Some sales figures for Starcraft 2 are beginning to emerge and they’re impressive. The game sold 1.5m copies worldwide in the first 24 48 hours, (stores + digital downloads),  and 721,000 copies in US stores in July (after launching on July 27th), more than any console game sold during the entire month. In fact, Blizzard held the top 5 spots in PC game sales for the last week of July, with SC2 and SC2:CE at #1 and #2.

    Sales proved front-loaded though, since Starcraft 2 dropped to 4th on the charts in its second week. Also note that the last WoW expansion sold 2.8m copies in its first 24 hours, though RPGs sell much more than RTS titles; SC2 was the best selling RTS launch ever.

    Blizzard hasn’t revealed any overall sales figures yet, so we can’t compare the game’s actual performance to the estimates of it earning $350m during the first year. That article estimated 2.5m unit sales in the US/EU during 2010, with about 50% coming from digital downloads, and given that every Blizzard game seems to remain in the top sellers for months (and years) after their release, SC2’s will surely continue to add up.

    We’ve kicked around this topic in the past, in regards to all time first day sales. Most of the commenters on that post didn’t think it was feasible that any PC-only game could threaten the current record (Modern Warfare’s 4.7m in 24 hours), and that logic seems reinforced by SC2’s sales. Will D3 outsell SC2, though? Most people seem to think so; RPGs sell more than Strategy titles, and the Diablo fanbase is larger than Starcraft’s, at least outside of Korea.

    So do you guys think D3 sell about the same? A little more? A lot more? Or are we all drinking our own Kool-Aid and D3’s (presumably PC-only) launch won’t even reach the heights of SC2?

    Update: Note that the sales figures thus far include essentially ZERO sales from Korea, since almost everyone in Korea is playing on the free trial. In 30 or 90 days when they all have to start paying to play, there will be a huge surge of sales, plus monthly fees forever. At least that’s what Blizzard’s hoping.

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