Disabled Witch Doctor Mechanics on the PTR: Too Powerful?

Disabled Witch Doctor Mechanics on the PTR: Too Powerful?

news-wd-too-powerfulBlizzard posted news that some of the Witch Doctor’s (most powerful) mechanics are currently disabled in the giant new patch. Disabled Witch Doctor Mechanics on the PTR: Too Powerful?

Disabled Mechanics – August 6

As some of you might have noticed already, we’ve disabled a few mechanics in the most recent PTR build. These changes are temporary and were implemented in order to address some active bugs associated with these mechanics.

We are currently working to address active PTR bugs with the following mechanics:

  • DiabloWikiCarnevil‘s Legendary ability
    • Legendary Affix: Your Fetishes shoot a Poison Dart every time you do.
  • DiabloWikiFierce Loyalty (Witch Doctor passive)
    • You can have 1 additional Zombie Dog summoned at one time. While you have a Zombie Dog, Gargantuan, or Fetish following you and not in combat, your movement speed is increased by 30%.
  • DiabloWikiBane of the Powerful (Legendary Gem)
    • Gain 30% increased damage for 20 seconds after killing an elite pack.

As a result, these mechanics have been temporarily disabled in the most recent PTR build. Witch Doctors, please note that you will still be able to equip Carnevil; however, the mask will not cause Fetishes to shoot poison darts when the player does. Similarly, Fierce Loyalty will continue to provide your hero an extra Zombie Dog, but all other conferred bonuses will not be available.

Again, these are only temporary changes. We are looking to re-enable all three mechanics in the next PTR build.

I added to the blue with bullets explaining what each of those items/skills does. They’re not quite related, but obviously center on pet damage stuffs and boosts from Elite killing. Some related patch changes:

  • Fetishes spawned by DiabloWikiThe Gidbinn should now work with the Fierce Loyalty passive and Carnevil’s Legendary Power
  • Poison Dart: Flaming Dart — Weapon damage increased from 425% to 565% over 4 seconds.
  • Legendary Gem: DiabloWikiEnforcer, Has been redesigned
    • Increases the damage of your pets by 25% (Previously boosted pet critical damage.)

Carnevil is an interesting case, since I’ve heard WD players complain about it… that it’s too good! That the power of adding a Poison Dart to every Fetish makes it so strong that any other WD helm/build feels inadequate. Poison Dart in general didn’t get a damage buff in this patch, but the other changes were increasing synergies between various effects and the WD’s fetishes. Blizzard says these features are disabled due to bugs, but it seems to me they would all have made WDs with Fetishes hugely more powerful.

So maybe this “temporary disabled” is mostly about making some adjustments to keep WD pets from being incredibly powerful in this patch, since players would have howled next patch when those super abilities got nerfed? Any expert WDs want to weigh in on the comments, I’m sure the rest of us would appreciate it.

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5 thoughts on “Disabled Witch Doctor Mechanics on the PTR: Too Powerful?

  1. I've never used Carnevil (since I've never found it) but I always assumed it's power was limited by the fact that you couldn't wear Mask of Jeram to boost the damage of all those darts.

  2. I played a lot with Carnevil and very much like the idea. The problem is that you need a way to sustain your fetishes, which I did not have. So I had to spend to much time proccing fetishes instead of shooting darts. I also did not go all out ias to be able to proc fetishes while shooting darts, but I doubt that would work well enough for me.

  3. I used the Carnevil for months until I found the Mask of Jeram/Grin Reaper, those 2 masks are far more powerful. Carnevil is good until t3-4 but then since your fetishes are now not looking mobs up in melee, you are forced to use mob control attacks, like addling toads. I also used a woj wrap and pestilence, but ultimately the stopping power of 15 fetishes in melee at 98% moj dmg with 50% T&T buff and a load of +elemental physical destroyed mobs far more quickly, also not using zuni meant I could use my serpent mojo for 30% damage reduction and 750 vit! So I gained half a million dmg and 2 million toughness plus 30% dmg reduction just by swapping from zuni carnevil, to fetish sycophant MoJ with serpent mojo.

    I have 2.08 attack speed, but this was less beneficial than T&T as this boosted their innate attack speed by 50% compared to the fetishes attack at my animation speed and NOT locking up mobs in melee.

    I truly believe it is bugs, because when I read it I though grin reaper was going to be listed… (hundreds of spider queens, corpse bombs, addling toads and mass confusions for free… crazy.)

  4. Still playing a firebuild with Fetish Army main skill only, supplemented by an five part Tall Man's Finger Zombie Dog. My only Carnevil's still rotting unused on a mule, until I'll be leveling up another WD to play around with different skill/gear setups. Though no experiences available to share. But if the boost to effectivity was this huge before, then I'd assume a mixup with both poison dart powering and fetishes boosting elementals being at work at the same time there.

    Logically, Poison Darts shot by Fetishes should still imho be synergized according to poison darts element only, while only melee fetishes should benefit from collecting their respective elemental affixes on gear worn. Both being boosted by the element of chosen Fetish rune or passive only may not be in sound logic, but would be a good and reliable definition eliminating the possibility for unwanted amplifying interactions to begin with, though. (I could live with that, as long as elemental affix interdependencies under influence of legendary ones are communicated clearly.)

  5. Silverfang, that IS the case, the melee attacks are of the fetishes elemental type, the poison darts benefit from poison elemental bonus and poison dart skill bonus, they fire darts “as your WD” in effectiveness.

    In the ptr whatever the bug(s)are, it is not because the carnevil is overpowered, etc. It must be due to real bugs affecting game mechanics of those items/skills and boosting/impairing their effectiveness incorrectly.

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