One of the nastier issues with 1.0.3 (don’t try to top that in the comments please. kthx) is starting the game but being locked into a level cap of 13. This is because the Digital Download basically starts you off on the Starter Edition which comes with that restriction. After 72 hours your game becomes the full version and you can play on.

    This is however working as intended as it’s a precautionary measure as explained by Kaltonis:

    Outside of the issue that we fixed, digital purchases do require a review period before they kick over from Starter to Full editions. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is a necessary step to combat fraud and other malicious activities that can weaken everyone’s play experience.

    The delay is no longer than three days, and is often much quicker than that. Hang tight. 🙂

    If it goes on longer you can contact customer support.

    Update: Useful tip from the comments, which might help. If you’re locked up on this and you change your account password, it will allegedly refresh your account and free you to play normally.

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