DiabloWiki Watch #64: Sheablo, Release Date & Skill Damage

DiabloWiki Watch at DiabloWiki.NetHere’s the first watch of the wiki variety for 2012.  The updates however span the last month.

The DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta page has been updated. It’s a pretty extensive page for such a small beta but it includes info on what’s in the beta, how long we could expect it to last, how testers are selected and hopefully pretty much anything you need and don’t need to know about the beta. There’s also some general information about beta tests if they are totally new to you. Another section of that page is a list of all the patches so far added to the game and in brief any major changes they have made.

And speaking of patches, each of those patches now has its own page which you can see listed in the Diablo 3 Beta category. We’re up to Patch 9 right now with another incoming (so says the site crystal ball/tea leaves/psychic squid).

Azzure has added a large chunk of information to the DiabloWikiCombat page. He’s gone into detail on % Weapon Damage on Skills which is useful if when viewing the Runestone videos you’re left wondering how the skills demoed can possibly be applying Weapon Damage. He’s also added a section on Dual wielding and Weapon Damage when using Skills and both of those can be found under In Depth Combat section.

One topic that’s been searingly hot recently has been the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 release date and so that page has been updated accordingly. It includes the leaked Blizzard release schedule for the next few years and a list of the broad tentative dates Blizzard have mentioned (and missed) in interviews over the years. The last one is still up for grabs. There’s a section on the Diablo 3 Demo in there too but you can read that and more in its own page.

DiabloWikiSheablo is the moniker given to the suspiciously female looking Diablo form. Remember, child-bearing hips? You’ll read in this new page how this isn’t a new theory by any means but first began to take shape in 2009 when the concept models were released. Theories on who Diablo has possessed if it is indeed a female and much more. It’s all spoilery so be warned.

Risingred created a new page, DiabloWikiAdventure, which explains what they are and how they differ from DiabloWikiEvents and also made a compilation video of a few of the Adventures from the beta. Another handy page he has started is the DiabloWikiNephalem Altar. This is the structure that allows you to swap out your skills (can’t do that on the fly now).

There have been masses of updates over the last month, far more than listed above but Risingred, Brokenstorm and Maurish have all made significant contributions to keep the DiabloWiki.Net your go-to source for Diablo 3 information.

If you want to jump in an help update then feel free. It’s easier than you think, if you post on the forums you can post on the wiki. Here’s a help page and if you’re a forum member on this site you can just use the Support Forum to ask any questions you may have.

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4 thoughts on “DiabloWiki Watch #64: Sheablo, Release Date & Skill Damage

  1. I appreciate the collective effort put into this wiki, however some of these articles are seriously outdated. Namely, the spell damage one seems to be one of the most outdated ones, it still references spell damage as a stat and +x% spell damage as a item modifier as well as skill points. There are couple more greatly outdated articles. Any noobs/newcomers that come looking for information on the wiki are sure to be confused.

    • We’ve been going through them, but there’s so few people updating that it’s a bit of a job. IE, we do sweeps, and you’ll see that the random entry has been updated, the artisans, crafting, etc. It’s a lot of work.

      If you’re interested in updating, as Elly said in the post, there’s a lot of resources to help you out, and you can always drop by the wiki forum on this site and post up your question, and we’ll respond pretty quick.

    • There are over 4000 articles in the wiki, so obviously not every one can be up to date with every ongoing game change.

      That said, I’ve rewritten the combat, skills, and spells page today, along with a bunch of others. The recent addition of more volunteer news posters is helpful, as it frees me up to do more wiki updates.

  2. The wiki constantly evolves, and remember it’s a community project, so if you see something and think it’s wrong you can change it or add to it.

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