DiabloWiki Server Move Underway

As part of this week’s hardware upgrades and tweaks, I am in the process of shifting the DiabloWiki over to another server which should suit it better. As you can probably see there are a few things b0rked here and there still which I am currently working through so thanks to everyone for being so patient while we ramp things up. I’ll let you all know when the DiabloWiki is good to go.

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  1. Don’t thank us, thank Blizzard instead for giving everyone something to rage about long enough not to notice anything b0rked around here.

  2. Thanks for the post, Rush. I was about to PM you to ask where the wiki went.

  3. God speed DiabloWiki …… god speed.

  4. Some things are still b0rked for me on the main site…

  5. Yeh it’s taking a little time to sort things out, it’s been quite a big move this,

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