The big thing this week has been DiabloWikimonster updates. We have made a “profile box”, easy navigation and a DiabloWikiboilerplate for monsters, which would make it easier for other contributors to help polishing the monster pages to the level they deserve! We already mentioned the huge Diablo 3 lore update on the Undead (and especially Skeletons) the other day, but this is the full list of monster pages that have been updated or created (bolded have bigger updates or are new):

    DiabloWikiAnimalsDiabloWikiDemonsDiabloWikiUndeadDiabloWikiObjectsDiabloWikiBossesDiabloWikiSuperUniquesDiabloWikiQuest bosses
    DiabloWikiMalformedDiabloWikiGoatmanDiabloWikiGoatman ShamanDiabloWikiSkeleton

    Over to the second big update, which is Game terms that now have a lot of associated pages. Most of them might just be common sense, but not everyone is a veteran in the RPG genre… You should still take a look if there is something you (or we) missed!

    • DiabloWikiBuff – General term for improving yourself or others with skills/spells.
    • DiabloWikiCaster – What’s he casting?
    • DiabloWikiCheckpoint – Vital new gameplay mechanic in D3.
    • DiabloWikiDebuff – The opposite of Buff.
    • DiabloWikiDestructible – Oh, so cool! (image—>)
    • DiabloWikiDifficulty – Vital in the D3 games.
    • DiabloWikiExperience – Do you know how it works in D3?
    • DiabloWikiGuild – New feature with D3.
    • DiabloWikiMelee – Attack type.
    • DiabloWikiRanged – Another attack type.
    • DiabloWikiShrine – “You feel lighter”.

    The three most active contributors of this week are Mizantrop, Melianor and Widus.
    – Mizantrop is continuing to update DiabloWikiAmazon gods from the DiabloWikiDiablo II Manual (in addition to adding navigation links in the manual), and you can now read about both DiabloWikiHefaetrus and DiabloWikiZerae.
    – Melianor made some cracking updates to the DiabloWikiskill pages: DiabloWikiBarbarian skills, DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skills and DiabloWikiWizard skills (if you want to pitch in, check out the skill organisation project, and just make a suggestion on it).
    – Widus is as active as ever with updating the massive DiabloWikiSuffixes and DiabloWikiPrefixes pages of DiabloWikiDiablo II.

    Some of the smaller, but not less important updates in DiabloWiki include DiabloWikiDeckard Cain, DiabloWikiPotion, DiabloWikiElixir (new!), DiabloWikiCategory:ExBlizzard (new!), DiabloWikiAnthony Rivero (new!), DiabloWikiJay Wilson, DiabloWikiKeith Lee (new!) and DiabloWikiCharacter customization (new!).

    Besides the previously mentioned updates by Widus, we’ve also seen the following updates in the Diablo 2 Wiki:

    Credit goes out to all the Diablo-interested wiki contributors of DiabloWiki: Mizantrop, Widus, Melianor, Delmion, Orphan, Jeda, Royard, Lionheart2004, Artofkenpo and Vipermagi! Without your help we could never make DiabloWiki the best source of Diablo information!

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