Diablo 3 Direct Control on Consoles Feels Better Says Jay

I firmly sit in the camp of Diablo 3 being a PC game and a console version will end up being a bastardised version of the original. However, Jay Wilson is convinced that using direct control with a console joypad such as a 360 controller feels even better adding ‘Oh this feels even better, with direct control…’. The biggest drawback with the console is the lack of keyboard but it has been successful in games such as Torchlight.

Now we know that Blizzard are ‘investigating’ the PS3 version of the game and if Jay’s comments are anything to go by it looks like things could be panning out rather well for a console version because the controls would be one of the major hurdles. Still, we all know the PC version will be superior right?

To demonstrate this, a user has uploaded a video to Youtube showing the Beta being played with a PS3 controller. Look easy to you? Not to me.

Thanks IncGamers and Mads Hagbarth Lund.


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  1. And I bet it’s even harder to use skills, select targets, pick up items, socket items, etc.

  2. I’m not interested in playing on a console but I would consider playing it on an iPad 2 or similar tablet.  before you dismiss it – a tablet would be great for D3. 1 finger taps for left mouse, 2 finger taps for right mouse. other skills can be bound to the screen where the bar is and you tap the onscreen button for that skill.  The iPad 2 is more powerful than an xbox 360 and with wifi you have online connectivity. Being able to take your tablet over to a friends for some online play would be awesome! seriously, this would be a much better experience than driving your character around with a controller

  3. Of course he’s going to say that. It’s a sold game on PC, it’s the console version of Diablo 3  they are needing to convince people to buy.  He’s hardly likely to say it ‘feels quite good’.  I’m sure it works perfectly adequately with a controller however but it’ll never be better than a mouse and keyboard because there just isn’t the versatility there.  I have both consoles but if a game is released on PC and a console I always go for the PC version. Every time.  I only get a console game if the developer doesn’t offer the option.

  4. I look forward to wearing out at least 7 mice and 2 keyboards on D3.  That is all.
    P.S.This is RyTEK (since the site is FUBARed right now!)

  5. While I am an Apple fan, and I think the iPad 2 is a phenomenal device; it has nowhere near a console’s capabilities. I don’t think you quite grasp how many cores a full fledged video card on a console or in a pc has, and how much they contribute to performance; compared to the measly 2 cores of a tablet.

    While I do agree that a tablet based UI/control schele could work; that is, with a good amount of inovation from the developer (read: not using on-screen faux thumbpads); I dont think we are at the point where a tablet can run a technically high-end game like D3.

    Correct me if I’m wrong!

    • You’re not wrong – the polygon power of the iPad2 falls way behind a 360 or PS3, or a desktop with a three- or four-year-old graphics card.

      But the iPad2 does have the chops to push 30 fps 3D IF the code is extremely well-written and IF you are talking about the iPad’s 1024×768 screen – see Rage on the App Store for an example of just how good a 3D game can look on the device.

      I disagree strongly with the idea that D3 is a “technically high-end game”; in fact, it is a long way from cutting-edge in terms of its 3D requirements. I think it is definitely possible to get it running on the iPad. It would have the same amount of graphics effects as the “Low” setting on a computer, sure, but that is to be expected.

      Having said all that, there is no way that D3 will appear in the App Store – Blizzard likes to update and patch their games frequently and seamlessly from within the game itself. The App Store expressly prohibits apps from doing that (you can update content, in some cases, but not code). All (code) updates to App Store titles must only be published to the App Store itself, and there are no exceptions to that blanket rule.

  6. Movement on the consoles is usually fine. Its obvious this is why they have changed how u use skills instead of mapping keys to change left and right click.
    Aiming at specific things on consoles is total crap though. Pc is always better.

    And for Ipad, wtf NO, thats just an allround bad idea, would be difficuilt as hell to use and likely run like complete rubbish. stupid gimmic toys lol

  7. I drooled over the free zoom. Wish it was in the official game. Not for gameplay purposes obviously, but I bet most environments look even more marvelous when seen from further away. New Tristram looked awesome!

  8. I’m wondering why the mechanics of the ps3 controller allowed him to zoom in and out so far? That looked pretty awesome to see pretty much the whole of tristram in one frame.

    edit. lol themeros just got in before me

  9. call me an idiot if you disagree, but, i think the game will work on consoles, and i think the reason is because they have been designing D3 with consoles in mind, all the way through. the controls are now set out with a full hotbar, no more spamming potions, no more rapid town portals. its going like a “hold L2 and use the right analogue stick to select your spell” so i think the jump from pc to console is minimal now, and i am serious when i say i think it has been planned all the way through.
    in theory, D2 control layout was good for the game, yeah the added hotbar is gonna help, but they have removed all the time consuming parts of a game that console users hate. therefore making it a console users dream.
    this is strictly my own opinon, but it does seem a bit weird that they are talking about console in such a strange way now

  10. OMFG that zoom out looks INCREDIBLE! God damn I know Blizz won’t include a zoom out like that since it would result in seeing edges of the game cut off (since it was not designed to be seen that far away).. but MAN I hope I can mod D3 to do that.. wow.

