Bashiok continued to reanimate the @Diablo twitter feed today, with a conversation starter, a teasing announcement, and a rebuttal to rudeness. First up, he reveled that BlizzCon preparation gets started at least five months in advance.

    Work for BlizzCon increases. Are you going to try to go this year? If you were to play a Diablo III demo there what would you hope to see?

    I would love to see the new skill system, skill runes, pvp, a new location and of course the 5th class!—@sutratune


    Next up, it’s Bashiok’s effort to make us all hate him.

    There’s a major team playtest today and I have chosen not to participate. Do you hate me or WHAT?

    you’re a bit mad yes, but are you just wanting to wait for the finished thing or is it not as good as we hope so you’re avoiding it?—@MarcWaller

    @MarcWaller Just busy with other things.

    Finally, a fan grew tired of Bashiok’s social outreach shenanigans, and spoke frankly.

    No one cares. Give us news worth mentioning or don’t waste our time.—@theojh

    Well I have the ability to tweet from this account, and you don’t, SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY LAST WORD I HAVE TO SAY.

    From this I have two questions for you guys. First, what would you like to see in the Diablo 3 build at this year’s BlizzCon? Assuming we’ll get the 5th character, since otherwise everyone would pick that… What’s your preference? A new area? Skill runes? More/improved skills? One of the new game systems they keep teasing without ever revealing?

    Second, how about that last guy’s complaint? Would you prefer that Blizzard dropped the social outreach twitter/FaceBook/forum socializing stuff and just released new info every 6 or 8 weeks, without any of Bashiok’s banter in between?  Or do you like to know they’re alive and still working on the game, even if 99% of the updates are just happy chatty stuff?

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