The frantic pace of updates in the Diablo Wiki continues, with hundreds of updates in the past week, most of skill rune effects and item types. I like the items pages myself. Just to pick one at random, it’s the DiabloWikiAdept Spaulders! What are they? Shoulder pads, of course, Diablo III is a Blizzard game, after all. (Pictured here are Vambraces, since they’re shiny and also deserving of adulation.)

    That page, like all the hundreds of armor item pages, shows the base item with image and stats, plus an image of that item as seen by every class. (Since each class sees every piece of their armor in the game with different class-appropriate graphics.) Even though the numbers mean next to nothing to us at this point, it can be fun just clicking through some of the armor pages and viewing the stylish gear.

    Another cool thing in the wiki is the coverage of fan creations. These include DiabloWikifan classes and skills and such (sorted separately from the official game info, of course), but also visuals. Those are largely thanks to DiabloWikiHolyknight3000, who does a fantastic job keeping the Fan Art section up to date in the wiki, on top of creating his own wallpapers. There are over 750 images in the Fan Art category (which includes Wallpapers and Fan Art), and every picture if categorized by the author, making by far the largest organized repository of Diablo fan art you’ll find anywhere. (There are hundreds more Diablo fan arts in our gallery, but not so neatly sorted by author.)

    Check out the navigation at the bottom of any artist’s page, such as the very busy page for DiabloWikiRocketeer.

    And since the spoiler-y info keeps going in, here are some interesting tidbits.

    • DiabloWikiTitles: All character titles in Diablo III. (They go to level 100…)
    • Arena Maps: Names and descriptions of all the different types of maps and tilesets for the Diablo III PvP venue.
    • Secret Level Info: Very spoilery data-mined code-named names and descriptions of Diablo III’s secret level content.

    Thanks to wiki contributors including BrokenStorm, Holyknight, Risingred, Elly and many others.

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