Tons of updates lately in the DiabloWiki.Net, with lots more on the horizon. I’ve got a ton of notes and screens and such for dozens of DiabloWikiEaster Eggs pages, that should be posted this weekend. DiabloWikiWhimsyshire is just the beginning! But for pages that are already up and ready for your use… lots.

    Many of the pages are simple at this point, as we’ve just been putting up the base page with basic info and the navigation boxes below, with plans to flesh them out later. Long term we want all the info you might ever want about everything in the game, so we’ll be adding screenshots, videos, strategy tips, etc. Anyone can contribute those, and we’ve seen a ton of new wiki helpers lately, so feel free to join up and add info where you’ve learned from your play time.

    • RisingRed has done a great job creating dozens of pages for the DiabloWikiquests and DiabloWikievents in the game. Most of the Act One and Act Two events are listed now, with details, screenshots, video, and more. See the DiabloWikiLast Stand of the Ancients, the DiabloWikiCrumbling Vault, the DiabloWikiRevenge of Gharbad, and many more. He’s also included a bunch of screens and details about boss fights: check out the DiabloWikiMaghda and DiabloWikiZoltan Kulle and DiabloWikiAzmodan pages, for example.
    • Lots of new users have been helping out, but I wanted to single out Proton, who made some nifty items pages with proper color codes for item types and qualities. Check out his improvements to the DiabloWikiMaterials page, for instance.
    • Elly’s been busy updating DiabloWikiEvents, DiabloWikiQuests, DiabloWikiMonsters and DiabloWikiZones and making cool maps pages such as these varying versions of the DiabloWikiFields of Misery map. It gives you a good idea of how much the different sections can vary (or not) on the outdoor levels, from game to game.
    • My personal hell project of late has been to create a page for every single rune effect in the game, and I’m happy to say that chore was completed last night, with the last Wizard rune effects pages. I’d link to them, but as there are something like 600 articles, that would be kind of a long list. All of them include the skill stats and specific rune, and most include info on first hand testing of the runes. Since I don’t have level 60 characters in every class yet, there’s plenty of room for more information to be added, should you wish to share your hard-earned game knowledge with the community.

    The Diablo Wiki has been crazy busy since launch, with many days of over one million page loads, and with more info we think it will continue to grow and remain the best online game reference guide for Diablo III. It’s a great help that all the figures and stats pull straight from DiabloNut, which accesses it directly via the game code. After years of low tech websites, I can’t tell you how nice it is to make a page with a bit of code, knowing that I won’t have to go back and update 714 different items or skills or monsters pages the next time a patch comes along and tweaks all their values by 0.23%.

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