In the last few days, there have been a lot of additions to DiabloWiki, and if you’re not constantly refreshing the “latest updates” here on the front page of Diii.net or surfing the recent changes in the Diablo 1&2 and the Diablo 3 wikis, you might have missed out!

    We have updated the main pages of both the Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 to be slightly easier to navigate, and also easier to update. We hope you like it, and you can improve it by posting suggestions of what wiki links we should add on the two front pages for easier navigation. You can post in this news item, or on the wiki “talk pages” (D3, D2). In addition, they both got updated with new Featured Articles, and you should take the time to read everything there is about the DiabloWikiWizard Skill Trees (Conjuring, Arcane, Storm)! You should also take the opportunity to to read up on the mysterious DiabloWikiHoradric Cube with magic recipes to make crafted items, as it likely won’t appear in the same shape in Diablo 3.

    In the Diablo 3 wiki, there are updates on the DiabloWikiSkill Runes, Character DiabloWikiAttributes, DiabloWikiUndead, DiabloWikiAnimal, DiabloWikiDemon and DiabloWikiObject type monsters. Other updates include the massive DiabloWikiMedia Coverage, a new DiabloWikiMultiplayer article, the DiabloWikiPrime Evils, DiabloWikiKing Leoric, DiabloWikiBasics, Diablo, DiabloWikiSanctuary, “DiabloWikiReroll”, DiabloWikiBarbarian, DiabloWikiPablo DeSoto, DiabloWikiAdria and the popular DiabloWikiOther classes article among a lot of other new additions.

    If you are in the least interested in helping out in the Diablo 3 wiki (that also handles the lore), you can now access some of the original lore material from the Diablo Manuals, which are transcribed so that YOU can help making lore entries! Check out the DiabloWikiDiablo I Manual and DiabloWikiDiablo I: Hellfire Manual. The Diablo 2 ones will come up very soon. In addition to using the content, don’t be afraid to edit in links to other wiki pages from the manuals. It’s all part of easier navigation!

    The Diablo 1 & 2 Wiki has also received several new contributions from DiabloWiki members. The continued work to get the DiabloWikiPrefixes and DiabloWikiSuffixes is progressing fine and more lore is added to the wiki. You can see changes everywhere, such as monster pages like the DiabloWikiGoatman, DiabloWikiLeaper, DiabloWikiScarab Demon, DiabloWikiSaber Cat, DiabloWikiGiant Mosquito, DiabloWikiTentacle Beast, DiabloWikiThorned Hulk and DiabloWikiMummy.

    The Strategy section is growing slowly, and as categorization of the Diablo2Wiki is improving, you’ll find several more that are already added to the DiabloWikiAmazon class (and other classes). The most recently added strategies to the wiki are “DiabloWikiClvl 99 in Record Time”, “DiabloWikiFlux’s Javazon Guide”, “DiabloWikiMuling Guide”, and “DiabloWikiPremium Bow Comparison”.

    A big thanks to Bandreus, Zero80, Shayagor, Widus, Perplex, Mizantrop, Pubrulz, Wisdomseeker and Solomir, who have spent time in making the best Diablo source on the net even better for all you who read this. Don’t be selfish, make sure to join in and help make DiabloWiki even more packed with D3 stats and Diablo Universe lore! Even 15 minutes of your time a week will make a difference!

    (Azymn, Melianor, where are you? )

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