myself off of not picking up whites and grays. I do generally pick up everything and then when the bags are full I’ll turf out the grays/whites and continue on. I just have that OCD thing going on with these types of games.

  20. I don’t kill normal mobs, I don’t pick up gold, I don’t kill elites. I have the best gear in all slots you can get and have no reason to play d3 till 1.05 comes out on the production servers. I’m not wasting my time beta testing on PTR where my main character can’t keep what I find and use it in PvP.

  21. I kill everything. Leave nothing alive is how I like to play. I to have had the majority of my few legendary items drop from white monsters, and my 1 set item from a golden chest. I did have a Radiant star Emerald plan drop in the Keep from a rare pack a few nights ago, which was only the second jeweler plan I have found. I usually break every barrell and open every chest, as back in the D2 days, the majority of my HRs came from stashes and chests. I know the methodical way is not the fastest clear method, but I enjoy it much more. My main farming character is a Wiz with a kite build and 37k damage, so I can’t just mow down everything in my way. If I could get a better weapon and up that damage to over 50K I could be able to clear in a more reasonable amount of time.

    There was a previous post calling somebody out on relating drop rates to the AH. If you don’t see the correlation between the 2 by now, I feel sorry for you. There is no way the two are not interconnected.

  22. I like to kill everything I see and open the chests I find. Found a couple of legendaries and most of them came from white mobs, only a few from elites, even though the legendaries are very low level. I found one with a new monk I created, the one that creates a fallen champion to fight at your side. Not verypowerfull item, but fun to use.

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