DiabloWiki Watch #66: Skill Rune Effects, Scrolls, and B.net Additions

DiabloWiki Watch at DiabloWiki.NetWith all the recent game changes, we’ve been busily updating numerous pages in the DiabloWiki. The process is ongoing, and we hope to have all the new features (and removed features) updated by this weekend. But with so many big and ongoing changes, we wanted to share some of the changes.

Some of the most useful pages now being updated are the DiabloWikiSkill Rune effects pages for every skill. These collect all of the videos of each skill rune effect, along with screenshots and stats, giving a handy one-stop-shop to see all the rune effects in a given skill. Obviously these will be much expanded come release, when the effects are finalized and we can get full stats for everything, but they’re useful even now. Check out the DiabloWikiPoison Dart rune effects article for a taste of what’s to come.

DiabloWikiTown Portals have led us a merry chase throughout Diablo 3’s development. There were town portal scrolls, then no town portals of any kind, then the Stone of Recall, and now we’re back to Town Portals, except they don’t actually create a portal, and they’re cast directly from the interface. See the article for all the chronological details, with numerous blue quotes that explained exactly why TPs had to be removed, and then had to be returned. (Like good politicians, the D3 Team were for it before they were against it before they were for it.)

Other DiabloWikiscrolls have had no less turbulent a development cycle, and now that there are no scrolls in the game (for now), you might want to refresh your memory about the scrolls of wealth, companion, greed, reforging, identify, and more.

Another ever-evolving feature are DiabloWikiTool tips. Initially they were detailed because players shouldn’t have to alt-tab out of the game to read wiki info on skills, then they were shorter, and then they were “simplified” because noobs don’t like words. You can see the history of this feature, plus numerous screenshots of tooltips over time, in the article.

DiabloWikiRandomization is a core feature of Diablo III, and the different ways that dungeons can be formed in the game is one of the key reasons for Diablo 1 and Diablo 2’s endless replayability. Surface areas are not (very) randomized in Diablo 3, but dungeons still are, and you can see some great screenshots (thanks to RisingRed) that show off numerous possible level layouts in this article.

We’ve added bunch of completely new articles that cover the various recently-revealed updates and improvements to Battle.net. These include DiabloWikiReal Money Trading, the DiabloWikiAuction house, DiabloWikiRegion lock, DiabloWikiCooperative play, the Mark of the Least AKA DiabloWikiBattleTag, the HC graveyard-styled DiabloWikiHalls_of_the_Dead, Bobby Bucks AKA the DiabloWikiBattle.net Balance, and the DiabloWikiFriends List.

That outta get you caught up on some things for now, and we’ll have many more additional wiki updates coming soon. If you’d like to help out on the editing and page creation, check out the pages needed thread in the wiki forum to find things to do, or to suggest others that have become outdated.

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  1. To all who asked “why are companions gone? :(”

    See this picture? That’s why.

    • Well it’s not like you’d ever see that in the game. :p

      That screenshot actually took a while to create. I had to track down every model ID.

    • Meh… they could’ve just taken out the pig, rabbit, and chicken and called it good… but oh well…

      • But the pig, rabbit, and chicken were the fun ones. The rat was pretty good too. Usually you just got another *$#*ing snake, so it was cause for celebration when you got something cute and furry and possessed of an anthropomorphizable personality.

    • Agreed. It was an ancillary system, one which was not supposed to add much to gameplay anyway. As Scorch says they could just have removed the cutesy animals and kept the rest.

    • The scroll of companion made the “increase radius for gold pick-ups” item property entirely redundant, and made it so you never had to move anywhere near a gold drop, ever. I expect that has much more to do with their removal than the potential for their appearance to break immersion.

    • The problem is not only the critters, it’s how easy they were to come by. It would be the same as if gold was automatically added to inventory after monster kills. It could work… maybe if they removed the cute ones, like Scorch said and also made them a rare drop.

      Regardless, I’m glad they’re gone. I’d much rather step and SQUISH critters than own them.

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