We are getting reports in that the Blizzard Live Feed supplied by DirectTV is not functioning properly.  We too are in the same boat and can not get the account we paid for to work.  When they began broadcasting and people logged on to watch they are being greeted with a message “Your account has expired. Please repurchase”.

    We have been in touch with DirecTV support but as yet still have received no reply.

    Update: We subscribed a second time only to get to view it for 20 minutes, then it turned off and said “your subscription has now expired”.  So $100 for 20 mins viewing so far.  They are not responding to any support and there is no phone number for anyone out of the US.

    I’m beginning to think DirecTV are a bunch of sharks. WWI streamed for free with no problems.  To say I’m pissed off is an understatement.

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