DiabloWiki.Net Upgraded – Speedy!

DiabloWiki Watch at DiabloWiki.Net

We mentioned last week that we would be adding a new server to the Diablo server pool here at IncGamers and the good news is that the server arrived late yesterday and we have it up and running already.

DiabloWiki.Net has now been upgraded and the sluggish hamsters have been retired and new speedy  hamsters, who have been in training for London 2012, have taken up residence in the server village. Apologies for the slowness on DiabloWiki.Net over the past week but you guys have been hungry for info which slowed things down 🙂

Also a massive thanks to everyone who has been updating the wiki since launch, and a special shout-out to MrFrye who has been working closely with us on new features and additions.

Finally, you may have noticed some weirdness on the main site last night also, Rushster was sorting something out on main site which caused a few outages but we are all up and running now and hopefully with some speed improvements too.

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4 thoughts on “DiabloWiki.Net Upgraded – Speedy!

  1. Good, it was needed and highly appreciated 🙂
    I’m constantly resisting the urge to help out,.. coz i end up getting carried away with wikis..

  2. MUCH better!  I’m an IE user and actually resorted to Firefox for it’s adblocking just to help speed those pages up.  I used to play another game that had speed issues on their fansite wiki pages.  When I came here and saw the same speed issues I was beginning to think it was just wiki-gnomes causing all the speed problems.

    Thanks for the upgrade! 

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