While this last week has suffered from many contributors being busy one way or another, we’ve still had a few major updates, and the month of November has been absolutely Wikitastic! Remember that you can make it even better with a typo fix, or lore update yourself. Manuals and a lot of other lore information are already available in the Diablo 3 Wiki to start writing! Besides some major updates earlier this week, the following articles have been the focus in the past few days. We’ve bolded the new or majorly updated ones:

    DiabloWikiSkill runesDiabloWikiCritical hitDiabloWikiInventoryDiabloWikiWestern KingdomsDiabloWikiBody ArmorDiabloWikiAnthony Rivero
    DiabloWikiBarbarianDiabloWikiSpirit Skill TreeDiabloWikiSanctuary

    As for the Diablo 2 Wiki, it’s primarily Widus’ work, who is one of the most reliable and active DiabloWiki contributors:

    • DiabloWikiPrefixes – One of the biggest parts of Diablo 2 is under way to be fixed.
    • DiabloWikiSuffixes – …and suffixes are of couse the end part of that.
    • DiabloWikiThrowing – Item stat updates, and patch 1.12 changes.
    • DiabloWikiDaggers – Item stat updates.
    • DiabloWikiJavelins – …and more item stat updates…

    There has also been several other minor updates like that of the DiabloWikiGiant Mosquito and DiabloWikiMephisto, and there has been updates by a few more people as well. For both the wikis, we should all thank Widus, HegemonKhan, Asteria, Mrguy, RedSky, Jeda, Milkman and IchiroMihara for taking time out to help the rest of us with keeping all the Diablo info up to date!

    For the whole of November, the updates have been too many to list here, but some of the major updates have been:

    Thank you all who make it possible to call DiabloWiki the BEST resource for Diablo material on the web! Thanks Widus, Zero80, Melianor, Bandreus, Azymn, Shayagor, Mizantrop, Mouseman, Elmer92413, HegemonKhan, Orphan, Pubrulz, Tehc, Perplex, Mrguy, RedSky, Jeda, Milkman, IchiroMihara, Asteria, Delmion, Jeda, Royard, Lionheart2004, Artofkenpo, Vipermagi, Centipede t, Wisdomseeker, Solomir, UnknownCosmoS, CampbellSoup and Hemlock!

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