DiabloWiki Watch #59: Armor Dyes and Runestone Spoilers

It’s been far too long since our last wiki watch update, but the recent updates are so legion that it’s hard to know where to start. Besides all of the updates to useful things like active and passive skills, runestone effects, and artisan recipes, we’ve been adding in a good amount of data mined info that you can not find on Blizzard’s site.

DiabloWikiArmor Dyes are a good place to start. Not only does the page list every armor dye and the lore entry for it, but there are screenshots showing off every dye in action, with before/after views of the same character. Thanks to Risingred for uploading all the images, one of which spotlights the remarkably-colorful Barbarian can be seen to the right.

While I don’t think armor dyes are real spoiler-sensitive, a lot of other recent wiki updates are. Thus while we’re adding the images to the wiki, they’re not embedded on the various pages. You have to click on links on those pgaes, which are spoiler warned, to see the high level skills, rune effects, Act 3 and Act 4 monsters, etc. So you can click all the following without spoiler worry, and then follow the links if you want to see that which has never-before been seen.

  • DiabloWikiCall of the Ancients — Screens of Korlic, Madwac, and Talic.
  • DiabloWikiLethal Decoy — Screen added showing a runestone effect of this Monk skill.
  • DiabloWikiMystic Ally — Screens added showing some runestone effects of this Monk Skill.
  • DiabloWikiGargantuan — Several screens of this awesome Witch Doctor pet.
  • DiabloWikiArreat Crater Flyer — Screenshot of this late game monster.
  • DiabloWikiWithermoth — Screenshot and lore about this unseen late act one monster.

One other non-spoiler. I gave the DiabloWikiattributes page an overhaul, adding in new beta info, and as I was working on it I realized something. I’ve paid almost zero attention to my character’s attributes in the beta, and I don’t have any real sense what they do. I *know* what they do, from reading the tooltips, but I don’t have any intuitive, hands-on sense of them, and that’s entirely due to the convenience of autostats in D3.

In D1 and D2 you allocated your own stats, and thereby learned (roughly) what they did as you leveled up. You saw your damage increase from more strength, your hit points from vitality, your to/hit from dexterity, etc. Since you never add stats and observe the changes in D3, you never get that direct tutorial-style feedback. That, plus the fact that the attributes were recently changed to non-traditional titles/functions, means that most new players will have no idea what their attributes do. I will bet that come release we’re going to see countless forum threads asking what the stats do, which ones are best for Wizards, how DiabloWikidefense compares to DiabloWikiarmor, etc. And won’t that be fun?

Big thanks to Brokenstorm, RisingRed, Soulhunters, MrFrye, and many others for the recent glut of wiki updates.

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  1. lol rainbow barb ftw!

  2. Holy skittles batman! 😯

  3. Call of the Ancients — Screens of Korlic, Madwac, and Talic.
    Madwac? O_o maybe Madawc?

  4. “I’ve paid almost zero attention to my character’s attributes in the beta”
    This is the one thing that bugged me while I was watching the beta vids. Since the attributes are really simple and they are also almost inconsequential in how your character performs in the beta (because it’s really easy) nobody took the time to really look at them. Their function is well understood, but what I’m really interested about them is their scaling. For example, how much Defense you need to you gain 1% DR at level 1? How about at level 2? Stuff like that.

    • character lvl 1
      10 At and 10% bonus dmg. Sounds like 1At=+1%dmg(+total dmg?)
      11 Pr and 3.67% crit ch with 50% cr bonus – 1Pr=+0.33% cr chance(300+ Pr and ololo 100%crit ch???) and no cr bonus(only from gear?)
      I need more screens with stats =)

      • From what I’ve seen and heard of the beta test, chance to crit will factor in some presently unknown modifiers (probably character level and/or enemy level, but it’s hard to tell which one since the attribute screen may be assuming enemy level = char level).

        You can kind of see this yourself. Three different char screens for the Wizard from the beta test show that precision alone doesn’t translate into a linear progression in chance to crit:
        52 precision at level 13 = 3.67% (http://www.diablowiki.net/File:Interface-char-beta-sml.jpg)
        35 precision at level 10 = 3.42% (http://ursustas.com/d3/D3-
        18 precision at level 5 = 4.19% (http://ursustas.com/d3/D3-

        • The level difference between the player and the enemies does affect crit chance and damage mitigation from Defense, Armor and resistances as well. That means that when we’ll be fighting higher level enemies (like in Inferno) these stats will effectively be lower (and of course higher against lower level monsters) than what our character screen will show.
          Of course this also means that you’ll need more and more Precision as you level up just to maintain your crit chance.
          Based on various screenshots I saw (including the ones you posted) here’s a list that shows how much Precision you need to gain 1% crit at different levels:
          Level 5  ~ 4.29
          Level 7  ~ 5.98
          Level 10 ~ 10.23
          Level 13 ~ 14.16
          Level 60 ~ 88.12

          I still want more info. I think I’ll create a thread, asking for data from the beta testers.

