For the hoard!

    For the hoard!

    Though the name sounds like a WoW clan, the Diabolic Hoard is actually a new mega-chest added to Diablo 3 in Patch 2.3. These giant blue-tinted chests appear (after the boss’ death) only in a few special boss levels, and only when those bosses are featured as a Bounty.

    The Hoards were incredibly impressive early in v2.3 on PTR with the +2000% legendary drop rate, since they would fountain about a dozen legendary items each time. Literally, I’m talking 12+ legendary items each time, plus stacks of gold and gems. Even with that inflated drop rate, it was worth it to hit that one bounty in each act, since no other way could you collect such a slew of legs so quickly. (Plus the boss would usually drop 2 or 3 legs as well.)

    Now that drop rates are back to normal, the Diabolic Hoards are spitting out mostly blue and yellow items, plus gems and gold, with only an occasional legendary to spice things up. They’re basically a triple sized golden chest, and are mostly useful as a source of yellow and blue materials, if you’ve got room to fill your inventory with salvage trash. The utility of these chests fades as you progress in levels, but they are extremely helpful right at the start of a season, when players need materials for crafting.

    Click through for a list of which bosses get one of these chests when they roll as a bounty.

    Where and When

    There is, at most, one Diabolic Hoard chest in each Act. I’ve never *not* seen one per act in Patch 2.3 in Acts 1, 2, 3, and 5. (There’s never more than one per act in the same game.) Usually Act 4 has one also, but I have seen two games where none of the five bounties in A4 were Diabolic Horde eligible. Note that these chests are *only* found when the boss is a bounty in that game. If you go to that area when the boss is not a bounty, you can kill the boss, but you will not find one of these huge chests.

    Valid bosses where Diabolic Hoards may be found.

  • Act One: Skeleton King, Queen Araneae, The Butcher.
  • Act Two: Maghda, Zoltan Kulle, Belial.
  • Act Three: Ghom, Siegebreaker, Cydaea, Azmodan.
  • Act Four: Rakanoth, Diablo. (I’ve not yet seen Rakanoth, but commenter says he has.)
  • Act Five: Maghda, Malthael. (Maybe also Urzael? I’ve never seen him yet as a bounty.)
  • The chests are basically a novelty once you’re well-geared and have materials, but these are amazing resources early in the season, offering enough rares to upgrade almost every item slot for an untwinked character. Plus, with crafting now the best way to obtain weapons in the early going, the materials from one of these chests make a huge difference to a low level character. Mark them in your mind for the launch of Season Four.

    Diabolic Hoard: Diablo 3’s new Mega-Chests:

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