Dial-in Authenticator Removed

Some news to note if you are using the dial-in authenticator, not to be confused with the mobile authenticator.

Please note that we have removed the Dial-in Authenticator from our Battle.net security options. If you’re currently using the Dial-in Authenticator, it will continue to work normally until August 15, 2012, at which point we’ll be removing it from any accounts that have it attached.

If you’re not already taking advantage of one of the Battle.net security measures listed below, we strongly encourage you to select the option most convenient to you:

Battle.net Authenticator
Battle.net Mobile Authenticator

We also offer Battle.net SMS Protect, which can be used alone or stacked with one of the options above for an even greater level of protection.

If you’re currently using the Dial-in Authenticator and want to add any of these security options before August 15, you’ll first need to remove the Dial-In Authenticator from your account by following the instructions listed here.

We’re fully committed to account security, but please keep in mind that it’s ultimately a team effort. While making use of the available security options can go a long way in helping to protect your characters and items, it’s also important to be aware of the other things you can do to help ensure your account is as secure as possible. Review our Account and Computer Securityarticle for more

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    9 thoughts on “Dial-in Authenticator Removed

    1. Took them long enough to remove this half-assed security measure. Should never have been labeled an “authenticator” when they knew it wouldn’t do the proper job; the D3 account hacking drama soon after launch says it all.

    2. In before all the conspiracy theorists saying this is so they can make more money by forcing everyone to buy an authenticator.

    3. This is just a conspiracy so they can make more money by forcing everyone to buy an authenticator.

    4. The SMS protect is not available on my carrier which sucks and I had issues with the mobile authenticator so yeah right now my account is not secure becuase of issues that are out of my control.

    5. I would love to use a physical authenticator. If only Blizzard had enough competence to deliver one to me, instead of canceling my order, with no reason given, one month after I received the “Item Shipped” email. I guess I should just be happy that I got my $6.50 back.

        • Do not give blizzard one cent for something that should be free. I guilt tripped one of their CSR people into sending me a free one (and I specifically told them I wanted the diablo 3 version, and I got it).


          As consumers we should not tolerate being nickel and dimed by companies that otherwise don’t give a damn about you. If you’ve been their customer for any length of time your loyalty has to count for something, demand to be served properly.

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