    • Honestly, I doubt we’ll see much info on the attributes except for the end game – at least not for a long while.

      While you are levelling up, you are constantly switching out gear for newer better options, so it may end up being pretty rare to be at any given level under 60 and really busy yourself thinking about two or more viable options for a single item slot or socket and also keep your other slots and sockets progressing. I’d imagine we’ll just be switching out gear for obvious improvements until we get to, say, our last five or ten levels.

      Because of this tendency to be constantly switching things out and because there are fewer ways to modify stats in the beta and because you quickly out-level the beta, I’m not surprised Flux paid almost no attention to the attributes. I’m interested to see what will happen, though, when we start hitting gems and end-game gear. One blue post said that the number of sockets per item may vary quite a bit, and that would be a big trade off when deciding which gear to equip: an item with fewer and/or less powerful intrinsic known and/or random modifiers could still be more powerful if it has 3 sockets versus 1 or none.

      I think when we start getting to the point where we have good gems and real item choices instead of such obvious progression we’ll start caring about attributes.

  5. Gargantuan
    No synergies with any of the passive skills are yet known
    hmm what about
    1 Zombie Handler
    You can have 4 Zombie Dogs out at once. The health of your Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan is increased by 60%.
    2 Fierce Loyalty
    All your pets get 100%  of the benefit of your thorns and Life regeneration items

  6. hmm, after looking at all the dye screenshots I’m starting to think it’s better to just leave stuff undyed as the dye covers up almost all of any two-toned armor with just one plain color… kinda boring imo… I wish Blizz would let us dye things two colors, one primary color and another for the trim or whatever…

    • They do have much more of an impact than I had anticipated, but they make tweak these before release. God knows they have the time.

      I really like the purity dye. Just saying. There’s shots I didn’t upload where you can take one set of armor dyed one color, and take that into a different area and it looks drastically different due to the lighting of the dungeon or whatever. So the lighting actually mingles with the textures on your character. If you have a yellow dye, and you’re in a blue dungeon, your character will look a pale green. It’s pretty cool.

      But the dye doesn’t touch certain parts of the armor. They probably wanted to make sure it was obvious that a piece was dyed. These are all zoomed-in shots as well.

      It’s not every dye, because not every dye is working (yet) but I suspect it will soon.

      Keep in mind that the armor I used to show on the wiki were pieces chosen because they were the most glaringly obvious that they had been dyed. Some pieces are a lot more subtle.

  7. Holy crap look at the revisions on the attributes page lol

    I started to write up some of this stuff, and the quests, but I don’t have a hell of a lot of time with school and it’s a massive pain in the ass since I’m not in the beta and I can’t just open the game, put on different gear and take screenshots.

    All these testers and nobody did anything on the wiki. 🙁

  8. Since I do not know where to put this. I’ll put it here.
    The synergies that can go for towards the Gargantuan would be the Zombie Handler Passive skill. That passive gives the gargantuan 60% more life.
    Delete this if need be.

  9. So, seeing that barb screenshot gave me some inspiration for how to dye my own armor.  Anyone here played classic WoW and remember wearing or seeing DPS Warriors in this? http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items=19394:12640:19387:21814:19143:19855
    A little bit of ugly nostalgia, but I’m definitely going to do it.

    Click the little arrow icon above the items and select View in 3D.

  10. Perhaps it’s just me, but I was hoping that “armor dyes” meant “effects” in addition to “color changes”…ie the lightning and poison-ish auras that you get in Halo 3.  Maybe they will go that direction in the future…

    • There’s room for vanity items that do such things, in addition to weapon effects. But currently, no, armor dyes don’t appear to have any extended animations attached to them which is kind of a shame.

    • Yeah, here’s hoping that as an extension of the disappearing dye, they decide to let us have other effects… They could at least start by adding the elemental glows they use for weapon enchants onto different armor pieces…

  11. Are these dyes single colors only?
    Bashiok: They’re technically a two color gradient, which allows us to achieve a more natural looking coloration, but for the sake of simplicity, yes they’re presented as a single color. ”

    Uhh, here’s hoping that the pics above are missing the “natural looking coloration” we’ll see in final.

  12. I like the variety but it makes me sad that when you dye an item, the flat color replaces the detailing for the colored area 🙁

  13. On the dyes, yeah, I’d agree with the complaint about the fact that they appear to take multi-colored armor and make it monochrome.
    And the color selection is… not what I would have chosen :/ More dark, earthy colors please. Pastels, let’s face it… would get dirty! And those bright, light, clear pinks and blues and pale greens weren’t really achievable with the vegetable dyes of the period.

  14. Yay Call of the Ancients and Most of the Gargantuan pics are the screens that i took :3

  15. Gargantuan = awesome!

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