  11. Rushster I know you’re trying to prove your point but this movie shows nothing. Its completely worthless and for all we know keys could be mapped differently For example: move&turn on left stick, left trigger to stop. this way you leave another stick for things like showing where to cast spells. To me it doesn’t look that difficult either, if he had also mapped skills to different buttons it could be fun. Mouse&keyboard is a superior controller but there are times when I’d rather play FPS on a console rather than PC, fun is fun.

    Saying that I’d never buy any Blizzard game on console though, they have a limited lifetime, they fail often and don’t guarantee backwards compatibility. I can easily imagine a scenario when in a few years PS4 comes along, PS3 used to play Diablo 3 dies but since PS4 is not backwards compatible I’d have to buy an outdated console just to play one game on it and I tend to play Blizz games easily over 10 years+. With PC I’m covered since I know I’ll have one in 15-20 years and can still play.

  12. the moment they release D3 on the ps3 I’ll hit the amazon-order button. I dont have my laptop connected to my (soon to be bought) 42 inch tv, but my (soon cheaply to be bought) PS3 will be.

  13. Yeah, agree with ya flux that it will be a bastard version. However this video is
    a) made by a fan
    b) not made by blizzard so it doesn’t have the bliz quality and testing.
    The thing though is, it will inherently be bad because, you cant click where you want to shoot/throw projectiles, or target effectively. You’d have to have some sort of targeting system (think zelda64) and that would be a pain. even still aoe you’d have to have a launcher ui or something.

    Lest we not forget the amazing reaction time with Keyboard and mice vs controller.

    PS3 Diablo 3, could work in theory, but it would be a casual game only, a harder to control casual game. And I don’t think any self-respecting person who’s played Diablo 2 at all would choose one. Unless your comp is crap, or a craptop.

  14. It may be easier to control if u had 6 fingers in both hands,i.e. 4 for L1,L2,R1,R2, 1 for arrow keys, 2 for left/right joypads, 3 to hold the controller and 1 to switch control stat/select, 1 to control right side 4 buttons…. is it fun to control? I doubt it. It’s wired that you have to use 2 joypads, 4 arrow keys with 2 buttons to replace the mouse in order to play in a console.

  15. That’s what my friends and I have talked about recently. The zoom seems to be to close, even at its furthest away. We kinda get a claustrophobic feeling watching the beta. Even a small adjustment would go a long way.

  16. I’m fine with it on the ps3. I just hope that the right analog stick controls your camera and zooming. In the video it looked like they made it just rotate the character for no reason, which disturbs me.

  17. Hacking the client is illegal, so ban him and give me access!

  18. The biggest concern is them curbing the difficulty to appease console mechanics. I want to use my avoidance spells in the nick of time to get away from a deadly boss move, or gain a strategic advantage. I can’t see how a joystick could be quick as a flick of my mouse to launch a Leap Attack at a caster that is blasting away at me. I want them to design the game with fighting complexity that compliments the mouse and keyboard. You just can’t get the same actions per minute from a controller, especially if you have to take your thumb off one joystick to hit a button(considering all shoulder buttons are taken up).
    I’d be fine with them creating a separate version for console to milk the most out of D3, and let’s be honest, that is all this is. They certainly aren’t trying to achieve gaming excellence by porting something from PC to console. If they are so gun-ho for the console market, they should make their mark with a new and separate IP.

  19. “Feels better” my ass! “Feels better” for movement, yes. For the entire game? Whoa-ho-ho-ho there. Anyone who agrees with the latter is a moron. I’m not being ad hominem, just stating a fact.

  20. “To demonstrate this, a user has uploaded a video to Youtube showing the Beta being played with a PS3 controller. Look easy to you? Not to me.”

    So now playing hardcore is only really gonna be hardcore playing on a PS3!

  21. the only games i enjoy on console are racing games. and ninja gaiden.

  22. Yeah camera is fine. No diff than d2 than the awesome ability to zoom. Any farther and it would look like an RTS. (diablocraft lolwut?)

  23. I can’t be convinced until seeing spell targeting and item collecting down in a not gouge-my-eyes-out way.

  24. The UI is not even tailored for the use of a controller in that video, why bother even showing this ?

  25. I personaly question the validity of this entire footage.
    There are too many things “wrong” with it to be real.

    No NPC Speach (i.e. the old man just above the town center)
    No NPC characters at the gate
    No enemies after the “barier”
    The zoom function (although that would be awsome, if not that far though)

    It looks like an incredibly creative deception.

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