Another cool game info tidbit came out today, courtesy of the Diablo twitter feed.

    Disintegrate has some surprising behaviors when you put runestones into it.—Diablo

    DiabloWikiRunestones appears to be the new/final/official name for DiabloWikiSkill Runes. We don’t know the correct name for all the runestones now, since their third (that we know of) name change to colors/minerals, but we do know what all five effect types are. The current (final?) names are: Crimson, Indigo, Obsidian, Golden, Alabaster, of which only Indigo is known (used to be Hydra, which was originally multistrike.) Since the 5 effects are known, let’s apply that to DiabloWikiDisintegrate, one of the cooler DiabloWikiWizard Skills.

    There’s the +Damage rune (Power) and the lower cost rune (Energy). Those seem pretty obvious.

    The Lethality/Viper rune adds DiabloWikicritical effects, which also seems straight forward in this instance. Critical hits from arcane damage = big damage + “silence targets for 4 seconds.”

    The Indigo Rune (formerly multistrike/hydra) “tends to multiply effects, splits projectiles or bigger radiuses,” to quote Jay Wilson. Sounds like you’d get multiple beams of Disintegrate, which would be amazingly powerful against mobs, as good as even a single beam of this skill is at hitting multiple targets, instantly, from any distance.

    The final rune effect is the weird rune, the wild card. As Jay Wilson described it, “our grab bag for anything unusual we want to stick on.” And that one you’d hope would live up to today’s Tweet, since after all… it’s supposed to be surprising! That said, the tweet says “surprising behaviors.” As in more than one. So of the other four, which might be different than the obvious? Perhaps the Indigo Rune works like the D2 Amazon Lightning Fury skill? Creating multiple beams, but radiating out from each target? So you’d hit one monster, and then two beams would come out of it, and then two more from each monster those hit, etc. With the number increasing with higher quality Runestones?

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