Earlier today Lylirra posted an interesting image on twitter from the soon to be DiabloWikiGamescom 2013 booth for Diablo 3. At first glance you see the console message and maybe you shift to something else. However I think it might be alluding to what we may be seeing quite soon.


    The first thing I saw when I looked at this was the sickles. Who do we know is a fan of sickles? DiabloWikiMalthael of course! Does it seem odd that they would be so prominently displayed for a game he wasn’t even in? It would seem weird to promote the console version with weapons of a character who wasn’t seen. Mathael has been talked about at length as a possible villain for the expansions (one discussed in our most recent podcast) and if he isn’t the big bad he’s definitely in it.  Take a look at the rest of the weapons; the sword looks much like what Tyrael used in D3 and the weapon on the far right like a spear, maybe perhaps the spear of DiabloWikiImperius?  Weapons of the angels we may have to take down in the expansion?

    You can also see on the doorway the image of Imperius striking down a demon. Again while Imperious was a story point in D3 I would argue he wasn’t as large of a player as we thought he would be. However, here he is at a major game convention taking center stage. Which then begs the question what is shown on the wall we don’t see? What do you think of the booth? Speculation for speculation sake or true hints at the d3 xpac?

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