DiabloWiki Watch #67: Archives and Rewrites

DiabloWiki Watch at DiabloWiki.NetLots more new pages and major page updates in DiabloWiki.net, as the ever-changing game demands frequent content rewrites.

During the course of Diablo III’s development, we’ve seen quite a few features removed or postponed until the DiabloWikiexpansion. Things like DiabloWikiCharms and the DiabloWikiTalisman were shelved long ago, but in recent weeks, as the devs actually seem to be trying to make a (publicly unstated) release date, the list of “you didn’t really want that anyway” features has been growing rapidly.

A handy place to see all such removed features and systems is in the Archive category; most of the nearly 200 such articles are for old skills and DiabloWikitraits, but recent additions include amber-frozen articles that the DiabloWikiMystic, the DiabloWikiScroll of Reforging, the DiabloWikiCauldron of Jordan, the DiabloWikiStone of Recall, and the DiabloWikiNephalem Cube.

Many of the basic info articles have been reworked and updated, with total rewrites for lots of systems that will probably change again before release, such as DiabloWikiSkills, DiabloWikiPassive skills, the DiabloWikiActive Skill Slot, the DiabloWikiPassive Skill Slot, DiabloWikiShared skills, DiabloWikiPage of Training, and many others.

Other updates to pages that cover general info and may actually not require yet another a complete revision pre-launch include: DiabloWikiMaximum players, DiabloWikiTown Portal, DiabloWikiMultiplayer, DiabloWikiCooperative play, and more.

Personally, I’ll be glad once they release this damn game and all the features are set in stone, never again to be changed whatsoever! Wait… what?

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14 thoughts on “DiabloWiki Watch #67: Archives and Rewrites

      • You gotta be kidding, dude. For amount of time they had/have, all that things should have be done and somehow balanced.

        • Easier said then done… and that is the problem! you think Blizzard can do all those stuff just because they have a longer development time but you nor me know what they are doing, and that’s a fact. You are a just blurring out shit so you gotta be kidding, dude.

    • Nearly all those things listed were removed because they either didn’t work with a new system (stone of recall) or it just wasn’t working as intended (items that made it so you didn’t have to go into town). The only thing I miss at all is the charms/talisman. Everything else, the game was better for losing.

  1. Im still pissed that I have to have an ONLINE ONLY connection to play a SINGLE PLAYER game because, seriously who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have NO CHAT in a MULTIPLAYER game. Fuck YOU! FUCK YOU BLIZZARD! 👿

    • I’m glad I won’t have to read all the ****ed up public chat from ****ed people all the time in my future addicted game.
      What’s wrong with online only..? SC2 is doing fine, maybe you should move to a more wealthy country.

  2. From Bashiok’s Twitter Chat thing, it sounds like the Halls of the Dead feature for hardcore players is not in, and may not be a release feature.

    • Sad but true. I actually meant to update that article and mention it in this news item, but didn’t get around to it yet.

  3. Blizzard is doing their work wrong, they need to feed the crowd with some solid updates!!
    All thous cut-outs really hurt their image and all the expectations are crashing.

    Give me something to hype with!!

  4. Blizzard continues to dumb things down, just like everyone else. Technology is supposed to give us the option to make things more complex and interesting, not less complex and easier. Where is the challenge now, the variety, the spice of life?!
    Take SWG for example, the game came out in like 2002 and it was 10x more complex and looks pretty similar minus some new lighting effects to SWTOR. SWG crafting was more complex and in depth, you could own and decorate a house, put bounty’s on peoples heads, free fly combat around the galaxy etc. Now it’s a guided battle through space, everything is not nearly as customizable, and it’s cartoony. 
    Now Blizzard is going to give us this game that’s SO easy a 5 year old could play it.

  5. Things being cut from development aren’t anything new. I know it’s painful. But there were a lot of things that were cut from Diablo 2 and never made it in. Guild Halls, The Steeg Stone, Arenas. I remember those being hinted at.

    Then we have things that apparently were planned for the original release but made it in later. Like Jewels (it’s been ages so I could be wrong. But I swear I heard they were originally planned for the base game) and they didn’t really add much to the game. I know no one likes seeing things cut from a product but I have a feeling we’ll see a lot of these things added in content patches and not an expansion.

    I know people here hate on World of Warcraft. But if they use the model of content patching as they do in WoW to keep D3 up to date and interesting I doubt we’ll have much to worry about.

  6. This is a sad, sad list. They always said they were eliminating things because “trust us, we’ve been testing the game and it’s better without this in the game or better with this system over that one”. But then I look at stuff like the picture of the Talisman and I think… Man, that looks really cool. I want to find crazy stuff like eyeballs and teeth that make me stronger.

    I’m going to miss stat points and skill points, charms, enchantments, pages of training, scrolls of companion, the nep cube, the cauldron of jordan, boss death animations and the mystic. I know they may be added in later in an expansion, but in the meantime, it’s hard to take their word for it that D3 is a better game without them

  7. If this article took 15 minutes or more to be writen, probably something was changed in D3. Better check. 😛

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