Different Diablo 3 Graphics Settings Comparison Video

fludDAstud who has been busy streaming his beta adventures posted an interesting HD video in our forums earlier which will be of huge interest to players who may get on the Beta and are concerned about their gaming rig’s performance.

In this video fludDAstud swaps around the graphics setting from lowest to highest to illustrate how the game looks depending on what you select. Well worth a watch if you want to see the difference.

Update: The video’s creator visited the comments to this post and shared with us a screenshot showing side-by-side-by-side comparisons of the three graphics levels and the associated video options. Click it to see it much, much larger.

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66 thoughts on “Different Diablo 3 Graphics Settings Comparison Video

  1. Frankly, the three settings have very few differences… I couldn’t even tell Low from Medium. High had better lighting but… yeah.

  2. low didnt look bad except the lack of shadows.

    one thing i noticed in sc2 is i get the exact same framerate reguardless of what resolution im running. it might go up or down a tiny bit, but nothing really noticeable. 1080 ill get 50 fps with max settings, 720 itll be about the same. im wondering if itll be the same with d3

  3. I didn’t see a huge difference either..but did you guys notice the slight chopiness when he clicked for movement? At first I figured it was the Beta servers, but if you watch the video it seems that it’s only choppy during the low/medium gfx tests. Input?

    • Perhaps the momentary choppiness after changing the graphics options is caused by the game loading lower res textures, models etc? It only seems to last a couple of seconds.

  4. I enjoy seeing visual changes, but my choice will depend on the actual speed of the game on my machine.

    BTW*  What is that gaseous zombie walking ability?  So epic.

      • It is, and that one has been much improved since Biizzcon showings. The zombie wasn’t green then, more of an orange/yellow, and it turned to gas so quickly you couldn’t see the details, other than kind of the legs. Just looked like a sort of gas cloud.

    • This. If you’re using a 580 GTX, it’s going to look good no matter what setting you put it on for numerous reasons. If you’re using an 9600, then it’s a world of difference.

      • Since I can’t edit:

        This isn’t to sound ungrateful or to insult the video at all. It’s still really cool that he took time out of the day to do this for everyone in the community, and I give him two big thumbs up for doing so.

      • Yeah, thats a lot of bull$#@@ lol
        Your hardware determines how fast it will run at higher settings.
        The video settings in game determine what it looks like.

        • Ok…

          To put it simply:

          The game files determine what the game looks like. The rendering engine in your hardware determines just how good it looks, or how well it is displayed.

  5. Do the screen sizes, or what you can see, actually reduce in size as the quality goes down? Thats a major blow if so.

    • Mr Man, no your screen will be filled regardless of what screen resolution you run. But at a lower resolution your screen will be filled with less pixels of the game = less details.

      • Cool, I was definitely guessing that was the case, anyone know why when it moves from the medium settings to high settings in this video the screen gets larger and from the same relative position you can see the extra side bits that were black in the previous settings?

        • Wow, I didn’t even notice that. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the quality settings, though. They must have selected the widescreen option between shooting the medium and high quality videos.

  6. Also, I think I read someplace that they are hoping to make some additional adjustments to support DX11 and AA.  I suspect that will make a big difference in settings as well.

  7. What the freacking hell!!! Just release the damned game for crist sake! What kind of occidental torture is this????

  8. I agree with Risingred. Depends on your videocard, the higher ends won’t make as much difference. If you have a gtx 430 or less playing on low settings you will notice a difference 🙂

  9. I’m sure the changes will be more noticeable with the actual release. Its hilarious how bad the lowest setting looks in SC2

  10. he has AA forced through his drivers, so they look a little better than if AA were not forced. 

    check the comments on youtube (you can also see it yourself if you look closely)

  11. Is that everything including buffers and anti-aliasing? I noticed I can have all my textures and shadows on high, med, or low. But there are certain settings I can’t access. This is just from looking at the options on menu and not actual gameplay.

  12. I’m fairly certain that they won’t support anything above DirectX 9.0c (like the beta is using at the moment). Blizzard has never used any of the latest tech in their games, and they are just pushing for a release now, and the engine programmers should be busy with optimising every part of the engine and adding AA.

    So if you are holding your breath for DX10 or 11 support in Diablo III, then you will probably suffocate :(.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love DX11, AA, and higher resolution on the ingame models and textures, but I think it looks great as is, and I think that Blizzard won’t do anything more for the graphics than adding AA (as seen in the options menu) and optimising.

    • The way they have implemented their shading/shadowing techniques is the reason why FSAA does not work within DX9. It is also why they are working to add DX11 support by the time the game ships (which is also why the option is already in the beta menu in the first place). DX9 is simply too limited nowadays.

