Our first (weekly) live Diablo 3 chat, held Friday afternoon, was intended to spur D3-related dialogue in the community. It did in the chat, but surprisingly, outside of it as well. Bashiok was (lurking) in the chat, and shortly after it began @Diablo started machine-gunning tweets. More than a dozen went out in an hour, making it the busiest single day ever for Blizzard’s Diablo 3 tweeting service. Amusingly, most of the tweets were replies to people (including Grug, Frisky, and sIn7eR) who were also in the chat at the time.

    Thus we had several dozen of the most active people in the Diablo community all talking in a chat, while many of them fired off tweets about Diablo at the same time.  It was like some sort of digital Diablo sweatshop! As usual, many of the tweets are just restatements of old info, but quite a few were newish, and those are quoted below. With the usual color coding and topic grouping added, for easier reading.

    Have there been any new DiabloWikiskills developed for the Witch Doctor, Barbarian, or Wizard? Witch Doctor I especially feel is lacking.—Grug

    The last BlizzCon demo had a pretty solid list of skills. Only a few changes that have happened since that I can think of.—Diablo

    If I want to play a Witch Doctor that doesn’t use any Zombie or Spirit skills, will that be accommodated?—Grug

    You can go DiabloWikiPlague of Toads, DiabloWikiParasite, DiabloWikiFirebats, DiabloWikiPoison Dart, DiabloWikiLocust Swarm, DiabloWikiFetish Army, DiabloWikiAcid Cloud…—Diablo

    Will I be able to operate effectively without DiabloWikiZombie Dogs? Seems like the WD is built around them. Also, DiabloWikiPoison Dart sucked @ bcon—Grug

    We want witch doctor builds to work without dogs. If there’s a ‘must have’ skill in PvE, we probably need to make changes.—Diablo
    But will machine-gun poison dart suck!? It’s a first tier skill so you have to rune it up and pump in points to make it awesome.—Diablo

    what’s the point of rapid darts? I don’t think the DoT stacks, and it only hits one person…—Grug

    Poison dart is up-front damage with a DiabloWikiDoT component.—Diablo

    Have there been any “Must have” skills made already that you removed / DiabloWikinerfed during in house testing?—FriskyDingo

    That’s mostly going to be an issue when tuning later difficulties. You can get through Normal with just about anything.—Diablo

    So does that mean there are must-have skills in PvP? Movement skills perhaps?—Jackzor24

    There’s at least one skill per class that breaks movement impairing effects, so that would probably be a must have.—Diablo

    WIll there be life stealing in D3? I know there’s DiabloWikiLife After Each Kill, but will there be more ways to get health back?—Spiri7walker

    There are skills that have life DiabloWikileech ability, and literal life leech affixes. They’re not as crazy as they were in Diablo II.—Diablo

    I am shocked! Shocked and hurt, that Grug doesn’t remember my mega Witch Doctor PvM report from Blizzcon, in which I rhapsodized about the boss mashing ability of machine gun DiabloWikiPoison Dart.

    …This one was greatly improved by the runestone, as much as any skill I used at Blizzcon. Just the level 2 rune gave me 4 shots, which were fired in rapid succession. It wasn?t like Strafe from D2; all 4 darts went at the same target, and they were fired one after the other, considerably extending the time my WD spent down in that crouching, blowing position *cough* But the darts were (apparently) the same damage, and since it had been taking me 2 or 3 shots each to kill monsters, with the runestone the skill was able to kill everything below a boss in a single ?shot.?

    The DoT wasn?t much changed, but the actual dart hits were the majority of the damage, and with the rune they were quadrupled.  I soon learned to fire at monsters that had another monster behind them, if possible. The first 2 or 3 would almost always get me the kill, which meant that the 3rd and/or 4th shot would hit something behind the initial target.  This skill was awesome in narrow hallways against crowds or lines of monsters, and I much enjoyed mowing them down, machine gun style.

    I’m also surprised to hear that there are “literal life leech affixes” in the game. As much as the devs have done to limit DiabloWikipotion drinking, I expected that life leech was virtually removed as well. After all, life leech was approximately 5000x more important than potions to a high level character in D2. My big chars very seldom drank any red pots in D2, and only occasional quaffed a purple, but they all had a ton of life leech, which was absolutely essential to their survival, especially for melee characters.

    Click through for a few other tweets and replies that would be main page news any other day, but which are were downgraded by the impressive batch collected above.

    What qualities will DiabloWikitraits have besides as/ad, def, DiabloWikidodge, magic damage, etc—NavyNadnerb

    Wow, well, quite a lot really. Damage to specific enemy types, DiabloWikiweapon proficiency bonuses, DiabloWikiresource management, movement speed—Diablo
    Pretty much any passive bonuses you can think of is a trait for one or more classes.—Diablo

    Are there any *new* DiabloWikiskill rune effects that you can share with us ?—sIn7eR

    Runestones are amazing, and we want people to be excited about them, and part of that is discovering how they change each skill.—Diablo

    Is there any game content that the team is satisfied with?—Grug

    That’s a tough question. I’m not sure any artist would ever be fully satisfied with their work, for instance.—Diablo

    Any news on resource systems for any of the classes?—Scyberdragon

    Pretty much nailed down except for demon hunter, which is solid but still needs more time and testing.—Diablo

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