Lots of updates lately to the Diablo Wiki, but don’t fear; most of them can be viewed without massive spoilers. Most of them….

    The one that can’t is the page for the DiabloWikiButcher. Blizzard has long hinted that he’d be returning, but now that we know exactly where and when and how, that info is on the wiki page. If you don’t want to know, don’t click. We do not yet know if he has an upgraded, “Ahhh…. fresh meat!” dialogue, but I’ll be terribly disappointed if he does not.

    diablo 3 followers


    All of the DiabloWikiFollowers pages have been updated with their new skills (they only have 2 per tier now, instead of 3) and there are pages for the full list of their special artifacts as well. Like most other things in the game the Followers system is under construction, but as we saw in the big data-mined list of item properties, the Follower artifacts are going to have very powerful bonuses (such as all stats, all resistances, and +experience per kill) that appeared to boost the character, as well as the Follower. Perhaps that’s their main DiabloWikiend game purpose, as a walking item bonus that can also kill stuff?

    A brand new page in the DW covers the DiabloWikiDiablo III Armory, which was enabled in the v6 Beta Patch. This feature allows you to quickly view the stats/skills/equipment of any character on your account. Currently it’s only accessible through the game client, but it will presumably become available through the browser and perhaps smart phones as well. (Key log my uber Demon Hunter, you bastards!) Curiously, the feature was not mentioned in the patch notes and there’s been zero official comment on it thus far, so we’re just guessing that the name is “Armory,” as the similar feature was named in WoW.

    The DiabloWikiGems page has been updated to reflect the fact that only four gems are now included in Diablo III. DiabloWikiSkulls were long since left in Diablo II, but more recently we found that DiabloWikiDiamonds and DiabloWikiSapphires were removed as well, leaving us with just four gems and their (mostly) stat-boosting properties: DiabloWikiAmethysts, DiabloWikiEmeralds, DiabloWikiRubies and DiabloWikiTopazes. See those individual pages for the latest (possibly subject to further change) stats for those socketable item types.

    Also note that the gem properties have been “simplified” as well, with just two variables now: Helms and “Other.” Previously there were three different sets of socketing bonuses, from ; weapons, helms, and other, with “other” rolling body armor, belts, boots, and shields into the same function category. Edit: Weapons can no longer be socketed. Needless to say, this feature remains under development and more changes may yet manifest themselves pre-release.

    Thanks to Risingred, PaNtsONhEaD, and others for recent update assistance.

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