      Bashiok even states in a blue post: “We’re hoping to have time to get some DX11 support, mainly to allow us to get FSAA in.”

    • False.  World of Warcraft has a DirectX 11 mode which improves image quality (especially water textures and reflections) and seems to boost performance on the same card by ~20%+
      In another post I have linked to the tomshardware comparison of WoW DX9 vs DX11.

  13. Ugh. The dog is inside the WD’s leg in the end. 

    The graphics are not that good. Especially the animations.

    • Having collision with your pets would pretty much render the WD useless.  Imaging having to constantly run around your dogs/zombies/spiders etc.

      • lol, yeah a bit like the necro before any patch came out. I never played D2 online and back when it came out I had no internet and so it took a very long time to get access to a patch.

        The number of times I remember getting stuck because of all my skellies blocked my passage under lok golen sewers lol…. ya, it’s pretty essential they no collision detection.

  14. press button, you win. pay to win. dumbed down gameplay. streamlining. wow graphics. repetition. crap lore lines. designed to addict weak minded people. this game is such garbage it the borders the unbelievable.
    i am truly sorry for all you guys.

    • i agree with most of what you say.

      is it just me or have a lot of tidbits released in the past year disappointed only me? i’ll admit if the gameplay is fun, i’ll still buy the game, just not immediately when it’s released, only when it’s cheapish

    • I’m pretty sure every video game ever has repititive mechanics and involve pushing buttons to win… and of course you pay to buy the game to play and eventually win… not only this but the nature of action rpgs makes it so their gameplay is not that complex and as for the graphics… compare wow’s 10 year old engine side by side with this and tell me those are the same graphcis because if you still think so then, you must be legally blind… most of your points are moot… the others are just opinions and nerd raging…

        • Yeah, I made a post about the missing downvote button when it first happened and accepted the reason why it was removed. However I have reconsidered after watching the news posts and I think without it people who have ill considered and generally negative outlooks have their posts recommended by the few who support their views. However the silent majority who would before have downvoted the comment so they got the idea that their views aren’t appreciated dont always have the stamina or need to counterpost everytime. This leads to a more negatively skewed range of comments. my2cents 😉

    • Downvote.  Point by point (why do I feed the troll?):
      Press button to win is most evident in first person shooters, not ARPGs. It is 2011, microtransactions are here to stay and will be the mainstream within 5 years. “Dumbed down gameplay” is just repeats your first point.  Streamlining is bad… lets make this game a clusterf***, that would be a MUCH better idea. I have played WoW since 2007 and I still don’t understand the graphical comparison as been a one-to-one… more like a one-off.  Repetition is why we are buying this game, to wear out our cheap Microsoft mouses within the first month of slaying demons 🙂  Lore is MUCH improved over D1 and D2 and finally does the series justice (especially if you look at the leaked DB dump).  The weak mind tears down, the strong mind builds up.

  15. I think in some instances the CPU will also have an effect on rendering too. If there are some complex rendering number crunching that needs to be done that the gcard cant do (or doesn’t have a function for), then the results will need to be done by the CPU.

  16. Anyone else notice that the templar’s voice is the exact same as that weapon maker npc that wanted you to help him kill that cultist guy in the 2010 blizzcon gameplay videos… Blizzard really needs to get some more variety in their voice actors…

  17. hey everyone, thanks for checking out the video….I am in the process of putting together some true HD 1080p videos right now so expect them on my youtube channel

    I will post on here a link to a photo that has all the different resolutions and such side by side and underneath fit in the actual settings for you to see

  18. Not really on topic, but apparently you can report “Real life Threat” via a right click menu 🙂  as well as report name and report spam.
    and here i though d3 was anonymous 🙂

  19. I think the PSAA is something tied to graphics, I tried to turn it on in main menu settings but couldn’t. I have access to everything else that is shown with high settings, and my card is on the med list! I don’t plan on having shadows on high, there is a medium setting. I hope I don’t have to turn it down for multi-player or pvp.

    Hint: when I started up the menu for the first time the settings were made for me. Should I just stick to those?

  20. so the only difference between the lowest and highest of those screens are a little more glow on the weapon and a little more grass painted on the ground?
    wo-ho.. way to get the max out of the hardware! was hoping for atleast 3 times as many polygons in the environment, buildings and statues and so

  21. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it. But each time he reduces the video stuff from high –> medium —> low, he is also reducing his screen size. Is it possible to keep it at 1920×1080 and put it on low. I bet it would look like shit then.

  22. Again, it is a higher rated card and the differences are minimal. Try using a low end “acceptable” video card for Diablo 3 and compare it to this video card. That will definitely give a better outlook on what people should buy.

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